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Hentai List

***First off, you MUST be 18 years of age to get any Hentai videos from me. Secondly, you can ONLY trade for them. I won't distro any of these.***

Akiko: Desire is a Harsh School Mistress (subbed) A+

Alien from the Darkness (subbed) B

Angel of Darkness Vol. 1-3 (3 tapes) (subbed) B-

Battle Team Laker EX 1 (subbed) A-

Bondage Queen Kate (Complete, Vols. 1-2) (2 tapes) (subbed) A-

Can Can Bunny (Complete, Vols. 1-6) (6 tapes) (subbed) A+

Cool Device (Complete, Vols. 1-5) (5 tapes) (Subbed) A

Countdown (subbed) A-

Countdown Continued (subbed) A-

Demon Beast Invasion 2 (subbed) B+

Dragon Knight 1 (subbed) A-

Dragon Knight 2: Another Knight on the Town (subbed) A+

Dragon Knight 4 (Eps. 1-4) (2 tapes) (Subbed) A

Dragon Pink (Complete, Vols. 1-3) (3 tapes) (subbed) A+

Ebichu Minds the House (Complete, Eps. 1-6) (Subbed) A

Elven Bride (Complete, Vols. 1-2) (2 tapes) (Subbed) A

End of Summer (Complete, Vols. 1-2) (2 tapes) (Subbed) A

F3 (Frantic, Frustrated, & Female)(Complete, Vols. 1-3) (3 tapes) (subbed) B

First Love (Complete, Vols. 1-2) (2 tapes) (Subbed) A-

Gloria (Complete, Vols. 1-3) (3 tapes) (subbed) A+

Guy: Double Target (subbed) B+

Imma Youjo (Complete, Vols. 1-5) (5 tapes) (Subbed) A

La Blue Girl (Complete, Vols. 1-6) (6 tapes) (Dubbed) B+

La Blue Girl: Live Action Vol. 1-2 (2 tapes) (Subbed) C-

Lady Blue (Complete, Eps. 1-4) (Subbed) A

Maiden of the Decaderve (Dubbed) A-

My My Mai (Vol.1) (Dubbed) A-

New Angel (Complete, Vols. 1-5) (5 tapes) (subbed) A-

Night Shift Nurses (dubbed) A+

Nonomura Hosiptal (Complete, OAV 1-2) (Subbed) A

Processor Pain (Dubbed) A+

Rei Rei (dubbed) A+

Sins of Flesh (Dubbed) B+

Teacher's Pet (Vol.1) (Dubbed) A+

Tokio Private Police (Complete, Vols. 1-2) (2 tapes) (Subbed) A-

Tournament of the Gods (Complete, Vols. 1-3) (3 tapes)(subbed) A+

Twin Angels Vols. 1-2 (2 tapes) (subbed) A-

Twin Dolls Vol.2 (Subbed) A-

Twisted Tales of Tokyo (Dubbed) A+

U-Jin Brand (subbed) A-

Venus 5: Inma Ball (Dubbed) A-

Weather Report Girl (Vol.1) A-

Words Worth (Complete, Vols. 1-5) (5 tapes) (Subbed) A

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