~ Special Editions ~


Book 50 (Dawn's Big Date) was the first 'special edition', which had the 'Babysitters' bubble-writing in shiny gold and the 50 number (in the same shiny gold) in the picture as a card on dawn's table (the coverart featured Dawn looking into a mirror).  This book also included a free tear-out BSC bookmark of Dawn which included various miscellaneous facts about her (birthday, age, dis/likes etc).  The first editions of the following books in the fifties had similar bookmarks for each member.  The later editions didn't include these (which is why I don't have the Jessi bookmark, sob - I intended to nick it from the library's copy, but someone had already got to it by the time I got the book out again...). 
There may be a rare(!) special edition of Dawn's Big Date, because in my 1995 BSC stock list and order form (which I guard with my life) there's a picture of the book and in the top right corner of the cover it says "special souvenir edition see inside", whereas my edition (which I got from a bookclub when the book had just come out) has a yellow bit on the cover which says "Special edition see inside".  So...it's either a different edition or else the cover was changed at the time of going to press.  Exciting!
The special edition 50s books also included an opportunity to order special BSC goodies using a coupon at the back of the book.  See more about these items in the Extras section.

Book 60 coincided with the release of The Babysitters Remember (Special 11).  It included a pull-out postcard of the Babysitters Remember cover with a message from Ann M. Martin on the back.  I appear to have lost both of mine so I can't copy it exactly, but it said something about how she was so happy that the 60th book was being published in the UK and Mary Anne was one of her favourite characters.  I'm not exactly sure, but I think it also had some feel-good message about how Mary Anne didn't change the person who she was despite her makeover, and remained true to herself (bleh).  The Babysitters Remember had a pink spine with green writing as opposed to the yellow with navy blue writing ones of the other Specials, which was all very nice and well, but it looked somewhat out of place next to the other Specials on my shelf...
The same happened with Here Come The Bridesmaids!, except that it had a bright orange spine with similarly bright blue writing...how odd.

Book 75 (Jessi and the Horrible Prank) looked like Dawn's Big Date, except that it had silver 'Babysitters' bubble writing, the 'Special edition/see inside' was in a red circle in the corner (which fitted in nicely with the red secondary colour scheme of the book) and the '75' wasn't in silver writing.  in the middle of the book there was a sheet of 6 stickers titled 'The BSC's still going strong!  To help us celebrate, let everyone know you're a fan by wearing these special BSC stickers!'  I put my stickers on a folder that I've since thrown out, but I remember there was a rectangular blue and yellow one which said 'Need a Babysitter?', a red heart-shaped one which said 'Friends Forever', a green circular one that said 'Don't panic!  Phone the BSC!' and another yellow circular one that said 'Need a babysitter?  Save time - phone the BSC!' (I think, anyway).  The other ones were blue and red circles and I've forgotten what they had on them.  I like to imagine that they said "Stacey's my bitch" or something, but no...

Book 100 has the Babysitters Club writing in silver and a star-shape thingummybob around the number 100 is in silver too.


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