"What?! Are you outta your mind or something?" shouted Duo.

"Yeah, Wufei. I agree with Duo," said the blonde. "You can't possible expect us to do that, do you?"

"But that's the only way!"

"But what if it backfires?" asked Quatre. "Not only Heero would be mad at Duo, Trowa will think that I'm in love with Duo and then we'll be back to square one!"

"That's right. And that's how I want it to be," thought Wufei gleefully.

"I assure you that it will work out fine."

"Well, I just hope that Heero wouldn't be around to witness this or else you're dead meat," mumbled Duo.

Wufei had this urge to laugh like a maniac but he retrained himself from doing so. Nevertheless, he thought that his plan was a good one. He had suggested that Quatre had to pretended to be in love with Duo so that Trowa would get jealous and realize that he actually has feelings for the blonde. And of course, that meant that there had to be a kissing scene between Duo and Quatre with Trowa as the audience.

"But I still don't think that I want to kiss Duo," said Quatre with a frown. "I mean, it would be like kissing my own brother! And Duo's pretty much like a brother to me."

"But the point is, he isn't," pointed out Wufei. "And besides, this is probably the only chance you've got. Just take it or leave it. Either way, you may not get Trowa but you gotta try you know..."

"Just think about it Q. I all ready have Heero so now I must help you get Trowa," said Duo. "Wu-man's right. You gotta take the chance!"

"What about Heero then?" asked Quatre doubtfully.

"I'll take care of him," offered Wufei with a smile.

"OK. That's taken care of then," said Duo with a grin. "Now we have to write the script and then the action will begin."

"You are so darned right, Maxwell," thought Wufei with a secretive smirk. "And what a lot of action there will be!"

So the script was set and the action was about to begin all accordingly to Wufei's wicked plan which was of course, unknown to Duo and Quatre. And all the while Wufei was coaching and encouraging them like he was some helpful person or something. Yep, he was definately a 'something'.

"So, I'll go and fetch Trowa and when he comes here you guys better be acting out some serious passionate scenes," said Wufei, in a way that of a movie director which was just about right considering the way he'd been directing all the chaos since the begining.

"Sure, no prob," said Duo with a small salute.

"I think it would be better if you guys french-kissed.." suggested Wufei.

"French-kiss? With Duo?" asked the blonde as he scrunched up his face in maybe, disgust? "Are you crazy or what? First you ask me to act out this ridiculous make-out scene with someone I am not in love with and then now you're asking us to French-kiss!?"

"Come on, you guys will only be acting. Just think of yourselves as actors acting in a movie," cajoled Wufei.

Quatre still looked doubtful.

"Look, you agreed that you'll go along with the plan, right?" asked Wufei, begining to lose his patience. "And I am telling you again, if you don't try once, you'll never know the results. And you might never get Trowa to fall in love with you."

That seemed to wipe away all the doubts that he ever had in him because he nodded his head slowly. "OK, I'll do it."

"Wonderful. Now I'll go call Trowa here and you two better do as I said," ordered the Chinese boy before he went out of the room in search of the unibanged pilot.

It wasn't all that hard to find the tall, silent boy. The first place Wufei went to was the den and Trowa was sitting there on one of the plush leather armchairs as he read the daily newspaper.

"Trowa," he said.

Immediately Trowa moved the newpaper away from his face and glanced up to see Wufei standing before him. He raised an eyebrow as if to question what Wufei wanted with him.

"You should go to the music room right away," said Wufei after a moment.

"Whatever for? Is something wrong?" asked Trowa in a dull monotone but Wufei caught a flicker of worry and curiosity in those emerald orbs. Wufei thought that the other boy must have been thinking that something had happened to Quatre because Quatre was the last one in the music room after Trowa.

"Quatre wants to meet you there," Wufei replied without volunteering any more information. Trowa got up from the armchair briskly and walked in the direction towards the music room without a second glance in the other boy's direction.

'Aha, the wheels are rolling and all I need now is Heero to complete my plan,' thought Wufei wickedly as he rubbed his palms together in anticipation for the terrible scenario to take place. The scenario - that would be the end of the happiness of Duo Maxwell and Quatre Rebarba Winner.

'I wonder if something has happened to Quatre?' the tall boy asked himself silently. 'He was still in the room when I left him.. maybe he's hurt himself though I can't imagine him hurting himself with any of those instruments. And I'm sure he wants to see me just so that he could ask me to help clean up the place or put the stuff someplace or something - he would have asked Wufei. Or maybe Wufei is just playing a stupid joke on me.'

Somehow, the thought of Wufei playing tricks on people didn't seem possible so Trowa dismissed that thought. But he still continued to ponder over the possibilities of what might have happened to the blonde angel and why did he want to see him.

No sooner than he had entered the room, Trowa felt as if his whole world was crashing all around him. He didn't even realize that he had gasped aloud as he saw the sight that he never would have wanted to see play right before his very eyes. The sight.. it hurt his heart so.

Duo and Quatre were kissing each other. No, they were French-kissing each other like there was no tomorrow, like they never kissed before in their entire lives, like..

'Like they are lovers,' thought Trowa bitterly, his heart thudding to the very bottom of his soles. He was finally convinced that those two were in love with each other. Well, he had guessed about that before but he was ever hoping that maybe what he thought was wrong. But his guess was proven right just that second.

'I-I can't stand looking at this any longer,' thought Trowa as he choked back the emotions that were flooding his senses. It was ironic. The boy who seemed to have no feelings felt as if he was just going to let his tears flow freely then and there. But before he could, he dashed away from the place blindly.

Heero felt somebody collide into him on his way towards the music room. He fell to the ground with a thud and there was another thud as whoever it was who had run into him fell to the ground also.

"Trowa?" he asked. Funny. He felt it was uncharacteristic of the unibanged boy to just run around, colliding into people. That wasn't how Trowa usually was. Usually he would be calm and never lost his cool. But here he was on the ground, looking as if he was going to explode any second.

"Aa, gomen," muttered Trowa as both he and Heero got back to their feet at the same time. Heero noticed that Trowa had his emotionless mask on and he spoke like he always did - devoid of all emotion. But Heero noticed that the other boy's breathing was still a bit ragged.

"What happened?" he asked casually.

"Ah, it's nothing important," mumbled Trowa, not meeting the Japanese boy's eyes by looking down at his shoes to hide his blood-shot eyes. "I have barged into the music room to disturb a moment of intimacy so I was just leaving them alone to let them have a peaceful intimate moment."

"Them?" said Heero dumbly. He wondered for a second who 'them' was. One thing was for sure, 'them' was having a make-out session in the music room. He knew it was definately not him or Trowa. And Wufei - he just saw him downstairs a few minutes ago so that meant 'them' must be...

"Duo and Quatre," he whispered with a growing rage. He felt betrayed. And used. He hoped it wasn't true but he knew that Trowa would never lie to him. And from the way Heero saw Trowa, he could guess that Trowa was feeling every bit as heart-broken as he was. It didn't take a genuis to see that Trowa Barton was in love with the golden-haired Quatre.

The Spandex-clad boy felt his heart grow cold and it hurt, like it was pricked with a zillion icicles. He could feel the dull thud, thud, thud his heart made beating faster then ever.

Duo had betrayed him. But he had to see if what Trowa said was true. Not that he doubted Trowa's words but he really wanted to be sure. He didn't want to believe that Duo would do a thing like that to him.

Heero felt as if his heart would burst just as he entered the music room. The evidence was there. Duo and Quatre were in the room. Together. They weren't kissing or cuddling when he saw them but the sight of them together was enough to prove Trowa's words and what he felt.

The Japanese could see it in the American's violet-like eyes and in those of the blonde Arab's. Guilt. He could see Duo was staring at him with pleading violet eyes. So it was true.

Duo had betrayed him.

He wished he could yell at that braided baka for doing this to him. He wished he could just shoot the idiot in the head. He wished he could just scream, "Omae o korosu" and just blast Duo up into smithereens with Wing Zero's beam canon. He wished, he wished.. he wished it didn't have to be this way.

Heero left the room quietly, feeling like a total fool - like a toy that has been used and thrown away.

Duo felt his heart jumping into his throat when he saw Heero enter the room. He had a gut feeling that Heero knew what he and Quatre did. All in all, he shouldn't even feel guilty because he wasn't two-timing the Japanese boy - this was all merely an act for Trowa, but the thing was, Heero didn't know that.

And even though Heero's expressions didn't show it, the American could see through those eyes the pain and the betrayal the other boy felt inside. He wanted to hug Heero and tell him the whole truth but somehow he felt rooted to the spot even after Heero had went away. Now Heero probably hated him and whatever chances he had with spandex boy had probably flown out of the window.

"Duo, aren't you going after him?" asked Quatre suddenly, breaking the unbearable silence and waking Duo up from his thoughts.

Duo chuckled harshly. "It's no use," he said lifelessly. "He obviously found out what we did and he wouldn't believe a word I'll say to him. I've lost him for sure, Quatre."

Quatre felt guilty and sorry for his best friend. It was all his fault that this had happened. If only he thought a hundred times before agreeing to Wufei's plan, if only he hadn't fallen for the tall pilot.. Duo wouldn't be feeling sad. And he felt really bad for making Duo lose his cheerfulness.

"You still have a chance, Duo. Go after him," he urged. "Just tell him the truth. If he doesn't believe you, I'll tell him also."

"Nah, it's no use."

"Please Duo?" begged the blonde. "Being a Christian, you should know that miracles do happen. Just go to Heero - he will listen to you and understand. Tell him that everything was my fault."

"What are you saying?" gasped Duo. "Why do you always say that every single thing that screwed up was your fault? You should give yourself more credit. It wsa also partly my fault for not telling about this to Heero in the first place. If I had, he wouldn't think that I had betrayed him.."

"Heero will forgive you," said the blonde firmly and pushed Duo out of the music room. "Now go to him and tell him the truth. If he really loves you, he should believe in you."

Duo obediently went out in search for Heero as he planned in his head what to say when he had found the Wing pilot. Quatre watched his friend go and slumped against the wall. At least Duo still had a chance with Heero. Heero was also in love with Dud. But him.. he never had a chance with Trowa in the first place and he guessed he'll probably never will.

"How did our lives have gotten to be so complicated?" whispered Quatre to himself and didn't even realize as a drop of tear fell down his cheek.

Ahem. I guess those of you have been following this story must be wondering how this fic got so OOC all of a sudden, ne? I don't either. Gomen for taking such a long time with this part - blame it on the fact that I don't have a muse.. Can anyone tell me where I can buy or rent a muse?? So what we have here is a result of my demented mind. The human mind has plenty of mysteries.. (Blue Violet says this gravely while pretending to be Albert Einstein..) And Wufei.. he is sooo wicked, ne? I could just kill him, too, even though it was me who made him this way.. ^_^; Anyhow, please send me feedback! I'd like to know what minna-san thought of this fic.

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