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The Rules

Trading Rules

1. To trade with me, first look on my Want List (I'm always up for any kind of anime). Then take a look at my anime lists (I trade all the titles listed on my website)and decide on what you want.

2. Then, e-mail me and be sure give me your tape list, whatever you're offering or website with the quality of your tapes. Please don't lie about the quality of the tape. (I'm not picky with quality, as long as it's watchable and readable I'm cool with it.)***If I get any poor quality tapes from you, I will send it right back and you don't get the tapes you want.

3. I trade 1 tape for 1 tape. You may request to trade as many tapes as you want, but the more tapes you want, the longer it would take. I don't care if we use the same brand tape, but please don't use a really bad brand or a used tape. (I normally use Sony, TDK or RCA for trades.)

4. I ONLY record in SP mode, and I only trade with people that record in SP speed. (I might consider trading in SLP mode ONLY if you do the same for me)

5. If you initiate the trade you must send your half of the trade to me first then I'll send you my half. (If you send only half of what I ask for then I will not send you your tapes until I receive the rest of my tapes. Ex: We decide to trade for 5 tapes, but you only send 3 tapes. you will not get your tapes until I receive the rest of my tapes.) After we traded once we will send at the same time.

6. I will also trade for mangas, Anime CDs, or other anime merchandises (depending on what it is). You will get a certain number of tapes depending on the quality of your item(s) and what they are.

7. You MUST be 18 years of age to get Hentai.

Fansub Requests

1. To request tapes, First find the tapes you want. After that, e-mail me the names of the tapes that you are interested in along with your full name, mailing address, e-mail, method of payment (Cash [at own risk], or Money Order [payable to Jenny Wang]).

2. Then, when I e-mail you with my confirmation, I will give you my address and your total. See the Price Chart for the prices. (The prices include shipping, the cost of the tapes and packing material.)

3. Send your money in! I only accept money orders (recommended), or cash (I'm not responsible for cash lost in the mail!). No personal checks, please. If you send a personal check it will be returned to you. Also, please include a note with what tapes you ordered, your email address, and your shipping address.

4. Once I get your payment, I'll make the tapes and send them to you.

5. I ONLY distro within the U.S.

6. I ONLY record in SP mode! No mixing and matching either. No S.A.S.E. either.

7. I don't distro any Hentai. If you want them, you'll have to trade for them.

8. I am not responsible for lost or damage packages in the mail. If you would like insurance email me beforehand. It will cost extra.

9. There is a Minium of 3 tapes and a Maxmium of 10 tapes This is to keep my turn-around time semi-reasonable.

10. Don't continuously e-mail me about your order. That's what the status page is for.

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