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Fusion Types:Saiyan

There are two types of fusion that the saiyans used,I wrote these out on my own words.

Fusion Dance:

This is were two people of the same race,power and
size fuse by side stepping toward each other and
bending there bodies sideways touching each others
index fingers with both hands and saying fusion.
When they fuse a totaly new mind is made.They 
usualy have a black vest and baggy pance like 
piccolo's but white.The fusion lasts for about 
30 minutes.

Potara Ear Rings:

This is were two saiyans put on a kai's
ear rings on opposite ears.The two merge
and create a totaly new mind.There clothes 
also combines in a way.The fusion is suppose
to be permanent,but it somehow wears off in
Buu's stomach.