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Anime For Sale

Hi hi, minna-san. I am been collecting anime for many years now and I have over 300 tapes at home and I really don't have too many space left to get new ones, plus I'm getting new copies of them on vcd. So if anyone want my copy of some selected anime feel free to ask. But I would only do that if you are taking the whole set of the certain anime because i don't want have missing volume in between. It'll be $5 pre-tape if you want my copy which include the shipping/handling charge.

(Commercial release series)

Full Metal Panic 1-14 [5 tapes]
Angelic Layer1-26end [8 tapes]
Weib Kreuz 1-25end [2 tapes, SLP] {$35}
Noir 1-26end [2 tapes, SLP] {$35}
I, My, Me Strawberry Egg!!! 1-13end [3 tapes}
Fushigi Yugi 1-52end [subbed] [4 tapes, SLP] {$65}
Fruit Basket1-26end [7 tapes]
Hellsing 1-13 [4 tapes]
Chobits 1-8 [2 tapes]
Utena Movie [1 tape]

(Non-commercial releases)

Hanaukyo Maid-tai 1-15end [3 tapes]
Cheeky Angel 1-8 [2 tapes]
Hikaru no go 1-26 & special [7 tapes]
Tenshi na Konaikai 1-8 [2 tapes]
Happy Lesson OAV 1-2 [1 tape]
St. Luminous Girls High School 1-3 [1 tape]