Warning contains: yaoi, and slight lemon.

I do not have any rights to the gundam boy’s or the permission to use them in this story (I am sorry !)

Pt 2 of the sappy love story ^_^;

"Trowa! Trowa!" duo yelled as he ran in the front door.

Trowa was sitting at the kitchen table when duo rushed up to him and placed a piece of paper in front of him,

It read,

"trowa, my knight, I love you…. And even in heaven, I shall be homesick for you."

Trowa stood up and demanded,

"where did you get this!"

"well heero and I were down visiting Quatre and I saw small writing on the tombstone, so I wrote it down and brought it to you…. Cause I could swear that wasn’t on the tombstone the day of the funeral." Duo explained.

Trowa dropped the paper, grabbed his coat and ran out the door.

"poor trowa, I don’t know what I would do if I were in his situation." Heero said as he pulled duo to his chest.

Duo blushed and said,

"me either."

"oh…… quatre." Trowa said as he read the small writing that quatre wrote for him.

Trowa sat there by the grave as memories of he and quatre floated though his head.


"trowa? Can I speek to you?"

"yes, quatre?"

"um….. trowa…… I…… I love you."

"oh…… a…… quatre…… I don’t really know what to say."

"oh….. I see, maybe I shouldn’t have said anything….."

"no, no, because you took me by surprise….. because you know….. I…… love you too, angel."


"You remember that day angel." Trowa said, looking at quatre’s grave.

"out of both of us, I thought it would be me to first say, I love you."

"do you remember our first night together, boy that was fun."


"you made me wait for a year! I really couldn’t believe I managed that long…. But I’m glad you made me wait, because it made it so much more special than I could have ever known"

"that night was so romantic, I remember I got you your favorite white roses and put them in you’re room. I can still remember the look on your face when you walked into your room and saw all those beautiful roses. And that kiss you gave me was amazing!"

"you know to this day, I can still smell those roses as we had sex, I miss that, the feel of you’re body pressing against mine. Your soft lips kissing my body. That sweet voice, moaning as I pleasured you, even in ways I didn’t know I could!"

Trowa ran his fingers though his hair as he remembered each movement of his and quatre’s first passionate night together.

"god why?! Why did you take my angel!" trowa yelled as he threw himself on quatre’s grave.

"trowa?…… trowa?….. are you there?"

a voice said as trowa lifted his head.

Trowa turned around and found his angel standing there, with his wings spread out, holding his arms open.

"quatre!" Trowa screamed as he ran for quatre.

Trowa grabbed quatre and rested his head on his chest.

"Trowa, I’ve missed you." Quatre said looking down at his knight.

"my angel….. my angel…. You’ve come back to me." Trowa said as his eyes filled with tears.

"no Trowa, I’m so sorry, but I can not come back." Quatre said as tears filled his eyes as well.

"but…… but….. why? Please my angel, don’t leave me alone!" Trowa pleaded.

"you are never alone…… I’m right here." Quatre said as he placed his hands on trowa’s head and heart.

Quatre leaned down and kissed trowa’s lips as he disappeared.

"quatre! Please……" trowa’s voice faded as he saw the light slowly fade away.

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