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Villians and there Transformations

This is in my own words.

Click on this picture to see
all of his transformations!

Bebi is the last Tsufuru-Jin alive.He is was created
by Dr.Myuu from the DNA of the Tsufuru-Jin king.
He is also a parasite,he can infest people and 
take over there bodies.He was an inhabitant of
Planet Plant until the saiyans took it over
and made it Planet Vegeta.

Vegeta Bebi:

Vegeta Bebi is basically Bebi in
Vegeta's body.This is the first form
of Vegeta Bebi,basically super saiya-jin.
Bebi picked vegeta because he was the 
most powerful saiyan he knows and because 
he helped extinguish his race with the 
other saiyans.

Super Bebi:

This is basically a super saiya-jin 2 of
Vegeta Bebi.Hes alot more powerful in this
form.Every transformation makes more lines
pop upon Vegeta Bebi's face,body and more
design on the suit.

Perfect Bebi:

Basically a super saiya-jin 3.This is
Vegeta Bebi's last human like form.

Super Monkey Baby:

This form of Vegeta Bebi(Golden oozaru)
got somehow to crowded for Bebi and he
had to escape Vegeta's body,but as soon
as he did Goku killed him. 

Super 17:

This is the fusion of Android 17 and
Artificial Android 17.He has the capability
of also absorbing your energy!He gets killed 
by Goku and Android 18.

Evil Shenlong:

This is the dragon of I think the
one star dragonball.He is the last
enemy to be faced.All I can say
is he is really powerful and blasted
Goku thinking he was dead,then Goku pops
up with the spirit bomb and kills him.

To get the full story of these characters go to the Dragonball GT info. link whenever I put it up.