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Duo bounded into the living room with a joyous smile on his face. His lover was sitting on an armchair, tapping away on his laptop. Duo plopped himself on a big, squishy beanbag.

"Hey, Heero! Do you know what day is tomorrow?" asked Duo with a happy twinkle in his violet eyes.

"Of course I do," said Heero without even taking of his eyes even for a second from his laptop's screen. "It's Tuesday."

"I know it's Tuesday but do you really know what day it is tomorrow?" asked Duo again.

"The day that you shall die if you keep on asking me more stupid questions like this."

Duo gave an exasperated sigh and threw his hands up in his air. "Geez Heero! Don't you ever look at the calender?" he said. "It's February the 14th tomorrow!"

"If you wanted to know what the date was then why didn't you ask me in about the date in the first place?" asked Heero irritably.

"It's Valentine's Day!" Duo nearly shouted. "You know what Valentine's Day is don't you?"

"Yeah. Of course I know what Valentine's Day is," said Heero, still tapping away on his laptop. "So?"

The braided pilot thought he was going to go nuts. Heero was sooo dense. He wished - he wished he could smash that stupid laptop right onto Heero's head.

"You are soooo romantic, Heero," muttered Duo sarcastically. "Aren't you happy that tomorrow is Valentine's Day?"

"It's just an ordinary day, Duo," Heero pointed out.

"Just an ordinary day!" shrieked Duo. "Are you crazy or something? It's not and ordinary day - it's a very special day for lovers all over the world!"

"Why? Because you can get flowers and candies from your admirers?"


"You can have them anytime you know. Besides, why get all hot and bothered? You don't have to worry that your social status is ending or that your storage of candies is lessening. You know that you'll be getting a lot of gifts from all the girls you know."

"But I want to get presents from you and only you," whined Duo. "I want to spend Valentine's Day with the very special person I love."

"I don't believe in Valentine's Day," said Heero monotonously. "It's just some gimmick for lovesick people to buy a lot of useless stuff. And only girls like this kind of stuff."

"Hey! Guys like Valentine's Day, too!" protested Duo.

"Like who?"

"Me," said Duo proudly.

"Besides you."

Duo thought for a sec. "Quatre," he said.

"Hn. That's not surprising considering that Quatre seems to be more of a girl than he is a boy," snorted Heero.

"Who are you calling a girl?" asked a voice.

Duo and Heero turned to look at the direction of the speaker. They saw Quatre and Trowa standing in the doorway of the living room and they were holding hands.

"Nobody," answered Heero.

"Come on Heero," said Quatre. "I heard everything you said."

"Sorry," muttered Heero.

"It's OK. Sometimes I feel as if I really am playing the role of the girl in our relationship," the blonde joked and smiled at his taller lover by his side.

Trowa smiled back in return and ruffled Quatre's fine blonde hair. "I don't really feel as if you're playing the feminine role in our relationship but what I do know is that you're more beautiful than the most beautiful girl in the whole universe."

"Oh Trowa," sighed Quatre happily and snuggled closer to Trowa as they settled on a peach coloured, leather sofa. "You say the sweetest things."

Duo thought that he could just gag at all the mushiness those two displayed so openly in front of them. He wished he had a piece of string so that he could strangle those two crazy lovebirds so that he'll never have to listen to their lovey-dovey talks ever again. But the truth was, Duo envied them. He envied the way they were so in love with each other. It was obvious that they were a perfect match and that nothing would ever come between them.

Duo sneaked a glance at his lover who was still tapping the keys on his laptop, completely ignoring everybody else in the room. 'Why can't Heero be more romantic like Quatre?' he thought sourly. 'Or like Trowa? Heck, a toad can be more romantic than that unfeeling Perfect Soldier.'

"Trowa and I have been making plans for Valentine's Day," announced Quatre. "What about you guys?"

"Oh... I do have plans but Heero here feels that Valentine's Day is nothing but a big waste of time," said Duo sourly.

"A big waste of time?" gasped Quatre. "Are you kidding Heero? Valentine's Day is a very special day for lovers all over. It's a day to show your loved one just how much you care!"

"No use telling him that," said Duo. "I told him the exact same thing but he still thinks that it's all just a stupid gimmick to get all those lovesick people to buy a lot of candies and flowers."

"You can give candies and flowers any other day," pointed out Heero. "Not just tomorrow."

"Of course," said Quatre. "But the point is, tomorrow is a special day because it's a day for lovers to celebrate their love for each other."

"I don't think he understands," muttered Duo dryly.

Heero gave Duo his special glare that can melt even a huge iceburg and the braided boy shut up immediately.

"So... you guys aren't doing anything together tomorrow?" queried Trowa, raising an eyebrow at Duo and Heero.

"I guess so," muttered Duo. "Unless of course, Heero finally found something better to do than to stare at his stupid laptop."

"Doing some important work isn't as stupid as squealing over red hearts and pink candies like some idiotic school girl," retorted Heero.

"Why don't you give Valentine's Day a chance?" suggested Quatre. "Who knows. You might even enjoy yourself tomorrow."

"Yeah, right," mumbled Heero under his breath. "Having a whole day of fun with a baka who doesn't know how to keep his big mouth shut."

"Hey! I heard that!"

"I don't understand what you guys see in this Valentine's Day," continued Heero. "I think it's just a crappy day for sappy people. And most of all, I think it's nothing but a big waste of time."

"You, you, you are so unromantic!" sputtered Duo angrily. His voice was shaking and his face was getting red. Heero took his eyes away from the laptop's screen for a while to look at his lover and was surprised to see how angry the braided pilot was. "I wish you'll be romantic just for once for my sake! Tomorrow's Valentine's Day for heaven's sake and all I wanted was to spend a wonderful day with you and you're spoiling everything for me!! I hate you!"

Duo ran away from the room and not long after that, they heard a door slamming.

"I think you hurt Duo's feelings, Heero," said Quatre softly. "He was crying. I saw."

"So? What am I supposed to do?" asked Heero angrily. "Run after him and comfort him? Duo should learn to be more of a man. I can't always listen to his every whims and needs."

"Of course but you should try to be more understanding towards his feelings, Heero," said Quatre gently. "All he's asking is for you to be more loving and caring."

"I love him and he knows that. Isn't that enough?" asked Heero.

"Just knowing that somebody loves you is never enough," spoke up Trowa as he held the blonde boy close to his chest. "You should tell him that you love him through your action and words."

"That's right," agreed Quatre. "You should be more of the person Duo wants you to be even if it was just for one day. It would mean so much to him."

"Hn. I don't know... That's not just my way.

"There's always a first time, ne?" asked Quatre, smiling sweetly at Heero.

"And it shall be your last time, if you like," added Trowa. "I'm sure Duo would be happy and remember this Valentine's Day forever when he sees how romantic you are tomorrow..." Trowa gave Heero a wink and a mischievous smile.

"Hahaha. And maybe I'll beat you in the 'Most Romantic Lover's competition," said Heero sarcastically. "No way am I gonna be some mushy sap tomorrow like you guys."

"Look. If somehow Duo thinks that you aren't worthy enough to be his lover, then he can find somebody to replace you any second," said Trowa seriously. "Duo is quite attractive and I'm sure there are plenty of other girls or boys who would be thrilled to be his lover. So tomorrow is your chance to prove that you're worthy to be his lover. It's Valentine's Day tomorrow. Anybody who's in love with Duo would be trying their hardest to win Duo's heart so you'd better watch out."

Trowa glanced at the pretty blonde whose head was resting on his chest and entwined his long fingers with the blonde's. Quatre looked up and smiled prettily at him.

"And I'd better make sure that nobody's gonna steal my angel away from me," added Trowa and he smiled back at his lover.

"You're never gonna lose me, Trowa," murmured Quatre as he blushed. Two pink circles appeared on his cheeks. "I'll be here forever by your side. And I would also have to make sure that I won't lose you to some other girl tomorrow."

The pair kissed and Heero looked on enviously. He wondered what it was like to be like that - to be so in love with each other all the time. It wasn't that he didn't love Duo all the time but he just didn't like to show his feelings to the rest of the world as openly as those two making out on the sofa. But even when he was all alone with Duo, he was never very open with his feelings and somehow that made him very guilty. Heero made a desicion. He would be the most perfect Valentine's date in the whole wide world. But how? He would need the help of the most perfect and romantic couple in the whole universe.

"Ahem," said Heero and the couple before him quickly broke up their make-out session.

"Aa, gomen," apologized Quatre, blushing. "I guess we forgot that there was somebody else in here besides me and Trowa."

Trowa was also blushing and Heero was surprised. It was the first time he ever saw Trowa blushing. In fact it made the usually stoic and solemn brunnette look quite adorable.

'No wonder Quatre keeps telling Duo that Trowa looks adorable,' thought Heero. 'I would call Trowa handsome but never adorable but looking at him blush - I can see why.'

"So... I have considered what you guys have said and I have decided that I will listen to your advice," said Heero. He saw Quatre and Trowa exchanging glances. "Only I hope that you guys aren't gonna make me do anything stupid or embarrasing or I swear that I'm gonna terrorize you and that you won't be able to sleep peacefully at night."

"Who ever said that we ever slept at night," muttered Trowa under his breath but it was loud enough for Heero to hear his words. "Trowa!" gasped the Arabian and he blushed redder than ever. Heero smirked and Trowa also started blushing. He had thought that nobody had heard what he had muttured.

"Oh... that's why you guys look pretty tired every morning," teased Heero with a smirk. "You haven't been sleeping at night, eh?"

"Hey, that's not the topic we're on!" said Trowa quickly, trying to change back to the original subject. "We were talking about helping you be the best Valentine's date Duo ever had."

"You know, why don't Trowa talk to Heero about this matter while I go check on Duo," suggested Quatre, getting up from the sofa. "He must still be pretty upset. I'll go and comfort him a bit."

"What? You're leaving me here all alone to have a little discussion with Heero?" asked Trowa in surprise. "I think it's better if you were the one who's having the discussion with him. I'm sure Heero and I will just sit still and not say a word!"

Quatre laughed. "I'm sure there will be plenty of things you guys can talk about," he said. "Don't worry. I'll be back in a couple of minutes."

Trowa gazed into Quatre's sapphire blue orbs with pleading eyes and Quatre laughed again. "Don't look at me like that, Trowa," said Quatre softly. "I'll be back as soon as possible."

The blonde boy leaned his head towards the tall brunnette's face and kissed him softly on the lips. Then with a cheery little wave at his lover and Heero, he went out of the room.

The room was silent for a few minutes after that.

"Well?" asked Heero. "What sort of romantic notions are we gonna talk about?"

"I don't know," said Trowa slowly.

"Huh? But I thought you knew a lot about this romance thing. You always seem to be doing a lot of romantic stuff with Quatre."

"Actually, all romantic things are Quatre's main speciality," explained Trowa. "I just do whatever he likes."

"Oh, so you're Quatre's love slave, ne?" teased Heero with a sly smile and Trowa blushed for maybe the third or fourth time that day. "I guess we'd better sit and wait for Quatre to come back then," said Heero and continued to type on his laptop while Trowa sat quietly, still blushing.

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