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April 2011
Finally uploaded the Special 3 illustrations!

This site was created by Myu.  Any similarities to content on any other sites is coincidental.  Work on the site was started in mid-May 2004 and completed at the beginning of June.

All the information here is based on my own knowledge and assumptions.  The Babysitters Club was created by Ann M. Martin and I am not affiliated with Scholastic/Hippo or any other companies associated with the Babysitters Club trademark.

If you wish to use any of the information posted here on your own site, please don't copy whole paragraphs and suchlike without my permission.  If you would like to use any of the information, please
email me and give credit where appropriate.  Please don't hesitate to email comments or questions - I don't check this account all that often (maybe about once a month), but I do take time to read and reply to everything, provided the Junk Mail Filter hasn't zapped it by the time I get round to checking.

I created this site after I enjoyed reading Jon Merrill's excellent Baby-Sitters Club Companion.  This site does include information about international editions of the series, but is somewhat limited.  I wondered if others would be interested in reading about the UK release of the series, and here is the result.
This site is not updated very often due to time constraints, plus there's not much to add for a series that went out of print several years ago :).
The name comes partly from the 'Say Hello To Your Friends' song (the theme from the BSC TV series), but it's 'Hullo' because of a friend and I (a bit of a play on accents).

As for information about the creator...I'm just a BSC fan who rediscovered the series during her late teens.  I also created BSC Summaries, where I post Book a Minute-style summaries of BSC books.

I'm not a fan of posting long links pages as they demand constant maintenance due to the nature of the Internet, however I will recommend the (very active) BSC community on LiveJournal as a great resource for any fan.  Discussion is lively, everyone is very friendly and questions about everything from plot details to roleplaying are answered within hours, if not minutes.  Be sure to visit the community profile page for an excellent BSC timeline as well as an FAQ and links section. 


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