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List Q-Z

Quality of the tape are as followed

A: 1st or 2nd generation tape or off SVHS or master.

B: About 3rd generation VHS. Good for repetitous watchings.

C: Tolerable. You can watch it, but it's not perfect.

D/F: Poor. For the desperate Only.

+ / - :Slightly better or less than standard quality rating given

*Please notify me if you find any of the following titles are licensed. I will remove them from the fansub list as soon as possible. Thanks*

Ranma 1/3 [Fandub Parody] B-


**TV Series**
Vol.1 (Eps. 1-4) B
Vol.2 (Eps. 5-8) B
Vol.3 (Eps. 9-12) B
Vol.4 (Eps. 13-15) B
Vol.5 (Eps. 16-20) B
Vol.6 (Eps. 21-25) B

Revolutionary Girl Utena (Fansub by: Reflex Studio & noAnime)

**TV Series**
Vol.5 (Eps. 13-15) A-
Vol.6 (Eps. 16-18) A-
Vol.7 (EpS. 19-21) A-
Vol.8 (Eps. 22-24) B
Vol.9 (Eps. 25-27) B
Vol.10 (Eps. 28-30) B+
Vol.11 (Eps. 31-33) B
Vol.12 (Eps. 34-36) B+
Vol.13 (Eps. 37-39) B+

Sailor Moon (Fansub by: VKLL)

**Sailor Stars: TV Series**
Vol.1 (Eps. 167-170) B
Vol.2 (Eps. 171-174) B
Vol.3 (Eps. 175-178) A
Vol.4 (Eps. 179-182) A
Vol.5 (Eps. 183-186) A
Vol.6 (Eps. 187-190) A
Vol.7 (Eps. 191-194) A
Vol.8 (Eps. 195-198) B
Vol.9 (Eps. 199-200) B

**Super S: Specials**
Ami's First Love & Specials A

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars [Fandub Parody] B

Saint Luminous High School

**TV Series**

Vol.1 (Eps. 1-3) A-
Vol.2 (Eps. 4-6) A-

Saiyuki (Studio Wabee)

Vol.1 (Eps. 1-2) A [note]

Requiem A

[note: Saiyuki OAV also includes X: OAV (Eps. 0)]

Sakura Wars

**OAV II Series**
Vol.1 (Eps. 1-3) A-
Vol.2 (Eps. 4-6) A-

Seraphim Call

**TV Series**
Vol.1 (Eps. 1-4) A
Vol.2 (Eps. 5-8) A
Vol.3 (Eps. 9-12) A

Sexy Commando Masaru-san

**TV Series**
Vol.1 (Eps. 1-8) A
Vol.2 (Eps. 9-16) A

Shadow Skills

**TV Series**
Vol.1 (Eps. 1-2) B+ [note 1]
Vol.2 (Eps. 3-6) B+
Vol.3 (Eps. 7-10) A
Vol.4 (Eps. 11-14) B+
Vol.5 (Eps. 15-18) B+
Vol.6 (Eps. 19-22) A
Vol.7 (Eps. 23-26) A
[Note 1: This vol. is on the same tape as Boys Be... Vol.1]

Sister Princess

**TV Series**
Vol.1 (Eps. 1-3) A-
Vol.2 (Eps. 4-6) A-
Vol.3 (Eps. 7-9) A-
Vol.4 (Eps. 10-12) A-
Vol.5 (Eps. 13-15) A-
Vol.6 (Eps. 16-18) A-
Vol.7 (Eps. 19-21) A-
Vol.8 (Eps. 22-24) A-
Vol.9 (Eps. 25-26) A-


Slayers Gorgeous B

Suddenly Princess

**OAV Series**
Vol.1 (Eps. 1-3) A

Tenshi na Konamaiki

Vol.1 (Eps. 1-3) A
Vol.2 (Eps. 4-6) A
Vol.3 (Eps. 7-9) A
Vol.4 (Eps. 10-11) A

The Glass Mask (Fansub by: Odyssey)

**TV Series**
Vol.1 (Eps. 1-4) B+
Vol.2 (Eps. 5-8) B+
Vol.3 (Eps. 9-12) A-
Vol.4 (Eps. 13-16) A-
Vol.5 (Eps. 17-20) A-
Vol.6 (Eps. 21-23) A-

**OAV Series**
Vol.1 (Act 1-2) B+

To Heart (Fansub by: Sachi's Distro)

**TV Series**
Vol.1 (Eps. 1-3) A
Vol.2 (Eps. 4-5) A
Vol.3 (Eps. 6-7) A
Vol.4 (Eps. 8-10) A
Vol. 5 (Eps. 11-13) A

Tokyo Jyussoden

**OAV Series**
Vol.1 (Eps. 1-2) B+

Trouble Chocolate

**TV Series**
Vol.1 (Eps. 1-5) A
Vol.2 (Eps. 6-9) A
Vol.3 (Eps. 10-13) A
Vol.4 (Eps. 14-17) A

Wedding Peach (Fansub by: Techno Girls & Studio Banzai)

**TV Series**
Vol.1 (Eps. 1-4) A-
Vol.2 (Eps. 5-8) B+
Vol.3 (Eps. 9-12) B+
Vol.4 (Eps. 13-16) B+
Vol.5 (Eps. 17-20) B+
Vol.6 (Eps. 21-24) B+
Vol.7 (Eps. 25-28) C

**DX Series**
Vol. 1 (Eps. 1-4) A

Wedding Peach [Fandub Parody] B

Weib Kreuz

**OAV Series**
Vol.1 (Parts 1 & 2) A-/C

[The reason for the weird rating on this is that the anime picture quality is very good...
but the subbers used a magenta-colored font to sub with that bleeds all over the place with
very little black shadow behind it, so the titles are rather difficult to read, and the sound on it is low.]


**OAV Series**
Vol.1 (Ep. 0) A [note]

[note: This Volume of the X: OAV also includes the Saiyuki: OAV 1-2]

Yume de Aetera

**TV Series**
Vol.1 (Eps. 1-16) A

Zetusai 1989/ Song of the Wind & Tree (YAOI) C-

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