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Raw Japanese List

***These videos are the original Japanese Dialouge with NO subtitles.
(Some has Chinese subtitles)***

**Boko no Sexual Harassment (YAOI) D

**Houshin Engi (Complete, Eps. 1-26) (Raw/ Chinese Sub) B+

La Blue Girl: Live Action Vol. 3 (RAW) C-

**Martian Successor Nadesico (Movie) B+

**Oh, My Goddess (Movie) B+

**Orphen (Complete, Eps. 1-26) (Raw/Chinese Sub) B+

**Orphen's Revenge Eps. 1-23 (Raw/ Chinese Sub) B+

**Ranma 1/2: Nabiki's Recaps B

**Revoluntionary Girl Utena: Live Action Musical A

**Rurouni Kenshin (Movie) B+

**Sailor Moon: Live Action Musicals B

**Saiyuki: OAV 1-2 (Raw/ Chinese Sub) B+

**Saiyuki: TV Series 1-29 (Raw/ Chinese Sub) B+

**Violinist of Hameln (Complete, Eps.1-25) (Raw/ Chinese Sub) B+

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