Contians: Yaoi, Lemon and Lime, Slight sap, angst

Pairing: 2X4, 1+6


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"DUO!" Quatre cried as he lay on the ground, his Gundam being defeated,


"GOD……. NO QUATRE……. I’M COMING!!!!" Duo turned Deathscythe around and slashed through a mobile suite that was headed for Quatre,


"Quatre……. Are you alright?"

"Yeah, thanks…"


Duo picked up Sandrock with Deathscythe and headed for the base,


"HEERO! BACK ME UP!" Duo yelled as he was being bombarded with bullets.

Heero took Wing Zero and cleared a path for Duo, as Duo speed up and took off with Quatre.



Heero set down Wing Zero in the hanger and jumped down, looking over at Sandrock,


‘Holy shit, I never thought Quatre would let Sandrock get shot so badly.’

Heero looked over to the house, and forgot that in the process Quatre could be gravely injured.


Heero rushed into the house and called for Duo,

He listened for moment, then noticed a note on the table,


‘Heero….. I had to get Quatre to the hospital.


Heero’s eyes widened and he rushed out the door.



At the hospital Duo paced the floor while waiting for the doctor to come out and tell him that Quatre was ok.


‘ Damn this is taking a long time, will you fucking doctors hurry the hell up!’

Duo turned as a noise caught his attention,


‘Oh it’s just Heero, damn I thought it might be somebody important.’


"Duo, did you find out anything yet?"


Duo simply looked at Heero, and said nothing…


"BAKA! Why won’t you answer me!!! Did……. Q……..Quatre….. Die……. " Heero asked as he looked at the expression on Duo’s face,


"I… don’t….. know……" Duo said sadly, then the door to the emergency room opened.

Duo ran up to the doctor and begged for an answer,




The doctor placed his hand on Duo’s shoulder and spoke slowly,

"He was badly injured, almost every bone in his body is broken, he is suffering from internal bleedings, and nearly lost his left arm."


Duo sunk to the floor as he tried to take in what the doctor just told him.

Heero was stunned, ‘How could he have gotten hurt that badly?’

Heero walked over to the doctor,


"So how long does he have to stay here?"


"I would give him at least 2 years." The doctor replied as he walked away.


‘2 Year’s?’ Duo thought as he began to cry.Heero spotted the tears running down Duo’s face,


"Its gonna be ok Duo, Quatre will get better"


Duo looked up at Heero,




"Yes Duo, now please don’t cry, you know Quatre wouldn’t want people to fell sorry for him." Heero, walked over to Duo, and wrapped him up in his arm’s.

Duo let himself cry into Heero’s chest.




Duo laid in his bed, only thinking of Quatre,


‘Quatre…… I’m so sorry……. If only I…… I……….ARGH!!’

Duo shot up in his bed and punched himself,


"IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT DUO! YOU FUCKING BAKA!" Duo cried as he gripped his hands into fist’s, he gripped them tight, his nail’s started to dig into the plam of his hands.


Duo recalled the events of earlier today,




Duo called as he tried to finish off the suites that surrounded him,


"What’s this?" Duo said to himself as he looked at the left screen and saw Quatre being surrounded by mobile dolls and Aries,


"GOD DAMMIT!, I GOTTA HELP QUATRE!" Duo yelled as he headed for Quatre, but was cut off by mobile suite after mobile suite,


"FUCK OFF!!!" Duo screamed as he sliced his way through the suites.


"QUATRE!! QUATRE!!!" Duo screamed as he saw Quatre being bombarded with bullets.




"Fuck if only I wasn’t so slow and weak!!! Quatre wouldn’t be in the hospital right now.

Duo got up out of bed and strolled over to his window, it was the middle of the night and the full moon hung low in the black sky.

Duo stood there most of the night looking at the huge moon, and thought about Quatre.


End of pt1

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