After the smoke had cleared away from the kitchen. Quatre had cooked them all some blueberry pancakes - egg shell and crunch free.

After they had their breakfast, Quatre was washing the dishes with Duo in the kitchen sink.

"Duo! You're splashing water all over the floor!" scolded Quatre. "Someone might slip on it and fall, you know."

"Yeah, yeah," said Duo nonchalantly. "As long as we're careful, no one's gonna get hurt, right?"

"Well, I'll leave you to wash the rest of the stuff," said Quatre. "I have some stuff to do."

"Hey! You can't leave me with all the chores!" protested Duo.

Quatre laughed as he walked away. Suddenly, he slipped on some water that Duo was splashing around.

"Aaaah!" screamed Quatre and he squeezed his eyes shut, waiting for the pain but he did not fall. Somebody had grabbed his arm to prevent him from falling.

Slowly, Quatre opened his eyes. It was Trowa who grabbed his arm.

"Be more careful next time," said Trowa. "And you, Duo. I hope you won't endanger other people's lives again."

"Arigatou, Trowa," said Quatre as he blushed red but Duo said, "Me? What did I do?"

Trowa went to the fridge and took out a carton of orange juice and went away with it. All the while, Quatre stood rooted to the spot, watching Trowa's every move. He didn't even realize that Duo was watching him.

"Hey, Q," called out Duo. He had a sly grin on his face. "Didn't you have something to do?"

"Uh, um I forgot what it was," stammered Quatre.

"You've got it really bad for him, eh?"

"What do you mean?" asked Quatre.

"I'm sayin' that you have a crush on Trowa," said Duo.

"No, of course I don't!" shot Quatre. "If Duo knew that I'm in love with Trowa, he will certainly call me a freak," thought Quatre worriedly.

"Oh come on. I know that you definately do have a crush on Trowa," said Duo. "Anyone can see it by the way you act around him, the way you talk to him and by the way you look at him. You have this adoring look on your face and your eyes go sparkly whenever you're around him, you know."

Quatre sighed. "You're right. I do have a crush on Trowa. I guess you think that I'm some kind of freak."

Duo shook his head. "No, I don't. It's OK for you to like someone, even if that person is another boy. Love has no boundaries," said Duo in a gentle tone. "Besides, I'm in love with another boy, too."

"You're in love with Heero, right?" asked Quatre.

Duo looked surprised. "Hey, how did you know about that? I didn't tell anyone!"

"Well, you can't possibly be in love with me," joked Quatre. "Anyway like you said, I can see it by the way you are around Heero."

Duo grinned. "You're pretty smart to figure that out." Then he scowled. "Too bad Heero's too stupid to notice."

"I know how you feel," said Quatre in an understanding tone. "I wish Trowa knew how I feel towards him, too. Especially when I'm too afraid to tell him my true feelings!"

While Duo and Quatre where discussing their love interests in the kitchen, Wufei was secretly hiding right outside the kitchen behind a huge potted plant. He was listening to every word the two boys were saying. At first, Wufei came to get a glass of water but when he heard them talking about their love life, he decided to spy on them.

"Ooooh. This is very interesting," thought Wufei. A wicked idea began to form in his mind. "I know! I should stir things up a bit."

Then he quietly went upstairs to plot his idea.

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