(Yaoi is a male/male relationship and lemon is sex.)

I do not have any right’s to the gundam boy’s or the permission to use them in this story (I am sorry!) It’s a sappy love storie ^_^;

Quatre and trowa had been an item for over two years now and loved each day.

Trowa held quatre close to his chest as they watched the sun set on a park bench over looking a beautiful lake.

" if only this moment could last forever, my angel." Trowa said kissing his angel on the forehead.

Quatre smiled and grasped his tall lover tighter and closed his eyes.

After a while trowa said,

" we should be getting back because you need to cook supper for the rest and me."

Quatre smiled and leaned up and passionately kissed trowa.

Trowa looked deep into quatre’s eyes and said,

" my angel, my pure sweet angel, I love you so much."

Quatre got upholding trowa’s hand, and smiling, he turned to walk, pulling trowas hand softly when he heard the horrible sound of a gun shot.

Trowa pulled quatre toward him, but it was to late……

Quatre had been shot right through the heart, trowas eyes widened as he saw bit’s of blood fly through the air, and quatre fell into trowas arms.

Quatre opened his mouth and said,

"…. Trowa…..my love….my knight…. I love you…."

" I love you too my sweet angel…."

Trowa said as his eyes swelled tear’s and he leaned and kissed his angel one last time.

Trowa lifted his head to see his angel’s lifeless body and face in his arm’s.

Trowa cried as he pulled the small blonde’s lifeless body against his chest and said, quietly,

" my pure, sweet angel, quatre we will stay here for a while….. until the sun set’s, all right?"

trowa waited for quatres sweet voice to say something…. Anything.

But there was no answer.

Trowa held quatres body close to him as he watched the sun slowly set.

Trowa thought to him self,

( if only this moment could last forever…. My angel….")


trowa came home very late that night after quatres body to the hospital.

Duo usual stayed up late and had been watching tv as trowa walked through the door.

"hey, trowa!, where’s quatre?"

duo asked as he watched toward trowa.

Trowa looked up at duo and a single tear fell from his left eye.

" trowa, what happened…. Where’s quatre?"

duo asked once again with a concered look.

Trowa opened his mouth and spoke softly,

"he…. He’s….. dead." Trowa said as the tears rolled from his eyes.

" my…. An…. My…. Angel’s, gone…."

Trowa added as he grabbed his heart.

"no!…. quatre?…. no…."

duo said his eyes widening and filling with tears.

Trowa slowly made his way to his room and closed the door, as duo ran to his and hero’s room.


Trowa laid on his and quatres bed as more tear’s formed in his eyes.

Trowa grabbed his chest as his heart cried out in pain.

Memories of quatre rushed through his head, which made more tears fall.

All of a sudden a large wind blew outside and his stereo turned on.

But what was playing on the stereo made trowa’s ache even more .

It was a cd that he and quatre had made together the third night they were together.

Trowa cried and listened to quatres violin play a soft, strong, song, that he dedicated to trowa.

The sound filled the house, it felt like quatre was there playing.

Trowa got up and stood in front of the stereo, and started to play his flute along with quatres song.


The day of the funeral had come and trowa had quatre’s favorite flower, a white rose, and his favorite, a red rose in his hand as they lowered quatre’s beautiful white casket into the ground.

Trowa placed the roses on the casket as his tears fell on them.

Trowa had been asked to say a few words, but when he was about to speak, nothing came from his mouth.

The groung had been covered and everyone started to leave.

"hey, trowa? Are you coming home?"

duo asked as he placed his hand on trowa’s shoulder.

"no not yet."

Trowa answered in a soft voice.

So duo and hero left trowa sitting there.

Trowa stared at quatre’s tombstone which read:

"to our beloved quatre raberba winner, a beloved brother, son, and boyfriend. We will miss you."

Trowa then grabbed his flute and played a sweet loving song that he wrote for quatre,

"this moment will last forever…. My angel."

Trowa played with passion as the wind blew through his hair, and blew the tears from his cheek’s.

Trowa finished his song and paused, looking at the grave once again and said,

"I love you so much my sweet angel…. When will we ever be together again?…. I miss having you in my arms and protecting you from any harm…. Please tell me my angel…. I miss your voice…. Your sweet eyes looking deep into mine…."

Trowa grabbed his chest and cried.


Late that night, small writing formed on the tombstone,

"trowa, my knight, I love you…. And even in heaven, I shall be home sick for you…"

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