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This is a small Babysitters Club fan page and information source for people who want to learn about the differences between the US and UK releases of the series.  Please bear in mind that some information may be incorrect as I'm certainly not an expert on the BSC and that I'm returning to the series after a long period of time.

This site deals specifically with the UK release of the series

This page explains the differences between the UK and American logos and coverart

Cover Scans
Some scans of the UK covers - come and see the worst (and best) cover awards!

Some of the text of the books was changed to incorporate British-English spellings and suchlike.  Read about them here

Find out about typos, continuity errors and miscellaneous mistakes here

Special Editions
Find out about the special editions of the books and the extras they included here

TV Series + Movie
Information about the TV broadcast and movie release here

Information about the BSC extras such as the merchandise and book club

Publications & Prices
Publication dates and prices of the BSC books are here

A little about my opinions on the series and how I was introduced to the Babysitters Club.
Also included is an inventory of my BSC collection, for those who like that sort of thing

Can You Help?
Some questions I have about the UK releases of the BSC, plus some tips for building your BSC collection

Site Information
Some general information about the site