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Name: Goku or Son Goku
Race: Saiyan
Saiyan name: Kakarotto
Eyes: (Black)

Hair: (Black)
Skin: Light Tan
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 137 lbs.

Age: at end of DBZ, he is 42
Father: Bardock
"GrandfatherĒ: Son Gohan
Brother: Radditz
Wife: Chi-Chi
Son: Son Gohan, Son Goten
Best friend: Krillin

Abilities: Bukujutsu, Fusion, Genki-Dama, Shunkan Idou, Jan-Ken Punch, Kaio-ken, Kamehameha, Kiaiho, Kienzan, Oozaru, Renzoku Kikou Ha, Ryuken, Shunkanido, SSJ, SSJ2, SSJ3, SSJ4, Taiyoken, Telepathy, USSJ, Zanzoken
Appears in: DB, DBZ, DBGT

Finishing Move: Kamehameha


Goku is the son of a third class Saiyan warrior, named Bardock. When he was a baby he was sent to the planet Earth to destroy all intelligent life and make Earth suitable for sale to the highest bidder. All Saiyans have a brutal nature, have an instinct to fight, can transform several times and have a tail so they can turn oozaru, a giant ape, and become ten times as strong as they were when they see the full moon. Before Goku reached Earth his home planet, Vegeta, was destroyed leaving only 4 Saiyans alive, including Goku. When Goku reached Earth he was found and adopted by an old man, named Gohan. Gohan couldnít control Goku because he was very aggressive and constantly screaming.  

One day Gohan took Goku for a walk in the forest but Goku, kicking and screaming, managed to wriggle out of Gohanís arms and fell of the cliff they were standing on. He hit his head on a big rock and forgot all about his evil plans. Now with his orders lost, Goku becomes a friendly boy who fights on the side of good. Now with his orders lost, Goku becomes a friendly boy who fights on the side of good. Since then he was determent to protect Earth and the universe form all evil. As a child Goku had his tail removed and is no longer able to transform into an ape. Goku's strength lies in his passion to fight and to be the best fighter. He strives on fighting strong opponents. When it seems that Goku is beat he always comes up with something to fend off defeat.  

Goku was trained by a lot of people like: Gohan (who taught him martial arts), Master Roshi (who taught him techniques as Kamehameha), Korrin, Kami, King Kai (who taught him techniques as Kaio-Ken and the Spiritbomb), and he also trained himself for an immeasurable amount. Goku's trademark attack is the Kamehameha, he is the first to use this attack but later on other characters like Krillin, Gohan, Goten, Trunks and Cell use this attack.  


When Goku matures (at around age 16-17) he marries Ox King's daughter Chi Chi. Together they have two sons, Goku and Chi-Chi named their first son after Gokuís Grandfather: Gohan and they named their second son Goten.  


Later Goku found out about his origin, that his real (Saiyan) name is Kakarotto and he learned about his father and his brother Radditz. When Goku was born his power level was 2, but he is the first in 3000 years to turn into a Super Saiyan, he was the second to reach Super Saiyan level 2 and he was the first to reach level 3 and 4. Later Goku reaches power levels of over 500 million.

Goku destroyed two of the four surviving Saiyans, Radditz and Nappa, and occasionally fuses with the last Saiyan, Vegeta, to form Vegetto and later Gogeta. Goku is, without a doubt, the strongest fighter in the universe, of course Vegetto and Gogeta are stronger fighters but they are fusions.  

Goku dies a lot of times and was almost every time wished back by the dragonballs. When Goku and his friends won another great battle all seven dragonballs were absorbed into Goku and Gokuís body disappeared, leaving nothing but his clothes on the ground.  


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