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Scholastic took care in editing the BSC books for UK readers - in the text they changed the American spellings to British ones and some typically American words to their British-English equivalent.  I've listed some of the most common words below, although some may be missed out because i didn't notice them or just because I'm doing this from memory - now in a less confusing table!  The easiest way to spot these differences (aside from doing a page-by-page comparison of a US and UK edition, which I have neither the time nor money to do!) is to skip to the handwriting pages in the Specials.  It's rather obvious that the offending words were tipp-exed out and then written over - the difference in handwriting stands out.  Explanations provided where I saw appropriate.


American word/phrase

British word/phrase

you guys you lot
guess (as in 'I guess that's what happened') suppose
mom mum

coach - in special no.3 'coach' (as in bus) has obviously been added instead of something in the handwriting pages, but i don't know what the original word was

diaper nappy
dues subs

('chairman' was always used in reference to Kristy being head of the BSC.  Note: the word was not changed in the context of 'class president' in book 53, Kristy for President)

(as in 'Mary Anne cried at a sad TV commercial')

baby-sitters (& all related forms: baby-sitting, baby-sat etc.) babysitters/babysitting/babysat (although apart from instances of the  'Babysitters Club' name this is rather inconsistent in the text of the books)
sidewalk pavement

tiles (in Suzi's letter to Santa in Here Come The Bridesmaids! (special 12))

sick ill
(in British English to say someone is '[being] sick' strictly refers to the subject actually vomiting as opposed to just being unwell, as in American English)

Please note that in the UK the books were edited for differences in language only.  No plot details were changed, as in other international editions (if I recall, in the French-Canadian version the stories were set in Canada).  References to baseball/softball and suchlike were all intact.  It's not like Kristy was a cricket fan from Devon or anything...

EDIT: Recently I had the opportunity to read ebook versions of several of the US BSC books.  The earlier books are edited a lot more than the later books - in book 1 Sam, Stacey and David Michael play Snakes and Ladders (I had certainly never heard of Candyland until I read of it in an American book), the sweet names are changed to those more typical for the UK, for instance Claudia eats liquorice bootlaces in book 2 (as opposed to 'licorice whips').  The earlier books are also peppered with some very minor edits that I suspect were made to raise the standard of the language used - some typical American English sentence constructions wouldn't be considered acceptable in British English, thus I would hold many of these changes akin to translation.  In book 2 Claudia tells Janine that "it's cold outside" because to say that "it's cold out" here doesn't make sense and/or would be considered poor English.

Nit-picking fans (such as myself) will notice that  the titles are ever so slightly different - 'The Baby-Sitters Club' becomes 'The Babysitters Club' and "Baby-Sitters Club Mysteries" becomes "Babysitters Mysteries".  More prominently, the 'Super Specials' series were renamed simply 'Specials' whereas the 'Super Mysteries' were renamed 'Mystery Specials'.  There were a couple of minor changes to the actual book titles, too, which I've listed.  Some may be missing because of error on my part:

US title

British title

Claudia and the Sad Good-bye (no.26)

Claudia and the Sad Goodbye - not a huge difference, but a difference nonetheless.  The same happened with Jessi and the Bad Babysitter - the hyphen was dropped because of British English spelling.

Mary Anne + 2 Many Babies (no.52)

Mary Anne and Too Many Babies.  who knows - maybe UK Team BSC don't like puns...

Dawn and the We Kids Club (no.72)

Dawn and the We Love Kids Club - maybe they couldn't be bothered with replicating the heart sign on all the book lists etc.  I imagine the Claudia's Freind Friend strikeout text was a nightmare - a couple of the book listings missed out the strikeout, incidentally

Mallory Pike, #1 fan (no.80)

Mallory Pike, No.1 Fan - British English doesn't use the # sign to indicate numbers.  That's probably fairly obvious from browsing this site, if nothing else ^.^

Kristy and Mr. Mom (no.81) Kristy and Mr Mum - just spelling again
Claudia Kishi, Live From WSTO! (no.85)

Claudia Kishi, Live On Air - possibly because UK radio stations don't have the whole W-random letters naming thing that US ones have.  I have to admit, I don't know what the system for naming American radio stations is 

Kristy and the Dirty Diapers (no.89) Kristy and the Nasty Nappies - the most edited book in the whole series.  the drawings of the uniforms in the book are obviously either edited or completely redrawn to read 'nappies'*.  It's also worth nothing that the company name 'Davis Diapers' is changed to 'Natt's Nappies', and that Druscilla's band is named 'The Nasty Nappies' instead of 'The Diaper Double Duo'(!).  
Baby-Sitters' Summer Vacation (special 2) Babysitters' Summer Holiday - again, just a case of corresponding words.  the same happened with Special 3.

As far as I know there were no title changes in the mystery series, apart from dropping the hyphen in baby-sitters, etc.

The letter books were released under different titles - Chain Letter became Dear Babysitter...Letters From The Babysitters Club and Secret Santa became Merry Christmas, Babysitter...Seasons Greetings From The Babysitters Club.  I really don't know why the titles were changed - maybe because chain letters and Secret Santas weren't as common back in the day... - but an interesting thing to note is that the text was left unedited.  I suppose that editing the black-and-white handwriting pages in the Specials was easy enough, but the Chain Letter and Secret Santa books were basically picture books and it would've either been too difficult to edit the text (especially those on coloured paper) or too expensive.

The California Diaries have different handwriting typesets inside (for Dawn and Sunny at least - I'm not sure about the rest) - Dawn's in particular is completely different from her BSC handwriting, and in Ducky's first diary when the girls each write in a sentence at the beach, Dawn and Sunny's writing doesn't match the writing in their own diaries...In Sunny's first diary the diagram of how her father spends his time is (I think) kept intact, because the writing is all in capitals and it uses the word 'Mom' where in all other instances it's changed to 'Mum'.  I also have a feeling that Maggie's weight was originally in the imperial system in her second California Diary - it's in metric in the UK edition.

Given that the logo is different in the UK version, the text from Kristy's Great Idea is slightly different to the original:

"How about a roof shape with our initials on it?" said Mary Anne.
"Wait a minute!"  Claudia cried.  "I've got it.  I could draw something like this." She took the pen and paper from me and drew this:
(the logo appears on the next page)
from page 38, Kristy's Great Idea

Claudia's comment about the alphabet blocks is deleted for obvious reasons.

The only other obvious text difference I can find in the original series at present is in book 17, Mary Anne's Bad-Luck Mystery - when Mary Anne mentions that a black cat crossed her path as she was on her way to school, the sentence is marked with an asterisk and the footnote reads "This is bad luck in America".  Which was helpful, because here a black cat crossing one's path is good luck.


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