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Legendary Super Saiyan

This is in my own words.


This is Brolly the legendary super saiyan.Goku and
Brolly where born on the same day and Goku's crying
made Brolly mad at him for the rest of his life.
Brolly had the power level of 10,000 when he was
born.At the age of thirteen is when Brolly turned
into a super saiyan.He was sort of kicked out of
the Planet Vegeta with his father because he was 
not trusted.He was killed later on by the saiyans
from the Z Team.

Super Saiya-Jin Brolly:

Well what could I say,he is a super saiyan!

Ultra Super Saiya-Jin Brolly:

This is the last form brolly has besides the 
Cloned Brolly.