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Anime on DVD/ VCDs

*** Titles on this page CAN be record onto VHS tapes as well, Unless they have a block on the disc. So ask first.***

Anime Fiction (Vol. 1-2) [Hentai]

Aquarian Age (Complete, Eps. 1-13)(Fansub) [6 vcds]

Ayashi no Ceres (Complete, Eps. 1-24) (Fansub) [8 vcds]

Cybernetics Guardian

Detective Conan (Vol. 1-25) (Chinese dubbed/ subbed)

EL (Complete, Vol. 1-2)[Hentai]

Ex-D (Complete, Eps. 1-6)

Fruit Basket (Complete, Eps. 1-26) (Fansub) [9 vcds]

Full Metal Panic (Complete, Eps. 1-24) (Fansub) [8 vcd]

Fujimi Orchestra (Fansub)[1 vcd]

Fushigi Yuugi (Complete, Eps. 1-52) (Fansub)[26 vcds]

Great Teacher Onizuka (Eps. 1-19) (Fansub)[8 vcds]

Hanaukyo Maid-tai (Complete, Eps. 1-15) (Fansub)[3 vcds]

Happy Lesson: TV Series (Complete, Eps. 1-13) (Fansub)[6 vcds]

Happy Lesson: OAV Series (Complete, Eps. 1-3) (Fansub)[2 vcds]

Haunted Junction (Complete, Eps. 1-12) [4 vcds]

Hikaru no Go: TV Series (Eps. 1-51) (Fansub) [18 vcds]

Hikaru no Go: New Year Special (Fansub) [1 vcd]

I, My, Me Strawberry Egg (Complete, Eps. 1-13) (Fansub) [6 vcd]

Inu-Yasha: Movie 1 (Fansub) [2 vcd]

Inu-Yasha: TV Series (Eps. 1-85) (Fansub) [29 vcds]

Gestalt (Complete, Eps. 1-2) [1 vcd]

Jibaka-Kun: Twelve World Story (Complete, Eps. 1-26)(R/C)


Maze (Complete, Eps. Vol. 1-8)(R/C)

Mirage of Blaze (Eps. 1-6) (Fansub) [2 vcds]

Noir TV (Complete, Eps. 1-26) (Fansub) [9 vcds]

One Piece (Eps. 1-24, 31-42)(R/C)

Photon (Complete, 1-6)

Real Bout High School (Vol.1-2)

Roujin Z

Saber Marionette J (Complete, Eps. 1-25)

Saiyuki: TV Series (Eps. 1-21)(R/C)

Sakura Wars: TV Series (Complete, Eps. 1-25)(R/C)

Sister Princess (Complete, Eps. 1-26) (Fansub) [11 vcds]

Slayers: Book of Spells

St. Luminous Girls High School (Eps. 1-6) (Fansub)[2 vcds]

Star Ballz [Hentai]

Tales of Triology [Hentai]

Tenchi Universe: Time and Space Adventures (Complete, Parts 1-3)

Tenshi na Konamiki [Cheeky Angel] (Eps. 1-11) (Fansub) [4 vcds]

The Venus War

Trigun (Complete, Eps. 1-26) (Fansub) [9 vcds]

Twin Signal

Vampire Hunter D: BloodLust

Vandread: Season I (Complete, Eps. 1-13) (Fansub)[5 vcds]

Very Private Lesson

Weib Kreuz (Complete, Eps. 1-25) (Fansub) [9 vcds]

Welcome to Pia Carrot DX 1 [Hentai] [1 vcd]

Yo-yo (Complete, Eps. 1-22)(R/C)

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