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When I was about ten (I think) the Babysitters Club TV series was shown on Channel Four at about 7:30 on Sunday mornings for a little while, but stopped after quite a short time.  After that it was repeated during the Christmas holidays (still on Channel Four and often at 6:00 in the morning...agh!) for a couple of years.  I don't know if they showed the whole series (because I don't know how many episodes there are), but I'll find some episode synopses somewhere and try and find out how many I saw.  Off the top of my head I remember seeing:

- The Babysitters Remember
- The Christmas one (with snobby Kristy who can't believe some people don't have a car ^.^)
- The one where Stacey becomes a model
- Claudia and the Missing Jewels (Karen was a little arsewipe loveable scamp in that one)
- The one where Claudia gets help with schoolwork from that mad old animal-lady and the rest of the BSC stake out her house because they think she's brainwashing Claudia (or something - it was really stupid in any case)
- The one where Dawn and Mary Anne get into a fight because Dawn liked a boy whereas the boy liked Mary Anne and when they were making decorations for Valentine's Day they got into a fight and ripped apart the papier-mach heart (I was quite glad when they did that because it was hellishly ugly, but then they went and fixed it at the end...).  I also remember some really dodgy dancing with Mallory and ugly Ben at the end of that episode.
- The one where they find the sisters (Flora and Fauna?(!))who used to live in Dawn's house and they had a fight over a ring ~ Vanessa Pike annoyed me so much in that episode
- The one where the boys start babysitting

Were there two seasons of the TV series?  I seem to remember seeing at least one episode where Kristy had a brace (well, the actress anyway) and the phone was a different colour (grey instead of red(?)) - maybe the one in question was a pilot or something.
I'm not definite, but I'm almost sure that the TV series was not released on video in the UK.

The BSC movie, on the other hand, *was* released in the UK, but I think it was released straight to video (I may be wrong, but I'm sure I never saw it advertised at any cinemas).  There wasn't much promotion - the only way I knew there was actually a film was because the film tie-in books were released here.  I thought I'd never see it, but then while shopping I happened to find the video on sale (which my mum bought me right there and then for Christmas, even though it was only September).  The video cover is like the books, except it says 'THE MOVIE' on the top window surround and the window-pane is the picture featured on the soundtrack cover.  Read my opinions of the movie and TV series in the Personal section.



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