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These quality of these image scans are variable, but mostly not that great. I don't mind if you want to post them elsewhere, but please don't direct-link.

Original Series

Cover design 1:
Kristy's Great Idea (book 1) ~
Front and back cover, poor/fair quality

Cover design 2 (change in style of art):
Welcome to the BSC, Abby
(book 90) ~
Front cover, good quality

Cover design 3 (complete style change):
Kristy's Worst Idea
(book 100) ~
front and back cover, medium quality

Mystery Series

(Cover design the same throughout the series)
Mary Anne and the Secret in the Attic (mystery 5) ~
Front and back cover, medium quality

Little Sister

Cover design 1:
~ Karen's Ghost (book 12) ~
front cover, medium quality

Cover design 2 (change in 'Little Sister' font, change in style of art):
~ Karen's Goldfish (book 16) ~
Front cover, medium/good quality


See links to all the covers here (part of the Unsightly Cover Extravaganza)
Internal illustrations for Babysitters on Board! (Special 1) ~ fairly poor quality
Internal illustrations for Babysitters' Winter Holiday (Special 3) ~ fairly poor quality


Babysitters Club School Year Diary pages

Collections of coverart

See the Unsightly Cover Extravaganza! for scans of the books with the ugliest coverart.
...and now the
Captivating, Charming Cover Extravaganza for scans of the books with the best coverart




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