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Apologies, this section is rather messy and was updated on an 'as I remember' basis.


  • A mistake appears on page 42 of book 22 (Jessi Ramsey, Pet-Sitter), where Mary Anne protests that Claudia was the one who designed the 'alphabet block logo' - the UK logo isn't anything remotely like the US alphabet block logo(see the text page).  When I read that for the first time (when I didn't know what the American logo was like) I was like er...
  • A rather painful typo on page 9 of book 25 (Mary Anne and the Search for Tigger) reads: 
    "the Pikes and the Ramseys did give in a little while ago and let Mal and Jessi get their eyes pierced".  Ouch!
  • Scholastic mucked up the UK edition of Chain Letter a bit by leaving in the original title page - with the original US BSC logo and title.  Thus my edition of the book has a different title inside the book.  This mistake wasn't made with Seasons Greetings...  and the inside page has the UK title and logo.  
  • Not a huge mistake, but on the inside page of Kristy's Great Idea detailing the other books available book 34 is listed as Mary Ann and Too Many Boys, however her name is spelled correctly everywhere else (even in other instances on the same page...).
  • On the blurb of book 75 (Jessi's Horrible Prank) it reads 'with Stamford High's oddball new teacher, classes are a real laugh...'.  I have no idea how that mistake came about.  Maybe since Jessi is eleven somebody assumed she was in high school (in Scotland at least, children start high school at eleven/twelve years of age. I forget if the English system is the same), but I don't know how they managed to mix Stamford and Stoneybrook up.  I looked through the book and it doesn't say anything about Mr Trout having come from Stamford High...
    The blurb spells Jessi's name as 'Jessie' once - her name appears four times on the blurb and one of them is spelled wrong. Bit careless.
  • On page 62 of book 76 (Stacey's Lie) Jessi's name is spelled 'Jessie' again.
  • This is a bit of a weird error, which probably also appears in the American version - on page 120 (of the UK edition) of Jessi and the Troublemaker (book 82) Mallory and Jessi bring Becca, Charlotte, Vanessa and Haley over to Danielle's house where Stacey is babysitting.  It reads:
    "[Stacey] sat down in an armchair and Danielle sat on a cushion in front of it.  Mal and Jessi sat on the sofa."
    Jessi is the narrator, therefore it should read 'Mal and I sat on the sofa'.  But I suppose it was an easy sort of mistake to make.
  • In Claudia and the World's Cutest Baby (book 97) the first page of chapter 8 (pg. 85) is a 'notebook page' and meant to be in Mary Anne's handwriting, but it isn't - instead the text appears in the slightly naff-looking 'Lucida Handwriting' font.
  • In book 98 (Dawn and Too Many Sitters) Dawn mentions the following in her description of Mary Anne:
    "Nowadays [Mary Anne] looks like a normal thirteen-year-old, with pierced ears, short brown hair and a trendy wardrobe"
    ~ it was always emphasised that Mary Anne (and Kristy) did not have pierced ears, and that whereas Mary Anne's relaxed post-marriage father perhaps would have let her get them done, she didn't like the idea anyway.
  • In one of the books Mallory is described as having 'chestnut' hair, but I can't remember which...I think it's an early one.
  • Occasionally (or it may just be once, I don't know), Suzi Barrett's name is misspelled as 'Suzy'.  Buddy's name was spelled as 'Buddie' in one instance in one of the books.
  • In Mary Anne Saves the Day (book no.4) she mentions that her mother's name is Abigail, but in later books her mother is referred to as 'Alma'.  Karen and Andrew's mother also has a different name at the start of the series, before the name Lisa is decided upon
  • Book 100 included the 'Dear Reader...' letter from Ann M. Martin, but it was the American one so she was talking about the first book 'being released 10 years ago in 1986', but book 100 was published in the UK in 2000...it also mentioned that there were 'games, dolls, jewellery, clothing, a cd and audiotapes'.  None of these (as far as I know) were released in the UK at all.  it also mentions the BSC fan club, which was non-existent in the UK (although there was a BSC book club set up in about 1997).  Sorry, now I'm just being very fussy.  Although Ann M. Martin managed to write a special 'Dear Reader...' postcard for the release of book 60 in the UK.
  • This isn't really a mistake at all, but I couldn't think of anywhere else to put it:  books 92, 93, 94, 95, 98 and 100 had the 'Dear Reader' letter from Ann M. Martin at the back, but no others in the series did (I don't know about books 101+ because I don't have them).  It seems weird that they put the letters in the back of some of the 90s books and not in others... 


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