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>> Piece of Hell << >> Version 2.0 << >> Piece of Hell << >> Version 2.0 >>

An owl hooted in the wintery night. Shivering from the eerie sound, Quatre quickened his steps, getting closer towards Trowa who was in front of him. All five of the Gundam Pilots were on a mission at the snowy mountains. Heero and Wu Fei had gotten ahead of Quatre and Trowa while Duo was stucked at the shelter suffering from high fever he'd gotten from the cold temperature. Seeming to guess his nervousness, Trowa flicked on the flashlight.

"Snow's pretty deep.Watch your step,"

Grateful for his understanding, Quatre nodded. The beam of light was comforting, and Quatre was positively sure that Trowa will be there to help him in trouble. They soon reached a steep, seldom traveled back road blanketed in snow. Trowa turned off the flashlight. Without the canopy of trees overhead, the snow-drifted road was clearly visible.

"You mean were going to sled down this hill?"Quatre asked with a weird face. Trowa didn't answer him. He positioned the sled in the middle of the road at the crest of the steep hill and belly flopped down on it.But before Quatre could give him a push, Trowa stood up.

"We'll both go together,"


"Because....Heero and Wu Fei are already way ahead of us and ....I know you're afraid to do this. It's the only way for you not to get hurt,"

Quatre's heart pounded fast. Why would Trowa say those.... kind words to him?

Trowa sat down on the sled and scooted forward,making some room for Quatre, and he piled on behind him. The both of them gave a push together.There was ice beneath the snow, and once they were underway, the sled picked up speed.The dark trunks of trees on either side of the road past in a blur. The wind stung Quatre's cheeks, burned his eyes and made his nose tingle.

"Hang on!"Trowa yelled, and Quatre lurched forward, wrapping his arms around Trowa. Face buried behind his back, he felt the rough weave of his coat against his cheek and the muscular strength of him in his arms. At the bottom of the hill, the sled suddenly skidded sideways...making the both of them tumble off into a drift.

Quatre fell safely on the snow white snow, and Trowa landed on top of him. They both lay still, remaining unmove. Quatre's pulse quickened as Trowa pulled one hand free of his glove and lightly brushed the snowflakes from Quatre's face. His fingers felt warm on his cold skin, sending sparks all through Quatre. And then somewhere between the silence, sharp breath of the night air,Trowa's lips touched his in a cold snowy kiss.

Before Quatre could catch his breath, Trowa was on his feet, pulling him out of the drift and mumbling an apology.Quatre wanted to tell him that there was nothing to be sorry about, but he was too stunned to speak. Frowning, Trowa grabbed the sled rope and started walking. Quatre lagged behind him, his head spinning. It would be easy in this dreamy white night, to think he'd only imagine himself kissing a guy. But the memory of iy lingered shadow-like on his lips. Quatre was so confused that he stumbled in the snow. Trowa glanced back at him and hesitated as if there was something needed to be said.

"Cold" he asked.

"A little," Quatre panted as he pulled himself up.

"Here, take this,"said Trowa handing over the coat he was wearing.Quatre didn't want to take it, afraid the tall pilot might get cold himself.But the look of concern in Trowa's eyes made him felt guilty not accepting the coat. Quatre wanted to ask him about the kiss, but he kept his queations to himself. Suddenly, two dark shadows appeared between the tall trees. Trowa immediately pulled his gun out and stood in front of Quatre, protecting him.

"Who's there?"Trowa yelled in the dark.Quatre moved forward, wanting to stand next to him.But Trowa pushed him back. "Stay behind me Quatre. I don't want anything bad to happen to you!"

Quatre blushed in the dark. //What did Trowa mean by that?// Why is he willing to protect me?//

Suddenly from the shadows, out came the Wing and Nataku pilots. Each holding their guns.Trowa gave out a sign of relieve as he kept back his gun.

"The both of you are so slow.I don't know how you guys can become a Gundam pilot," complained Wu Fei with his arms crossed."Such a waste of time following us if you can't catch up,"

"What happened?"Trowa asked, not even bothered to reply Wu Fei.

"We found out the message we received from the shelter owner was fake.There wasn't anything suspicious going on at the other side of the hill," Heero replied in a flat-toned voice. "Someone is playing with us, and I'm gonna teach them a lesson,"

"We're heading back home,"Wu Fei continued. "But if the both of you still want to go for a night walk,you can return by tomorrow night then!"

Trowa just nodded. There was no use for them to carry on anymore.Might as well head back to the shelter. So all four of the Gundam pilots headed back, feeling very dissapointed for not getting any information for their mission.All except for Quatre, whose head was thinking about nothing else, but the kiss he's received from Trowa.

Later that night, after all the boys had gone back to their own cabin, Quatre snuggled beneath an old fashion quilt. He groaned and covered his face with his pillow. //Forget it!// It wasn't real!// Besides, Trowa's a .... guy!//

But when he closed his eyes, all he could think about was Trowa kissing him in the snow. In another split second, he could have kissed Trowa back. But what would have happened then?
**I lie awake at night**
**See things in black and white**
**I only have you inside my mind**
**I know you have made me blind**

Staring out of the window, wathing the snow fall gently on the ground, the Heavyarms pilot couldn't sleep as well.He couldn't remember what made him to kissed Quatre back in the snow.//Was it the right thing to do?// Was it the right time?//Everything just went wrong!//

"Ai shiteru, Quatre," the boy whispered to himself.He remembered clearly the way he had stood in front of Quatre, to protect him from who he'd thought were their enemies. He could have died if what he thought was true. He nearly killed himself for Quatre. He didn't even care. If Quatre dies, he'll die.
**Yeah I would fight for you**
**I'd lie for you**
**Walk the wire for you**
**Yeah I'd die for you....**

Trowa took out a small class picture he'd taken with Quatre when they were in an undercover mission at a borading school. Carefully, he looked at no one else, but Quatre. Slowly, he kissed his finger, and gently placing at at Quatre's sweet face.

Days passed. Still Trowa hadn't told Quatre the truth. He'd never will! Trowa was too embarrassed with what he'd done, he'll never have the nerve to face Quatre.He had tried hard to avoid Quatre since that night. Everyday, he spent most of his time learning how to ski with Wu Fei or helping Heero with their mission.

And Quatre in the other hand, spent most of his time helping Duo who was getting worse to fully recover. Despite it all, Quatre's thoughts raced on. Trowa was a serious person, no way he could do such a thing on purpose! Or could he? But Quatre knew it now that he'd wanted Trowa to kiss him. But why the swift of change on Trowa? The kiss had seemed to right, so perfect. Quatre was free to admit that Trowa was the one he really cared about. But it wouldn't do any good. Trowa wasn't going to do anything about it. Kiss or no kiss, Quatre felt as if he was being let alone in the cold.

"Why the glum face, Quatre? I'm the one stucked in bed. I hate this!" said Duo as he saw the blonde pilot being so down and blue. He just couldn't help seeing his friend like that. "Tell me what's troubling you. I'm all ears!"

"Nothing, Duo. I'm fine.Just tired,"he replied.

"Then go back to your cabin.I can entertain myself, see!"Duo smiled as he showed his Game Boy to Quatre. "I can even call Heero over,"

Quatre fled the room. Still confused, but aglow inside and out. On the way, he saw Heero Yuy entering Duo's cabin and heard the American pilot greeting him with a sore voice. It suddenly hit him! He wasn't going to torture himself by keeping all these mysterious secrets in his heart any longer! He was going to ask Trowa for the truth...once and for all! Quatre pratically ran across the snowy pathway to Trowa's cabin. He was so excited, so nervous about actually asking Trowa face to face. Halfway on knocking the door, he suddenly stopped. Realizing his foolishness, he turned back with a heavy heart. But as he was walking down the small, icy steps, he stopped once again.

"I know why you're here," a male voice was saying. A male voice that was imprinted in his soul. A male voice that he had prayed to hear it forever in his life. "I....I should apologize for the...kiss,"

"Trowa," Quatre whispered to himelf as he turned and saw the heavyarms pilot standing at the doorway, one hand leaning over the door frame, the other kept in his pocket. A smiled curved as Quatre's sweet lips.

"Look, Quatre. I really didn't mean to - ,"

"OOh don't bother," smiled Quatre trying to hide it all.

But Trowa knew that something was troubling him. He wished he'd knew how to explain everything the way it should have been. His first attempt to comfort Quatre had been so inadequate that he'd had to do something to make it up to him. What he'd wanted to do was simply take Quatre in his arms and whisper into his ear how much he'd love him till the time stop, if it came to that!
**Ooh my pretty pretty boy I love you**
**Like I've never ever loved no one before you**
**Pretty pretty boy of mine**
**Just tell me you love me too**

"Maybe I should explain -," began Trowa after a long pause between them.

"It's not that important anymore,"Quatre placed his finger on Trowa's lips. Their eyes met, deeply into understanding each others thoughts. Sparks were in them. "I undertstand why you kissed me now. I could see it in your eyes. I love you Trowa Barton. I didn't know it for a very long time. But I've realized it....,"

Trowa's eyes closed briefly before flickering it open again. The words washed him like a soothing warm breeze. He lifted his hand to press his palm on Quatre's warm cheek. "A - Ai...shiteru, Quatre...,". Quatre pulled in into a tight embrace, arms locked tightly about his shoulders. Trowa wound his arms around the tall pilots waist. Feeling Quatre's chin on his shoulder. "You don't need to be scared, Quatre," Trowa whispered softly into his ear. "Love doesn't end,".

Trowa felt Quatre pull away slightly and put his hands to the sides of Trowa's face.

"I love you," the blonde pilot whispered back, pressing a simple kiss lightly on Trowa's lips. Trowa closed his eyes, this time, Quatre continue to kiss him, lips soft. The ground grew softer below their feet. The colors around them faded away. Both drowned in their affection against each other. Drowned into subconciousness. It felt wonderful, so much more than a dream could have ever been a dream.
**I believe your love**
**We seal our wish with a sweet kiss**
**You are here, so am I**
**Please don't ever forget**

Suddenly, it began to snow again. The harmless snow landed gently on them, making their world seemed so much happier than a fairytale. As Trowa said, love does not end.


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