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DBZ Villians w/Transformations

This is in my own words.


This is Frieza, the once most feared villian.
My opinion is that he is also the most gay 
villian too. The little prick thinks himself 
to good to get off his ass and walk, always 
riding around in that stupid floating thing. 
This little guy is responsible for killing almost 
all of the Saiyans when he destroyed their planet 
in fear of what might happen if the Saiyans became 
to strong to control. So anyways, to make a long 
story short, Vegeta is the first to pick a fight 
with him after almost twenty years of fear. 
Vegeta, being stupid, tells Frieza that he knows 
about the secret that Frieza can transform to 
reveal his true power. Vegeta thought that 
the transformation wouldn't make much of a 
difference, but that was a sad conviction.

Frieza form 2:

This is Frieza's first transformation, and
sadly for Vegeta, Frieza's power level is
over "One Million". At the time a power like
that was considered impossible. Vegeta was 
quickly at a loss for words and Krillin
being in the mix was quickly impaled by 
Frieza's horn and dropped in the deep water
after Frieza tortured him a bit. Gohan on
the sidelines quickly fought with Frieza
with extraordinary power, but in the end
still took a fall. I forgot to mention that
before this whole battle started a couple 
of wishes where made. The wishes came to
pass as soon as Piccolo showed up and beat
the hell out of Frieza. Dende, a young Namek
watching the battle discovered that Piccolo
had fused with Namek's most powerful warrior
Nail. Being the little bitch he is, Frieza
yet again transforms.

Frieza form 3:

Yes, Frieza looks like one of those things
from the movie "Alien". This is his second
transformation, and nobody really stood a 
chance against him, but for some reason it
isn't long after a little torture that
Frieza decides to have some fun and 
transform to his last form. Knowing this, 
Vegeta quickly comes up with a genius plan
and had Krillin about kill him. After a little
persuasion, Dende heals Vegeta. And if you
didn't know, after every battle or near death
experience, Saiyans become stronger after 

Frieza form 4:

Looks can be decieving, but Frieza knows 
all to well not to judge a book by its 
cover. Frieza figures out that Dende has 
been healing the good guys and in a mere 
nano second kills Dende with what looked 
to be like an invisible blast. Frieza trys 
to do the same to Gohan as he did to Dende 
but Vegeta saw the blast coming and with 
lightning speed knocks Gohan out of the path 
of the beam. Vegeta then raves on about how 
he is now a Super Saiyan and powers up to 
his maximum. Vegeta then attacks Frieza
with all his might and believes he has
the upperhand until Frieza decides to end
the fun. Frieza quickly beats Vegeta till
he can't move and tortures him. Then it 
happens like a flash, Goku is now standing
among the crowd fully restored from being
in the healing chamber. To make the story
short, Frieza kills Vegeta for saying
that Goku truly is a Super Saiyan and
Frieza and Goku begin to fight. Goku is
winning until Frieza reveals that he has
been only using 10% of his power. Frieza
powers up to 50% and beats the hell out of
Goku. Goku uses his last defense, and gathers
the energy for a Spirit Bomb and directly hits
Frieza with it. Frieza survives and about kills
Piccolo and does kill Krillin. This triggers
Goku's anger and thus Goku becomes a Super 
Saiyan. In short, Goku makes Frieza's power
look bad like how I make black belts look 
bad, and thats pretty bad too. This causes
Frieza to use 100% power. 

Frieza form 4 100%:

Good, this appears to be it for Frieza's
transformations. To make the story short,
Frieza doesn't stand a chance against Goku
now that hes a Super Saiyan. So after
Frieza refuses to give up on trying to
kill Goku, Goku finally delivers the final
blast and ends the battle and leaves
the planet Namek right before it blows

Cyborg Frieza:

I'm afraid I have sad news... Goku didn't 
destroy Frieza. Frieza survived and his dad
King Cold modified him because Frieza lost 
a few body parts when Goku fought with
him. So this is Cyborg Frieza, not for
long though. Frieza goes to Earth and is
about to kill all of Goku's friends and
family. Goku has not arived back on Earth
yet so he can't save the day. Frieza quickly
sends out a team of henchmen to look for
people to kill, but they are destroyed as
soon as they fly off. From the air, a young
man levitates to the ground. This young man
alone confronts Frieza, King Cold, and the
henchmen. Making the story short, the young
man turns into a Super Saiyan and Frieza
trys three times to kill him. The Saiyan
then distracts Frieza with a blast and pulls
out a sword and slices Frieza vertically
in half. Then the Saiyan continues
slicing Frieza into pieces, afterwards he
disentegrates Frieza's body parts with a
small blast. The Saiyan then confronts
King Cold. King Cold gives a proposition
asking the Saiyan if he would like
to take his son's place in being the supreme
ruler of the universe. To make it short, the
Saiyan lets King Cold exzamine his sword. 
King Cold boasts that without the sword the 
Saiyan wouldn't have beaten Frieza. King Cold
attacks the Saiyan with the sword and the Saiyan
grabs the blade with his hand without getting
cut, he then blasts King Cold once in the chest,
then a second time destroying him. After the
battle and a little waiting, Goku arrives back
on Earth. The young Saiyan goes to talk to Goku
and reveals that he came from the future and
his name is Trunks. 

Imperfect Cell stage 1:

Cell is the second boss in DragonballZ.He has the
DNA of all the popular DBZ warriors.He also has
the ability to absorb you and take yor power with
his tail.Even though he is in his first form,he is 
way more powerful than Frieza.At the time,Piccolo could have beat him. 

Imperfect Cell stage 2:

This is Cell's first transformation.He reaches 
this form by absorbing Android 17!He has some slight
changes such as,looking like a black ARMY Drill Instructor!He is a few more times powerful than
before.Later on at the given time Trunks or
Vegeta could have killed him!

Perfect Cell:

This is Cell's second transformation.He reaches this
level when Vegeta lets him absorb Android 18 to
see if he could be beat.He looks almost human in
this stage.His power level is in the one-hundred
millions.Goku about matches his power level.But
Gohan can woop his ass and kill him because Cell
was pissing him off and he turned super saiyan 2!

Perfect Cell (Fully Powered):

Cell just bulks up a little.He is killed later on
after a few mishaps.Gohan killed him with a big
fucking Kame-hame-ha!

Fat Buu:

This is the first form we see of Majin Buu,but
when Babadi first(Father of Bibidi)created him,
he was Kid Buu.Anyways he was the third boss of
DragonballZ.His power makes Cell's perfect form
look stupid!He is as powerful as a super saiyan
3 in this form.At the time nobody could kick his

Skinny Buu:

This form occured after Buu expelled himself of
his evil side just like piccolo creating a good
Buu(Fat)and a bad Buu(Skinny).He is actually more
powerful in this form.Still nobody could beat him.

Super Buu:

This form occured after Skinny Buu absorbed Fat Buu
the good one.Alot more powerful,though after a while
Mystic Gohan or Vegeto could have easly killed him.

Kid Buu:

This form happens when Super Buu gets enough power
from his aborbtions that he reaches his final form!
Goku kills him in super saiyan 2 form with the help
of hercule supporting the earthlings to create a super
spirit bomb!

To get the full story come back another time!