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Book 1 (Kristy's Great Idea) was first published in the UK in 1988, and I know from my edition that it was reprinted in 1990, although I don't know if it was reprinted any more times.  The first BSC Little Sister (Karen's Witch) was first published in 1992, but I don't know if that was reprinted.  Many of the books were available in bookshops in the '90s, but towards 2000 I saw them less and less and the last new BSC title I saw in a shop was Claudia Kishi, Middle School Dropout (book no.101).  I did have a look at the book order system at work in late 2004 and the latest title available was  book 105, Stacey the Maths Whiz (thanks to Mary who reminded me of this!)  I think you'd be hard-pressed to find more than a couple of the collection rereleases today...

In April of 1995 (when book 60 (Mary Anne's Makeover)was released) the early books were rereleased as three-in-one books called 'Babysitters Collections'.

The first special (Babysitters On Board!)was published in 1991, and the Specials were released up to Here Come The Bridesmaids! (no. 12), published in 1997. 

I don't know when Dear Babysitter was released, but Merry Christmas Babysitter was published in November of 1995.
The first Mystery (Stacey and the Missing Ring) was published in 1994 and the latest Mystery I own is Kristy and the Mystery Train (Mystery 30).  I haven't checked it, but I'm almost sure that this book listed one or two up and coming ones, so it's possible that the entire Mystery series was published in the UK.  An interesting point is that the publication of the original series and the Mysteries got out of sync at some point in the UK:  Abby and the Secret Society (Mystery 23) was published in 1996, two years before book 89 (Kristy and the Nasty Nappies) was published - the book where Abby is introduced to the BSC!

Mystery Specials 1 & 2 (Babysitters' Haunted House and Babysitters Beware) were published in 1996 and 1997 respectively.

Boxsets containing a few Specials were released (I'm not sure how many as I don't have one) - I do vaguely recall seeing one of these - the box had a nice picture (I forget what it was, but I remember I liked it) and the signatures on it.  I didn't get it because by that time I already owned the Specials in it.  By 1995 four of these had been released and they were called 'Specials Slipcases', according to my trusty 1995 complete stock list and order form.  

The Babysitters Collections were themselves rereleased with different covers and a different BSC logo (the same cover design as that of Kristy's Worst Idea (book 100)) around about 1998-99-ish.  I have a vague memory of them being up to at least book 57 (Dawn Saves the Planet), so there were at least 19 Collection editions published at some point.  These editions were published in a different font and didn't preserve the US handwriting pages, which is VERY confusing for those who are used to the other editions.

I don't know how many 'Little Sister' books were published, but I think the last ones I saw were about up to no.30.

I saw a few copies of the 'Kids in Miss Colman's Class' books in a bargain bookshop once.  I think they had at least the first three, but I'm not sure if any more were published beyond those.

I own the UK editions of the California Diaries up to number 10 (Ducky/Diary Two), and I'm fairly sure no others were published.

As far as I know the Portrait Collections, the Readers' Request books (Logan's Story, Logan Bruno, Boy Baby-sitter and Shannon's Story), The Complete Guide to the Babysitters Club and the Friends Forever series were not published in the UK.
I emailed Scholastic UK's publicity department regarding a UK release of Raina Telgemeier's graphic novel adaptation of Kristy's Great Idea in June 2006 and received a reply stating that there were no plans (at that time) to publish the book in the UK.  However, the US edition is available to buy from Amazon.co.uk at a reasonable price.  I highly recommend it :).

As far as I'm aware no other BSC merchandise was produced in the UK other than the stuff available through the bookclub (but some of that was American anyway) and the book 50 offer. 

When I started my BSC collection in 1994 the original BSC series books were 2.50 and Specials were 2.99, however having scraped off a price sticker on one of my early editions of the original series I found the original price to have been 1.99.  I don't know whether that was the original price of the books in 1988 onwards or whether they were lower.  When book 67 was released the price went up to 2.99, and at book 89 the price went up again to 3.50.  At some point the specials went up to 3.99.  The Little Sisters were at 1.99 first, and then went up to 2.50.  There may have been another price increase, but I don't know since I didn't really collect the Little Sister books. 


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