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Tomorrow was Quatre and Trowa’s anniversary. It was there 2 week anniversary. It’s not like they forgot…they just didn’t remember…

“Yo, isn’t it Q-man and Trowa’s anniversary tomorrow?” Duo asked.

“It is but do you think they forgot?” Wufei asked.

“Heero did Trowa mention anything to you?” Dou said.

“Hn.” Was they got as an answer.

“Um right, come to think of it where do you think they are?” Duo asked.

“You ask to many questions Maxwell…shut up.” Wufei replied.

“Why do I even bother…”Duo muttered.

Luckily, just around the corner Quatre was listening VERY carefully. //Can’t believe I almost forgot. Trowa is gonna have SO much fun when I’m done with him.// Then the blonde giggled and then scampered off to the grocery store.

//He he he, I hope Trowa likes ‘sweet’ ideas.// The young blonde giggled to himself and skipped through the isles picking up what he needed-including some maraschino cherries, a bottle of champagne and some whipped cream. The Arabian paid and sped home.

//I hope my angel isn’t mad at me for going on this mission on our anniversary.// Trowa though as he flew home in his Gundam.

Meanwhile, Quatre was busy getting ready for their anniversary ‘fun’. Quatre set up some red Scented candles all around the huge bedroom which they shared. Then he sprinkled some rose petals onto the floor. He put down the creamy white drapes and straightened the covers. Then all of a sudden.

“Whatcha doin Q-man?” Duo snickered.

“Oh…please don’t tell Trowa when he gets back!!! I want it to be a surprise!!!” Quatre whined.

“Don’t worry…your secret Is safe with Shinigami!” Duo exclaimed.

Duo skipped out like an insane looking smile on his face. Quatre sweatdropped and got the final preparations ready.

Finally Trowa was home. He parked Heavyarms into the hanger and went into the mansion.

“Hey Tro…Quatre’s waiting for ya upstairs!” Duo cheerfully said.

“He’s not angry with me is he?” Trowa asked worriedly.

“I doubt it.” Heero calmly said.

Trowa swiftly ran up the stairs to see his precious angel.

When Trowa got there, the sight to been seen was almost too good to be true. His angel was sitting on the bed they shared in the dimly lit room. There were candles and flower petals everywhere. Quatre was wearing a blue lace teddy and was smiling innocently at him.

He picked a bright red cherry from a bowl on the nightstand next to him and dipped it in some whipped cream. He slowly ran the cherry over his visible erection and over his chest until he stopped at his lips. Slowly he ran his tongue over the cherry. Trowa stood there gaping. Then he took the whole thing in his mouth and plucked the cherry off the stem.

Trowa whimpered as he watched his angel seduce him. Quatre tossed the stub to the floor and walked toward him. He pulled Trowa into a rough kiss that could bruise. The kiss grew more passionate as it lingered on. Trowa tasted the whipped cream in his lovers mouth. He abruptly pulled away and Trowa whimpered as Quatre walked away.

As Quatre walked away he motioned for Trowa to follow. Trowa quickly ran after his koi. Quatre slowly pushed him back on the bed and began to take off his clothes... his shoes, socks and shirt. Finally he got to those tight jeans. He say the HUGE bulge in Trowa’s jeans and decided that Trowa would just have to wait. He brushed across his lovers sex as he made his way to Trowa’s lips. Trowa moaned at the light contact.

Quatre picked another cherry from the bowl and brought it to Trowa’s lips Trowa nipped at the cherry and Quatre’s fingers. As Quatre noticed that the bulge was at it’s full size he decided to take pity on his poor koiboto. He got off the bed and took off his ‘clothes’ slowly and seductively. Then he made his way back to the bed and smiled.

He then undid the zipper with his teeth and kissed his koi softly. Then he ripped off his boxers freeing the large penis in front of him.

“Beautiful…”Quatre murmured.

He kissed a tiny trail of wet kisses down his lovers aching shaft. Then he took the whole thing in his mouth and he heard his lover moan. Quatre worked his skillful tongue along his lover’s erection and Trowa thrust upwards wanting more. Then he brought his hands up to massage the heavy sacs. Slowly Quatre pulled away.

“Quatre…please…I need it…” Trowa pleaded

Quatre shook his head and giggled. Trowa pulled him back to suck on a pert nipple. Quatre moaned softly. He entangled his fingers into Trowa’s soft hair. Quatre soon reached over and dipped his fingers into the bowl of whipped cream while Trowa was exploring every inch of his lovers body- with his tongue. Slowly Quatre eased a finger into Trowa’s tight entrance. Trowa began to pant heavily as he sensed the intrusion.

Quatre began to stroke his arousal with his free hand to keep Trowa’s mind off of the exploring fingers. When Trowa began to relax he added two more fingers stretching him out for what was coming next. Quatre scooped up the remaining whipped cream and spread it along his cock, he began to moan. He brought his hand up to Trowa’s lips and let him suck the tasty treat off his lovers fingers. Quatre drew one of his fingers over his chest and Trowa lapped up the white cream (no not sperm…we haven’t gotten there yet.).

Quatre licked his lips and slowly sheathed his erection into Trowa’s tight heat. He heard Trowa grunt and shift as the new sensations filled him. When he tried to push Quatre deeper into him Quatre sensed that he was ready and began to thrust into him. Pulling in and out of Trowa’s tight heat, having his walls massage his cock from all angles at once. Soon he hit something deep inside Trowa and felt him buck upwards and cry out for more.

Quatre, wanting to please his lover positioned himself so he would hit that spot every time. Trowa was seeing stars as his angel fucked him. His body felt like it was going to explode at any moment and he felt so hot and sweaty.

Soon he couldn’t hold it back anymore and came squirting his cunt all over Quatre’s chest. As soon as Trowa climaxed his walls clamped down on Quatre’s cock and Quatre came coating Trowa’s inner walls with his seed.

They collapsed in a tired heap as they snuggled close.

“Ai Shiteru Trowa, I hope you had fun today.” A very sleepy Quatre said.

“Thank you little one, I did.” Trowa replied.

“Oyasumi…” Quatre said as he drifted off to sleep.


Duo: Nice Q-man…I didn’t know you had it in ya!

Quatre: Neither did I…

Duo: * sweatdrops * Um, right…

Trowa: I like it when Quatre fucks me.

Everyone else: 0_o

Quatre: Trowa!!!

Wufei: This is injustice because of Vaporeon and her stupid fics I NEVER GET ANY SLEEP BECAUSE IT’S TOO LOUD IN THIS DAMN HOUSE!!!

Heero: Write one that involves me, haven’t got any in a long time.


Omi: EVERYONE SHUT UP…I gotta go…

Wufei: Get her!

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