The sky was dark and it looked like there was gonna be a storm. Lightning flashed for like, practically every two seconds. (Hey, I know the intro sucks but I didn't really know how to write a dramatic one!!!)

Heero and Duo were having an evening stroll in a park not far away from one of Quatre's many big mansions. As it looked like, a storm was brewing, the whole place was deserted. So the boys were pretty much alone - or so they thought. They didn't know that 'someone' was following them. Or more likely, they didn't know that the 'someone' was following Heero.

Duo glanced all around him. Yep, there weren't anybody else there. He grinned mischievously and grabbed Heero and planted a kiss on the other boys lips. Suddenly, some bushes nearby and out jumped something - or someone.

One thing was for sure. It wasn't a dog that jumped out from the bushes.

"What do you think you're doing to my Heero?" demanded Relena, pulling Duo away from Heero.

"Your Heero?" Duo asked with a smirk. "Relena, Heero does not belong to you. He's with me, ne Heero?"

"That's NOT true, isn't it Heero?" Relena asked Heero in a whiny voice. "You're mine, right? We belong together!"

Heero gave Relena a cold look.

"I'm not yours. I was never yours and shall never be," said Heero coldly. "I'm with Duo."

"Nooo! I don't believe you!" wailed Relena.

"You'll never get Heero," sneered Duo.

Relena let out an angry snarl and tackled Duo to the ground. Soon, the two people were wrestling each other while Heero watched nearby with an amused look on his face.

Suddenly, a bolt of lightning flashed throught the sky and struck the ground near Relena and Duo.

The next thing Duo remembered was blacking out into total darkness.

Relena was dancing with Heero in a gigantic ballroom. Heero was looking very handsome in a black tuxedo and she, Relena, was the most prettiest girl in the room. She was wearing a beautiful white silk dress that swished about gracefully around her whenever she was twirled on the dance floor, on her arms were elbow-length white silk gloves and pearls adorned her neck and hair. Suddenly, Duo appeared out of nowhere and proceeded to cut in on her but Heero ignored him and continued to dance with her. Duo walked away, a look of sadness and rejection in his eyes while she, Relena spent the whole evening dancing with Heero and loving every minute of it as Duo watched them sadly. The ball had ended. Suddenly, she and Heero were in front of her house. Before she went inside, Heero leaned down to give her a goodnight kiss when suddenly -

She heard voices in the background. "Duo? Wake up Duo." Huh? Why was there someone telling Duo to wake up? Suddenly she realized she was awake and the ball was just a dream. "Damn," she thought. "Why did I have to wake up when Heero was just about to kiss me!"

"Unh, where am I?" groaned Relena. She thought that she was gonna die. Her whole body felt like it had been run over by a bulldozer at least twenty times. (It would be great if this really happened. I'm not a big fan of Relena and I'm sure those of you who are in the Anti-Relena club will be happy if this happens...)

Relena blinked her eyes. She saw that she was lying on a white bed in a white room. The nasty smell of antibiotics filled the place. She was in the hospital, she realized. Then she noticed Heero was sitting beside her bed. Quatre, Trowa and Wufei were standing right behind him.

"Heero! I am so glad to see you!" cried Relena happily. She flung her arms around Heero's neck. Relena thought that her voice sounded somehow...different but forgot about it when Heero hugged her back.

"Heero hugged me back!" she thought happily. No, wait a minute. Maybe this was a dream, too. She thought about pinching herself but decided not to. She would end up looking stupid when she pinched herself in front of everyone and found out that it wasn't a dream after all.

"Yokatta Duo," said Quatre in a relieved voice. "Thank goodness you're all right. We were so worried about you!"

Relena frowned. What did Quatre mean by, "Yokatta Duo"? She glanced around the room. Duo wasn't in the room. Maybe Quatre was so worried about her that he didn't even realize what he was talking about. Or maybe he needed to get his eyes checked. Yep, if there was something wrong with his eyes, then he definately needed to get a decent pair of glasses.

Suddenly Relena remembered that her hair was unbrushed and immediately felt herself getting red. Her hair always looked like a bird's nest in the morning. She put her hands to her hair self consciously, trying to comb away the tangles with her fingers but realized that she couldn't. Why was that? Because her hair was in a thick braid.

"Why would someone want to braid my hair?" she thought with a frown. "I do not want to wear my hair in the same style like that idiot, Duo."

She reached for her braided hair. Funny, in the braid her hair seemed to be longer than usual. Then she realized something. Her hair was not in it's usual colour. It's colour wasn't it's usual wheat blonde. Instead it was chestnut brown

This was not her hair. This was Duo's hair.

Relena felt herself sweat.

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