"I think something fishy has been goin on. Haven't you realized that Wufei seems to be mixed up in this whole mess even though I can't see the connection," started Heero. "Whatever it is, I think we should keep an eye on a certain someone called Chang Wufei."

"So.. that's all we have to do?" asked Trowa slowly. "We have to keep an eye on him."

"Well, that's the only thing we can do right now," said Heero with a shrug. "Of course we could bait him into confessing or secretly pay him back for what he did. But it isn't as if we really know what he did."

"I see you have a point," said Trowa. "I guess I'd better go to my room and take a short nap or something."

"Wait," said Heero, grabbing the end of Trowa's turtleneck sleeve. "First, tell Quatre how you feel about him before taking a nap or whatever. I'm sure he's feeling down right now because he thinks that you have your heart set on some other 'girl'"

"The only 'girl' I have my heart set on is Quatre," said Trowa dryly. "I can't believe Wufei would stoop so low as to make stupid stories like that just to break other people's hearts. Hn. He acts as if he's so righteous, talking about justice and all that crap. When I see him, I'm gonna punch him right in the nose."

With that, Trowa walked out of the study. "Good luck," Heero whispered with a small smile as he watched his friend go.


Trowa thought hard in his mind about what he should say when he meets the Arab. 'Damn. I don't wanna end up sounding like a stupid moron,' he thought frustratedly. 'Should I say, "Quatre, I really like you?" or "Quatre, you steal my breath away everytime I look at you?". Noooo.. that sounds like something bad out of a really cheesy romance novel.'

Without realizing it, he was all ready standing in front of Quatre's bedroom door. 'I guess it's now or never,' he thought, taking a deep breath. 'I'll just say what I feel inside..' Then he lifted his fist to knock at the door..

Quatre was curled up on his bed, his mind chanting, 'Trowa doesn't like me,' over and over again. He felt as if there wsa a huge boulder sitting on top of his head and he felt like he never wanted to get out of his room ever again until he died. Okay, scratch that. Until it was time for dinner, cos he would probably end up hungry and he didn't want to fast for his whole life.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door. The knocking was short and hesitant. He decided to ignore that. But more knocks came and it sounded as if his door was gonna break down any second and he was practically going insane from hearing the stupid knocking sounds.

In the end, he stormed towards the door and yanked it open to find Trowa standing right before him with his usually serious expression.

"Oh, it's you," he exclaimed in a surprised voice. He definately didn't expect Trowa to want to see him.

"You seem to be surprised," said Trowa with utter calmness even though he felt wobbly inside. "Were you expecting somebody else?"

"No, not at all," mumbled the blonde. "I just.. thought that maybe you were too busy doing something else.."

Quatre looked back into his room which looked inviting, since he didn't feel like talking to Trowa at the moment. He was too sad and he would like to dive onto his huge bed and bury his face into the comfy pillows and wallow in self-pity. He looked back at Trowa but the taller boy had all ready seen him eyeing his bed longingly.

"Have I disturbed you?" Trowa asked calmly.

"N-no, not at all," Quatre stammered. "Please, do come in." He walked stiffly inside and Trowa followed him inside, closing the door behind him. Quatre then sat down at the edge of his bed and gestured at the taller boy to sit down also but Trowa declined, and stood facing the blonde instead.

"Quatre. We are frieds, are we not?" asked Trowa after a momentarily pause and Quatre nodded slowly, wondering where this would lead. "Then I can tell you everything, ne?" Again Quatre nodded.

"I, uh, I want to tell you about the person I love," he said finally.

"Oh," said Quatre, looking downcast and not really wanting to listen to the love of his life ramble on about the love of his love's life.

"You see, there's this person I fell in love with.. and this person I portray as an angel with the fairest hair I know and the bluest eyes like shimmering sapphires with skin as smooth and as creamy as white lillies," the green-eyed boy said and felt like kicking himself for sounding like some ridicuously, poetic sap. "And you see, this person is more beautiful to me because this person has more than looks - this person also has a very kind heart that is understanding and pure and has a voice that rivals that of a singing bird.."

"Wow. This person sounds..amazing," murmured Quatre. He felt mesmerized by Trowa's words - words which he rarely heard the other boy say in such a poetic description. He felt that the person Trowa loved must be somebody perfect and one that he couldn't even compare himself with.

"Yes, this person really is amazing," murmured Trowa. "But I don't know how to tell how I feel about this person."

"You should tell her how you feel. Just tell her how you think of the way her hair and eyes look and all that - just like you told me," advised Quatre.

"I did."

"Then.. why don't you show her how you feel?"

"OK," said Trowa hesitantly and suddenly, he was kissing Quatre with all the passion and fire he had deep inside him.

It all happened too quickly. One second he was talking to the unibanged boy and the next second, Trowa's lips were on his, kissing him like there was no tomorrow. The blonde was quite shocked at the usually stoic boy's sudden display of emotion. The kiss felt nice but he knew this was wrong. He wasn't the person Trowa loved.

"What's wrong, little one?" murmured Trowa huskily with a confused look as Quatre pushed him away.

"Trowa! You shouldn't be kissing me - I'm not the one you love!" the blonde pointed out heatedly. "And I don't appreciate being used as a tool where you can practise your kissing techniques!"

"Then you needn't worry that I'll only use you for kissing practise cos I'm not practising at all on you," whispered Trowa.


"You're the one I love, Quatre," said Trowa earnestly. "You and nobody else."

"B-b-but I thought there's this girl you liked!" sputtered out Quatre, blushingly."So you can't possibly love me."

"Who ever told you that I like some other girl?" Trowa asked. "I never said such a thing."

"Demo.. I thought you were being cranky all day because you liked this girl but this girl all ready liked somebody else," said Quatre. "Wufei told me that."

"I bet Wufei just made that up so probably because he doesn't want others to be happy," said Trowa bitterly. "He's a selfish person and I swear I'm gonna beat him up to a pulp. But let's just forget about him for the time being. There are more important things for me to know."

"Like what?"

"Quatre, I really love you but do you like me?" Trowa asked bashfully.

"Oh, Trowa! Of course I do! But I don't like you," said Quatre happily and laughed when he saw Trowa's face fall. "Yes, I don't like you - because the truth is I love you."


"Hontou ni.." whispered Quatre and he comfirmed his declaration of love with a heart-searing kiss...


"Hmmphh. I think I'm gonna kill that Wufei, too," said Duo with a frown. "How dare he try to ruin other people's love lives. Does that guy have a problem or what?"

"Maybe he does," mused Heero. "I mean, he must have figured out that Trowa and Quatre like each other - well, anyone could see THAT and h also must have figured out about us, well, you know."

"Well, he must be jealous cos he might feel like he's the odd one out and there's no other Gundam pilot to pair up with him," decided the braided boy. "Anyway, I wonder how things are going between Q and Tro."

"I'm sure they're getting along quite smoothly," said Heero confidently. "Those two really do love each other and I'm sure nothing would ever come between them."

"Why Heero, I'm surprised! You actually DO know how to speak more than your limit of three words per day!!" teased Duo and Heero yanked hard on his braid. "ITAI!! Leggo of me HEEEROOOOO!!!!"

"Hn. Baka."


"OK! Plan make Quatre and Trowa's life even more misreable and make Heero and Duo misreable in the process will be going in action!!" crowed Wufei as he read the long list of things he had plotted to make all the other pilots lives more, uh, tragic. "So, what I'm gonna do is to keep that Quatre and Trowa from getting together and I'll create a dilemma between that Heero and Duo's stupid relationship and then WHAM!! Those two will be history and then I, Chang Wufei will be the most creative genius of the most tragic love story that never happened. Muahahahahaha!!!"

*Authors note: Insert mad scientist background song and flashing lightning and rumbling thunder. Plus, get a big sweatdrop and stick it on your head.*

"Just call me, Chang Wufei, master of delinquency and the destined person to set all things 'straight' just like they were meant to be!! Muahahaha!!" Wufei laughed maniacally for fie minutes than stopped. "Now, why am I talking crap?! Never mind, I'm the only one who heard it and soon I will triumph!!"


"Uh, Heero? Do you think that's Wufei laughing like Count Dracula or is that just the tv?" asked Duo nervously as more maniacal laughter erupted from somewhere in the house.

"Maybe it's just the tv," said Heero impatiently. "Who cares?" Then he got bacl to continuing the more important stuff. Like, making out with Duo.


"I think I hear somebody laughing like a ghoul. It's sorta creeping me out," said Quatre with a shiver.

"Don't worry, little one. I'll protect you from any thing that would dare scare you," murmured Trowa as he drew the smaller blonde into his protective embrace. "But I don't think you should be afraid because I think that's only Duo laughing his head off over some ridiculous stuff."

The two laughed merrily and Quatre sighed as he snuggled closer to the taller boy.

"How come we never told each other how we feel, ne Trowa?" he asked.

"I don't know.. maybe because we kept thinking that maybe the other wouldn't feel the same way," said Trowa. "I know I had fallen for you since a long time ago but I thought that you wouldn't like me back and besides, I thought somebody like you wouldn't want to have anything to do with someone like me."

"All those time.. wasted. Things would have been easier if we have told each other how we felt earlier," said the blonde with another sigh. "Not that I'm complaining now that I know that you really do like me."

"Love, not like," corrected Trowa.

"Yes, love. And I love you, Trowa. Always."

"I love you,too, Quatre. Te quiro."

The two exchanged yet another tender kiss as they enjoyed staying together in each others arms...

In the meantime from somewhere in the house...


"Heero, are you sure that's not the tv?"

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