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Shin Hakkenden
[ The Legend of the Eight Swords ]

Argh! Sorry for everything! Sorry. As of now, I don't have much time to fix the site format or anything, but I -will- fix it. But that will be the last time, ne. I'll re-upload the mp3's then. That's all for now! Gomen...Thanks a million to all who visited!


Welcome to my Shin Hakkenden page. To those who ask "Why a page for Shin Hakkenden?" Well, the answer's quite simple. There aren't enough around and I watch it anyway, so here it is. Heheh. I am the author of this page...Hanashi. Erhm...oh well, i suppose we'd better get on with it.

I've done a little research about the anime...not much, and those who've watched it probably know as much, if not more than I do. Having said that, this page is generally for those who haven't watched it, those who want to see what a bloke like me has to say about it, or those who just want to see how many mistakes I made. Ack!

Now this isn't...some may make the mistake...about the anime The Hakkenden. You know, the Eight Dog Warriors. No. Some might not know the difference, especially since Shin Hakkenden WAS based on it, but trust me...they're different. Only one dog here...heheh. Anywho, I know the other one's more famous but some strange force has drawn me to like this one better. Hmm...oh, well.

Hey take a look at this...

What is it? You tell me! Looks like a girl to me. XD Erhm...this show's got it's own share of have-to-poke-to-know-what-gender types. But, honestly...I REALLY think he looks like a girl. I wanted a laugh's a poll. If you ain't got anything better to do please vote. Heheh...
! THE $1.00 QUESTION !
Does Kou look like a girl?

Current results

And then some of you are saying..."What the heck is this poor girl's problem?!" Uh-huh. Right on top of that, so without further ado, I don't know...Don't let me stop you. Please forgive me. ~bows~ And enjoy!

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