"So, who are you going to believe?" asked Trowa. "Us, or that person beside you."

"You have to believe us," pleaded Quatre. "It's obvious that Duo who's beside you is really Relena and Relena here is actually Duo. You can see that from the way she acts and speaks!"

"Hey! I'm a 'he' and not a 'she'!" cried Duo indignantly.

"Gomen, but I can't help refering to you as a 'she'. You're in a girl's body after all!" said Quatre.

"Not in any girl's body. But in Relena's," said Duo making a disgusted face and pretended to barf.

Relena thought she was going to explode then and there. How dare Duo think of her body as disgusting? What was so bad about it, anyway. She was the Queen of the world!! Any sane person would want to trade places with her! Then she thought again. Duo was definately not a sane person, that was why he didn't appreciate trading bodies with her, the magnificent and royally regal Relena.

"Well, Heero? Have you made your decision?" prompted Quatre. "Have you figured out all ready which one is the real Duo?"

"I... I don't know what to say," said Heero in a lost voice. He felt like fainting from confusion. "Give me some time to think."

Relena smiled inwardly. Time? Well, Heero could have all the time in the world to figure out the truth. And in the meantime, she will have fun spending her time with her beloved Heero in that maniac Duo's body.

"Give you some time?" shrieked Duo. "How long would it take for you to believe that I'm the real Duo? A day? A week? A whole month?! I don't want to stay in this body. I want my own body back!!!"

"Demo Duo, we can't force Heero into making a decision," pointed out Trowa. "If he makes a desicion too soon without putting in much thought, he might just make the right choice."

"Yeah," muttered Duo sourly. "He'll probably choose that stupid girl over there just because she's in my body."

"Come on Duo. We'd better go back to my house," said Quatre. "We have to find out what made this switch happen." Wufei and Trowa walked out of the room wordlessly but Duo refused to budge. Quatre had to shove him out of the room. Then he closed and locked the door, to prevent Duo from coming back in.

Quatre took a deep breath and gazed at Heero and 'Duo'. "Heero, I hope that you'll make the right decision or you'll regret it forever," he said softly, a sad smile on his face. "I know that you know that Duo really loves you and that you love him, too. I'm really happy for you guys. I just hope that you will be able to stay by his side forever."

Then Quatre unlocked the door and he, too went out of the room, leaving Heero and 'Duo' in complete silence. Heero's mind pored over Quatre's words. Quatre had said that he hoped that he and Duo will be together forever. Yes, that was what he always wanted. To be by Duo's side forever and ever. But how could he be with Duo if he didn't know who was really Duo?

Quatre walked towards the hospital's parking lot, knowing that the others were waiting for him there. He was right. The others were all ready waiting for him inside his car, a sleek white convertible. Wufei was sitting in the driver's seat and Duo was also sitting in front so he sat at the back beside Trowa. Quatre let out a deep sigh as he slumped in his seat. As soon as Quatre had shut the car's door, Wufei revved up the engine and drove the car towards Quatre's home.

Quatre gave another sigh as he looked at the scenery as the car whizzed past on the road. The car's top was down and the breeze was making his hair flutter like light, golden feathers in the wind.

Trowa noticed that his lover was feeling a bit disturbed and inched closer towards the blonde and pulled him close, burying his face in Quatre's golden locks.

"Trowa...?" asked Quatre, looking up into his lover's face.

Trowa smiled at him and kissed him gently on the forehead. "A penny for your thoughts," he said. "Something's been bothering you, I can tell. What's the matter?"

Quatre craned his neck to see Duo who was sitting in the front passenger's seat. He was fast asleep. He smiled to himself, "Duo's sleeping," he murmured. "He must still be pretty tired."

"Don't tell me that's what's bothering you!" teased Trowa. "I know you better than that!"

"I know you do, koi," said Quatre and rested his head on Trowa's lap. "You're the only person who knows me more than I do, myself!"

"Oooh, it's another episode of 'Trowa and Quatre's Love Life'!" muttered Wufei sarcastically. "Gee, I just love listening to you guys get all mushy, mushy."

"Oh, don't mind us Wufei," said Quatre, grinning a bit. "Just pretend that we aren't here!"

Wufei was mumbling to himself about how hard it was not to mind them when they were in the same car but Trowa and Quatre didn't hear him.

"You still haven't told me what has been bothering you," said Trowa, stroking Quatre's hair.

"It's about Duo. And Heero. And this whole incident!" said Quatre, lifting himself up from Trowa's lap. He sat back in his seat, looking into Trowa's mesmerizing green eyes. . "I'm more worried about Heero, actually. He's caught in the middle of this whole craziness and he doesn't seem to know what to do! And I'm worried of his relationship with Duo," added Quatre, biting his lip. "What if Relena and Duo were stuck in each other's bodies forever? What would Heero do? He would have to decide which one is the real Duo - and what if he makes the wrong choice? What if he thought that Relena is really Duo? Duo would be so devastated. I know he hates being stuck in Relena's body but I'm sure no matter what, he would want to be with Heero. Oh, Trowa. Everything is such a big mess and I don't know what to think!"

"Don't think anymore then. Don't muddle up your head," adviced Trowa. "I'm sure if Heero were to make a desicion, he would make the right choice. Duo's his lover. It would be impossible if he couldn't tell who was who. And I'm sure we'll all figure out how to get Duo and Relena back to their original bodies."

Trowa pulled the blonde close to him and hugged him tightly. Quatre immediately melted in his arms, and gave a contented sigh. Trowa smiled to himself. He didn't want his angel to be all hot and bothered about something. And he knew just the thing to make Quatre forget about all the problems, even if it was for a while. He lifted the blonde's face up to meet his and kissed him slowly and tenderly. Quatre responded to the kiss with a little gasp; he wasn't expecting Trowa to kiss him at that exact moment. Quatre's gasp was all that was needed to allow Trowa to slip in his tongue into the warm and wet recesses of Quatre's mouth. Quatre met Trowa's own tongue with his own and they kissed until they were gasping for air.

"Ladies and gentlemen, here you have it: yet another mushy scene from the episodes of 'Trowa and Quatre's Love Life," muttered Wufei to himself as he steered the car on the road. He glanced into the rear view mirror and shook his head. Trowa and Quatre were still busy kissing each other at the back.

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