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"How can I be in love with that braided baka?" asked Heero to himself. "He is nothing but a nuisance. He talks too much, he eats too much, and he never gives me the peace and quiet that I need! But I do admit that he is attractive and that he has a special kind of charisma that draws people to his cheerful ways."

"Ne, Heero. What are you thinking of in that head of yours?" asked Duo, waving a hand in front of Heero's face. "I must have like, called your name about four times all ready but you seemed to be in a different world."

"Ah, um, I think I'd better go to my room now," stammered Heero, getting up. "I have some work to do." Then he rushed out of the room looking kind of like he saw a ghost or something.

"Geez. I wonder what's the matter with him," wondered Duo aloud. "He seemed to be flustered about something."

Wufei who was still seated at the dining table had been watching the whole exchange with deep interest. He had seen the look on Heero's face when Duo was hugging Quatre. It was a look of jealousy... and of pain from knowing you cannot get what you want. "Hmm. I think Heero has developed a crush on Maxwell," thought Wufei. "I bet he thinks that Duo and Quatre are lovers - the same way Trowa thinks that those two are lovers. Muahahaha! Now Quatre and Duo will never get the ones they truly love!!"

"Maybe he forgot to do something and suddenly remembered about it," suggested Quatre. "It must be something really important."

Wufei cleared his throat and Quatre and Duo looked in his direction. "Oh, Wu-man! I didn't know that you were still here," exclaimed Duo. "You saw Heero just now didn't you? Do you know what the hell's the matter with him?"

"Maxwell. How many times do I have to tell you to not to call me by that name! I hate it when you call me that," complained Wufei.

"Huh? You mean when I call you Wu-man?" asked Duo.

"Yes! And stop calling me Wu-man!!"

"Why not?" Duo wanted to know. "I think it's a cool name."

"I give up," said Wufei, throwing up his arms. "Well anyway, I think I know what's bothering Yuy." Then he leaned across the table and whispered, as if he were telling a huge secret. "I think he's been having the same problems as Trowa."

"What?!" cried Quatre. His eyes were as big as saucers. "Heero's been having girl trouble's, too?"

"You mean... he's in love with another girl or something?" asked Duo, his facing growing deathly pale. "Could the girl be Relena?"

"They fall for it, hook, line and sinker," gloated Wufei to himself. "Man, I am sooo wicked! And this would definately add more drama and suspense to the whole situation."

"Maybe the girl isn't Relena," offered Quatre, trying to comfort Duo. He knew just how much Duo hated Relena and what with Duo having a crush on Heero, Relena was more of an enemy to him than an ally. And Quatre knew that it would break Duo's heart if Heero ever fell in love with Relena.

Wufei was thinking alone the same lines. He, too knew that Duo would rather die than knowing that Heero was in love with that Peacecraft girl. Of course, Heero wasn't in love with Relena. But he, Wufei could make up a story and that was what he was going to do.

"You know, I think that the girl just might be Relena," he lied. "After all, she is the only girl that Heero knows. And besides, he has saved Relena quite a few number of times - so he must like Relena or else that girl would have been dead by now." Wufei pushed back his seat and stood up. "I think I'd better go know. I have some things to do, too." Then he walked away, leaving Quatre and a very pale Duo in the dining room.

"This can't be happening right? I mean, this has gotta be a bad dream!" said Duo, burying his face in his hands. "This sucks. How could Heero like Relena? She's nothing but a pesky brat!"

"Come on Duo. We don't really know for sure whether Heero's having some girl problems or not," Quatre said gently, patting Duo on the back. " And if he do have some girl troubles, we don't know for sure whether the girl he likes is Relena or not."

"Yeah, I guess you're right," agreed Duo after a while. "I guess it's no use mooning about Heero and his love life when we don't even know that he has a love life."

"You know, don't you think it's a bit strange that when suddenly we realize that we're in love with them, we find out that they're having girl troubles," pointed out Quatre. "Or at least, that's what Wufei told us."

"Yeah, I know. It's like we're in the Twilight Zone or something," said Duo and suddenly he had the urge to hum the theme song from the 'Twilight Zone'. "We're two boys who are like, madly in love with two other boys. But they're supposedly having some sort of girl troubles which seems to be eating them alive. Yeah, this whole thing seems a bit weird."

"Well, I for one am not going to lose sleep over some matter like this," said Quatre. "Whatver it is that's going on, I will somehow find a way to make Trowa fall in love with me."

"And I'm gonna make Heero fall in love with me," said Duo. "So I'll help you get Trowa and you'll help me get Heero, OK?" They both shook hands to that.

Trowa sighed and rolled this way and that on his bed. Usually, he wouldn't be lying around on the bed in the afternoons but he couldn't care less to what he did today. He was too sad thinking about Quatre... and Duo.

"This always happens, doesn't it?" Trowa said aloud to himself. "All the best ones are taken. Leaving me with nothing. The only thing that I have ever wanted in the world - all ready belongs to somebody else. The only person I could have ever wanted..."

Trowa sighed again. He felt so down. He had never felt this misreable in his entire life. Because there was always Quatre to cheer him up. Quatre, his little sunshine... Quatre, the only person he had ever loved. Why did he have to find out that Quatre and Duo were lovers anyway? If he never found out, at least he would be happy fantasizing that maybe he and Quatre would be lovers one day. And all because he found out about that little fact, he felt he was dying inside.

"My heart hurts..." he whispered and lay his hand over his heart. "It hurts... It hurts Quatre, knowing that you have given your heart to somebody else..."

Tears threatened to spill out from the corners of his emerald eyes. He squeezed his eyes shut. "No! I will not cry!" he scolded himself. "I will not be weak. I've been alone my whole life and I survived - so I will not be sad anymore."

But he still couldn't drive away the sadness that was eating up his soul. He knew no matter what, he couldn't live without Quatre - even if Quatre didn't know that he loved him. "Quatre... what kind of spell have you cast on me?" he whispered.

Images of their first encounter played in his mind. That was the first time he had met a person with such innocence. He had never seen anybody radiating such innocence as Quatre that it made him look like an angel. Of course, Quatre can be called beautiful but his beauty was different. Not like most of the beautiful people Trowa had seen where their beauty was only skin deep. Quatre was beautiful inside and out.

Another scene from when he and Quatre had played a duet together shifted into his mind. Trowa smiled at the image that was playing in his mind. "He ought to play the harp," he thought, still smiling. "He would look more like an angel then." Suddenly he remembered that Quatre had asked him to play some duets with the blonde that afternoon.

"I guess I'd better go to the music room now," he thought. Slowly, he got up from his bed and walked out of the room with equal slowness.

Quatre went straight to his room after his little talk with Duo. He shut the door carefully behind him and locked the door. He didn't want anybody to come into his room. He didn't want anybody to see what he was going to do. It was the same thing he did everyday.

The blonde walked towards his chesr of drawers and opened the top drawer. He took out a small framed picture of Trowa. He flopped onto the bed on his stomache and gazed at the picture. That was what he did everyday. He would gaze at the only picture of Trowa he had for hours until end whenever he had the time.

He planted a soft kiss onto the picture of Trowa - on the lips. "Ai shiteru, Trowa," he murmured. That was the other thing that he did every day. And in the mornings after waking up and at night before he went to bed. That was why he locked the door - he would have been mortified if the others, especially Trowa, found our about his little pastime.

Quatre thought about the events of the day - finding out that Trowa was in love with another girl. He hoped that what Wufei said wasn't true. He would be misreable for the rest of his life it were.

"Please god," he prayed. "I hope that Trowa doesn't have a lover or has a crush on anybody else. It doesn't really matter if he would never fall in love with me - I would be satisfied by just knowing that nobody else would be getting him if I couldn't have him. But I do wish that somehow, I could make him fall in love with me..."

Quatre wondered if God heard his little prayer. He hoped so. He wanted Trowa so badly. But what's the point of wanting the unibanged pilot so badly when he didn't even know if Trowa wanted him, too. It would just be a waste of time - he, running after Trowa but without getting anything in return.

"It would be easier if I could buy Trowa's love," he thought. "Of course, I know you can't buy love no matter how much money you have but it is just so hard to gain a person's love." Suddenly he had a great idea. "I know! I can never buy Trowa's love but I certainly can buy him gifts, can't I? I'll buy him some candies and flowers and pretend that they're from an admirer. In the end, I'll tell him that I am his secret admirer!"

Quatre hugged himself. What a great plan! With a plan like this, what could fail? He would definately be able to show Trowa how nuts he was about him. "Then maybe, just maybe, Trowa would tell me that he loves me, too," he thought happily, getting caught up in his fantasies. "Then we'll have a candlelit dinner for two with the sounds of the violin playing in the background..."

Violin! Quatre suddenly snapped out of his daydream and remembered that he had asked Trowa to play duets with him later in the afternoon. "Trowa must be waiting for me in the music room all ready," he thought guiltily. "He must be wondering where I am!"

Immediately, Quatre stashed the framed picture of Trowa back in the drawer and quickly ran out of his room to meet Trowa.

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