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Saiya-Jin Stages Part 1

Below you will learn about Saiyan transformations


All full blooded Saiyans have black hair with a particular style depending on their class. Their hair stays the same their entire life. Some Saiyans are pale and some are tanned and they all have big black pupils. Saiyans have the ability to become stonger after every battle depending on how much damage they take. Saiyans also have brown tails used to transform into an Oozaru (Learn about that below). Some saiyans like half breeds sometimes can get stronger alot faster but have a certain limit, like Gohan, Goten, & Trunks. Half breeds can change their hair length and styles. Trunks's hair is purple only because Bulma's blue hair had an effect on the Saiyan gene. Most half breeds are not born with tails, only Gohan was. During the Ginyu and Frieza saga, Vegeta constantly talks about the rumored legendary Super Saiyan and how if anybody is to achieve this level it will only be him because he insists that only those of the "Royal Bloodline" can obtain it. This is proved wrong when Goku accidentaly transforms into one when Frieza kills his best friend Krillin. Look below the Oozaru information to learn more.


This is the Saiyan form Oozaru, or it can be called Giant Monkey. This form only works for Saiyans that have a tail. To Transform, a Saiyan must look at a full moon or any really big, round shaped, light emmiting object. An Oozaru's height is anywhere from about twenty to thirty feet tall. Usually any Saiyan will temporarily lose control when in this form because the animal instinct takes over there mind and they become like any ordinary animal. However, some Saiyans do not lose control when in this from such as Vegeta. Vegeta has many special abilities because of his royal blood line, being able to control his Oozaru form is just one of his great abilities.

Super Saiya-Jin:

A Super Saiyan has golden colored hair that sticks up in the air like they got electricuted. Super Saiyans have green eyes and golden colored tails. A super Saiyan is a hell of alot sronger, faster, and has better fighting skills. Their power multiplies about ten times that of what it was. It takes extreme rage to transform into a Super Saiyan. It can occur from seeing death of a loved one, hatred, or just naturualy for those who was born after their fathers have already transformed (Such as Goten and Trunks). The saiyans that achieved this level(In order)was Brolly, Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Goten and Trunks. Note: Future Trunks is not an acception in this order because he reached it in another timeline.

Ultra Super Saiya-Jin:

An Ultra Super Saiyan is just an alterable Super Saiyan, meaning they sacrifice one attribute such as speed to raise an attribiute such as strength, the result being huge muscles but slow speed. It still takes some heavy training to obtain this state of alterability. Some achieved this level by training in the "Hyper Bolical Time Chamber" on Kami's lookout. Broly obtained it some other unknown way. The time chamber is an endless white platform with hot air and more gravity the farther you go out into it. The chamber alters time and space itself, you can be in the chamber for one year and only a day will pass on Earth. Saiyans usually come out three to five times more powerful. Goku saw a flaw in this stage before Gohan had a chance to obtain it and find out for himself. So they decided to continue their training and eventually Goku came up with the great idea to try to remain in Super Saiyan form for as long as possible. In doing this they mastered the ability to transform and sustain thier power thus being in the most powerful form of Super Saiyan until that is when Gohan acsended. The Saiyans that achieved this level(In order)was Brolly, Vegeta, Future Trunks, then Goku. Note: Future Trunks is an acception to this order because he reached it the original timeline.

Super Saiya-Jin 2:

A Super Saiyan 2 doesn't seem to appear any different than a Super Saiyan 1. If you look at the hair you will see that its got more splits in it, besides that, its hard to see any difference. One thing for sure is that their about anywhere from ten to twenty times more powerful. It isn't very long until the Saiyans figure out that they will need to become more powerful in order to defeat upcoming enemies. Gohan is the first to achieve this when Cell starts to attack all his friends and kills Android 16. It didn't take much rage to trigger this transformation. The saiyans that achieved this level(In order)was Gohan, Goku and then vegeta.

Super Saiya-Jin 3:

This is thought to be the most powerful form of Super Saiyans. A Super Saiyan 3 has a big noticable difference in appearance. The hair length is about as long as the person's body itself! The eyebrows vanish and the forehead is some what bigger. The power is unknown and so immense that Goku could not sustain this level very long. Goten and Trunks fuse and create Gotenks. Amazingly Gotenks transforms into Super Saiyan 3 with ease and sustains it for a long time. During this time the enemy was Buu, but even the Super Saiyan 3 couldn't defeat him. Find out more about Buu on my Villians page. The only Saiyans that achieved this level was first Goku and then Gotenks.

Golden Oozaru:

Who would expect that even the great Oozaru would have a super form? The Golden Oozaru isn't any different in appearance besides being gold. This transformation happens just like the other one, but the light in wich they see has to be a whole hell of alot brighter. The Saiyans that achieved this was Goku and Vegeta. Note: Baby who is an evil parasite entered and took over Vegeta's body. While in his body, Baby's gene had an effect on the Saiyan appearance. So when Baby Vegeta was an Oozaru his skin was like gray-purple.

Super Saiya-Jin 4:

This is the true Saiyan level, a Super Saiyan 4. Some say that its not proper to call this level "Super". But I say just because it doesn't have gold hair doesn't mean its not "Super". Maybe this level should have "Super" in its title and not the other levels, thats what I think. But anyways, this level is achieved only when a Saiyan is Golden Oozaru and can control itself and revert back to human form. The appearance is very different as you can see. The hair remains black and its style depends on the Saiyan. The eyelids are red and the pupils are black with a golden color around them. The Saiyan has a red fur coat and the tail is also red. The power is unknown, but I do know its well over twenty times more powerful than Super Saiyan 3. And this level too, is very hard to sustain. The Saiyans who achieved this was first Goku and then later Vegeta.

Super Saiya-Jin 5:

There is rumored to be a Super Saiyan 5 as well as a news series Dragonball AF (After Future). I can assure you this is fake. This level I believe is occured when Goku absorbs the Dragonballs. He has the appearance of a Super Saiyan 4, but the head hair is like a Super Saiyan 3 with all body hair being grey. But anyways, you look at the picture and judge it yourself.

Super Saiya-Jin 6:

Yet a higher level. Although not real, its cool to look at. I heard that this level was suggested for either Super Saiyan 3 or 4. But over the internet, its thought of as Super Saiyan 6. To me its just a Super Saiyan 3 Goku with dark blue hair, full black eyes with only the pupil being surrounded by blue. I guess Akira didn't like it?

Super Saiya-Jin 10!:

Well all be damn! Who would have ever thought it was possible? Just kidding, this is really fake. But my question is what happend to the levels before it? It appears to be Goku with a rock like grey body.

When the Saiyans transformed: In order

Super Saiya-Jin: Frieza, Trunks, Cell, and Saiya-Man

#1: Brolly-Transformed when he was 13, don't know how.
#2: Goku-Transformed in Freiza Saga when 
freiza shot piccolo with a blast and then 
killed krillin.
#3: Vegeta-Transformed in the Trunks Saga on an 
unknown planet when training and got hurt,he 
then just didn't care and transformed out of 
#4: Gohan-Transformed in the Cell Saga in the 
hyper bolical time chamber, got mad because he 
failed when trying to save his friends before.
#5: Goten-Transformed in the Saiya-Man Saga
when Chi Chi was testing him.
#6: Trunks-Transformed in the Saiya-Man
Saga when training in the gravity capsule
with vegeta.

Note: Future Trunks isn't in this
order becuase he transformed in the
future timeline.

Ultra Super Saiya-Jin: Imperfect Cell Saga 

#1: Brolly-Don't know how,and wasn't
in the Cell Saga.
#2: Vegeta-Transformed in the hyper bolical
time chamber when demonstrating his new power
to Future Trunks.
#3: Future Trunks-He was able to do it in the time
chamber, but didn't show Vegeta. He finally
showed his transformation when trying to
prevent Cell from absorbing Android 18.
#4: Goku-Transformed in the hyper bolical
time chamber demonstrating the weakness of
the form to Gohan.

Note: Future Trunks is acceptable in this
order becuase he transformed in the original

Super Saiya-Jin 2: Cell, Saiya-Man, and Babidi

#1: Gohan-Transformed in the Perfect Cell Saga 
when Cell crushed Android 16's head and saw Cell
Juniors hurting his friends, it just pissed
gohan off, he couldn't hold it in any longer 
so he just farted, I mean transformed!
#2: Goku-Transformed in the Saiya-Man Saga
when fighting Pikhan, Pikhan used a tornado
attack on Goku and Goku got stuck in it and 
was getting cut up. So Goku unleashed his
anger and transformed.
#3: Vegeta-Transformed in the Babidi Saga
when he purposely got inslaved by Babidi
so he can get extra power and regain his
old state of mind.

Super Saiya-Jin 3: Great Saiya-Man and
Majin Buu Sagas

#1: Goku-Found this new power while training
in heaven, and finally transformed to try to
beat Majin Buu.

Note: Although Gotenks was a Super Saiyan 3,
he doesn't count for being a fusion.

Super Saiya Jin 4: Bebi and Shenlong Sagas.

#1: Goku-Detransformed from a Golden Oozaru,
powering down into a Super Saiyan 4. Pan was
partly the cause for this becuase she made
Goku remember who he was.
#2: Vegeta-Bulma used a "Brute Ray" to 
have Vegeta transform into Golden Oozaru
without the need of a tail. Vegeta was already
able to control his Oozaru form so he easily
detransformed down into a Super Saiyan 4.

Note: I didn't include when and why the fused
Saiyans transformed becuase they just don't
count. But I'll say this much, they naturally
can transform into Super Saiyans becuase of
the two Saiyans that fuse can already