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Dragonball -Oolong wished for a pair of panties to stop Pilaf's idea. -Goku wished for Bura to get revieved. -Piccolo Daimao wished for his youth to be restored. Dragonball Z -Goku gets wished back to help fight Nappa and Vegeta. -Dende, Gohan and Krillin wish for Piccolo to come back to life. -Dende, Gohan and Krillin wish for Piccolo to get moved to Namek. -Mr. Popo wishes for all the Namekians that got killed to be revived. -Dende wishes for everybody but Goku and Freeza to get transported to Namek. -The group wishes for Yamcha,Tien,Krillen, ChoZu all to be revived. -They wish for all people who were killed during the Cell Saga to be revived. -This wish is for Future Trunks to be revived after getting killed by Cell. -Krillin wishes for the bombs in #17 and #18 to be removed. -Bulma wishes for all people that got killed to be revived. -Dende's wish for Earth to be restored. -Dende wishes for all humans killed by Majin Buu to be brought back to life. -All humans not to remember Majin Buu. Dragonball GT -Pilaf accidently wishes for Goku to turn into a little kid by saying Goku I wish you were a little kid again so I could kick your ass and the dragon thought that was his wish. -Bebi Vegeta wishes for a new Planet Plant to be made close to Earth. -A wish to restore Earth from what happened with the Black Star Dragonballs side effects. -To revive all people killed in the Evil Shenlong Saga.