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Knight Water

Let me tell you a little about myself.....

Name:Victor Mkhailvich Knight
A.K.A.:Knight Water
Birthday:12/9/1986 (17)
Place of Birth:Hell
Current Residence:Moscow,Russia
Father:Mkhail Ivanevich Knight
Mother:Irina Dorovogna Knight
Sisters:1 (Deceased)
Race:Native American/Russian (Light Tan)
Hair:Silk Black/Long
Weight:165 lbs.
Body Type:Muscular/Tough/Flexible
Occupation:Tae Kwon Do Student/Part Time Priest
Religion:The Church of Jesus Christ of LDS (Mormon)
Hobby:Tae Kwon Do (Green Belt)

My Favorites

Favorite Number:3 
Favorite Time
Favorite Color:Light Blue
Favorite Day of the Week:Thursday
Favorite Month:July
Favorite Season:Spring
Favorite Holiday:I hate holidays!
Favorite Animal:Panther
Favorite Music:Russian Pop/Rock/Techno
Favorite Instrument:Piano
Favorite Show:Dragonball 
Favorite Song Artist:t.A.T.u.
Favorite Song:Malchik Gay
Favorite Qoute:"Too much analysis kills spontaniety"
Favorite Foods:
#1-Sirloine Steak w/A1 Sauce
#2-Pizza Hut's Pizza (Any Kind)
#3-Dairy Queen's Biscuits & Gravy
#4-Sweet Tarts