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Other Saiyan Power-Ups

These are the saiyans who have differen't types of power ups.I put this in my own words as well.

Majin Vegeta:

Majin Vegeta is plain and simply Vegeta with
an M on his forehead that stands for Majin.He
let Babidi take over his mind to get the power.
But the thing is,Babidi couldn't control him.

Kai Gohan:

This form of gohan is as powerful as a super
saiya-jin 2,but gohan didn't have to be a 
super saiya-jin 2 to have the power,he could 
just be normal.Gohan trained with the Z sword
and when he swung it so fast it broke and
an old kai came out and gave him a kaioshin
upgrade by doing a mysterious dance but did
not finish.It is said that if the kai did finish
Gohan would have been as powerful as a super 
saiya-jin 3 without transforming.