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DragonBall Series: This is the series that begins it all

Pilaf Series: At the beginning of Dragonball, Goku was wandering around looking for food when all of a sudden a car pulls up and crashes in to him. During this encounter, Goku meets Bulma. Bulma tells Goku about the Dragon balls, and they begin their quest in search of them. On their adventure they meet a Pervert Pig named Oolong, a shape shifting cat called Puar, and a desert bandit named Yamtcha. Both Yamtcha and Puar were trying to steal the Dragon balls, but later on they became friends with Goku and Bulma, After this they meet Muten Roshi, an old martial arts master who invites Gokou to train with him after they are finished looking for the dragonballs. During their search , Goku and Bulma also meet Ox King and his daughter Chi-chi, whom they help put out a fire on their home. During this time Chi-chi proposes marriage to Goku and when they get older they would get married, but Goku didn't understand what she meant, but he said yes anyways. Goku then leaves along with Bulma, Yamtcha, Puar and Oolong in search of the Dragon Balls. Once all seven Dragon Balls are gathered, The Dragon, Shenlong, can be summoned, and he can grant you one wish. He grants many wishes throughout DragonBall. Meanwhile, on our heroes' search for the final DragonBall, they meet Pilaf. Pilaf stole the Dragonballs from our heroes and he trapped them in his castle. For this, Pilaf became Gokou's first real enemy. Meanwhile Pilaf was about to make his wish when Oolong arrives and asks for a pair of women's underwear. This was the first wish made in DragonBall. After that Gokou returns to Muten Roshi to train the martial arts, but right before they began, Krillin arrives, and is first pictured as a bafoon because of his enterance. Krillin, at first was not accepted as Roshi's pupil, but Kuririn Bribes him with a dirty magazine. Krillin will also recieve training from Muten Roshi just like Goku's Grandfather, Son Gohan and Chi-chi's father Ox King. Meaning that Roshi is extremly old but apparently not the oldest, he has an older sister named Urani Baba who later meets Goku in the series. Now Krillin and Goku will train with Roshi for a while until the Tenkaichi Budokai, a martial arts tournament. Roshi enters the tournament disguised as a man named Jackie Chun so his pupils wouldn't recognize him. In the tournament Yamtcha also signs up. After some fights Krillin and Yamtcha lose. And the Finalists turn out to be Goku and Jackie Chun. After a long fight Jackie Chun wins, After that Gokou says that he is going to go find the four star dragon ball, the one with his grandfather's soul in it. (This marks the end of the Pilaf Series.)
Red Ribbon Series: In this series a group called the Red Ribbon Army appear, and just like our heroes, they're goals are to find the Dragonballs and summon the dragon to wish for eternal life. In this series, Goku wants to find the 4-star dragonball, but he faces many obsticles, he also encounters many different fights with the red ribbon army and slowly he defeats them little by little, during those fights he enters a tower where he finds androids created by Dr.Gero, who he encounters at the top of the tower with the help of Android 8. Goku then destroys the tower thinking he killed Dr. Gero. After that the Red Ribbon Army sends Tao Pai Pai to murder Goku, he says he is an assasin and the best one in the world. Tao pai pai kills an indian named Bora, a guardian of Karin Tower. Goku climbs Karin Tower and recieves training from Karin, a white cat. He climbs down and he crushes Tao Pai Pai, and then summons the Dragon and wishes Bora back to life. This was the second wish made in DragonBall. Goku returns to Roshi and Roshi will then train Yamtcha and asks Goku to run and swim around the world to train. 3 years later everyone reunites ready for the Tenkaichi Budokai. In this tournament they meet Tienshinhan, Chouzu and Tsuru-sennin. Tsuru used to train with Roshi but he turned evil when they both fell in love with the same girl. Also because Tsuru-sennin's brother is Tao-Pai Pai and he wants to avenge his brother's death. Tenshinhan is a very skilled fighter and goes to the finals along with Goku. Chouzu was eliminated by Krillin. and Yamtcha was eliminated by Tienshinhan who broke his arm off. In the Finals, after a long and well fought match Tienshinhan barely wins but he eliminates Goku. After that, they all go out to dinner and they talk, and that's where Tien and Chouzu turn good. All of them dine except for Krillin who had went to get Gokou's stuff. While Goku is eating, he hears krillin scream and he rushes over to the tournament stadium and finds him dead (this marks the end of the Red ribbon Series)
Piccolo Series: Who had killed Krillin this was the question. The announcer of the tournament says that it was a green monster with wings which he called himself Tamborin, he had killed Krillin. Goku went on his kintoun to find him but someone had knocked him off, it was Tamborin, Goku then had a battle to fight but he can't for he cannot fly yet. so he falls to the ground almost dead. Tamborin presents himself with an ugly green person called Piccolo Daimaoh, that's when Pilaf arrives and hits all the tournament fighters against the wall. Roshi comes with Tenshinhan and Yamtcha and says that Piccolo was sealed by his master with a techinique called Mafu-Ba. It had sealed Piccolo in a jar. but it had been opened by someone, that person was Pilaf, he had opened the seal and let him go free. After that Roshi states that he will got train himself while Goku searches for the Dragonballs. While looking for the Dragonballs he encounters Yajirobe who helps Goku Kill Cymbal, another henchman of Piccolo. Then Goku finds 2 dragonballs together with Yajirobe and they find Tamborin but they destroy him with a Kame-Kame-ha. After that Piccolo arrives and easily defeats Goku and Goku almost dies. Piccolo takes his 2 dragonballs. Now Piccolo has 5 Dragonballs, The other two are obtained by Roshi. Piccolo then heads to where Tien, Roshi, Yamtcha and Chouzu are. Before Piccolo reaches the ground Roshi unleashes the Mafu-Ba but he fails to trap him in the jar and he dies for using up all his power. Then Tien Shin han starts to fight but gets easily defeated but not killed. After that Piccolo summons the dragon and before Piccolo makes his wish, Chouzu runs up and makes a wish but Shenlong didn't hear him and Piccolo kills him with one blow. Piccolo then wishes to be young again and before Shenlong disappears he destroys him. Later Piccolo goes to the city to crown himself as king. Bulma and Yamtcha arrive where Tenshinhan is and they pick him up. Then they start to train, while Goku is brought by Yajirobe to Karin Tower and they both climb up. Karin tells Goku to drink the water of the gods which wakes up the power inside of Goku . Meanwhile Piccolo is at the city and he crowns himself like the king and begins his reign of terror. Tenshinhan arrives and uses Mafu-Ba but Piccolo destroys the seal. Goku arrives and starts to fight, Goku, with his utter most strength kills him and splits him in half, but before dying, Piccolo spits out an egg where he puts all his power and says that his son will avenge his death. Before falling to te ground Yajirobe comes and saves Goku from hitting the ground. Then he takes him to Karin where Goku goes up to where Kami-Sama is who was the other (good) half of Piccolo. Kami-sama trains Goku and 3 years later Goku comes down to earth to compete in the Tenkaichi Budokai where he will find his friends with Piccolo Jr. In the Tournament Tao pai pai appears in form of an android, who leaves Chouzu unconsience and sends him to the hospital. then he fights Tienshinhan in the Quarter finals and Tao pai pai is defeated. In the Semi Finals Piccolo and Kami fight, Kami intends to do Mafu-Ba to Piccolo but Piccolo reverses the attack and traps Kami instead. After that in the Final, Goku and Piccolo encounter each other but Goku didn't want to kill Piccolo because if he did Kami would die. The battle rages on and in the battle Piccolo grows huge and Goku goes in his body and retrieves the seal case to free Kami. After the fight Yajirobe gives Goku some senzu beans, beans that can instantly heal people and Goku gives one to Piccolo. in The quarter finals Goku fights chi-chi in which he met back in the Pilaf series and he declares matrimony to her by force. after the tournament they get married and live a peaceful life (this marks the end of Dragonball)