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{Author’s note}:This is my first YAOI!!!! I really don’t know why I thought of this…because I really wasn’t the yaoi type kinda girl. But I decided to write it and share it to you all! Please read! And tell me if you like it or not!


Omi appeared at the flower shop having one of his awkward looks, as if something bad had happen. The guys stared at him, thinking of something to say, but the words wouldn’t flow out. After a short while as the costumers disappeared slowly, Omi excused himself from the others. He knew that if he stayed any longer they’d surely ask what had happen to him.

     “Eh…I wonder what happen to him today.” Aya asked looking at the door, where Omi had left through.

     “I don’t know….how about you Ken? Ken?” Youji looked around trying to find the other boy, but he was definitely missing. “Heh…I think lil’ Ken is finding his lover..”

    “What?” Aya turned around and stared at Youji confused. A smile smirked on Youji’s face, at that point Aya knew what he was talking about.


Omi sat down beneath the shade of a large tree, leaning against it’s broad trunk, he sighed. Closing his blue mystic eyes, as he tried to forget about this world including everything inside of it, even him. His mind drifted afar when a voice horribly reminded him of it again….giving him these images again. “Fairly well?” the voce had asked. “You nearly lost yourself when you found out that Ken only soother down your pain, as a friend not because he likes you or something….” Omi shooked his head,  firmly trying to remove the unwelcome images of THAT moment. Omi knew the voice would be shaking its head if it had a physical body. “It’s funny how you humans can go through such pain and say it’s nothing.”  “SHUT UP!” Omi snapped at the voice, “You don’t know anything! And who the hell are you?!?!” Omi stopped himself at that point, feeling very foolish of himself. To think he was actually arguing with a Voice in his head! The voice almost seem to give a pleasant chuckle. “I should be surprise ,but I’m not. You are a perceptive boy after all.” Omi pleaded, feeling even more foolish than ever. The voice was amused now. “Who am I? I’m your other hatred self.” The voice slowly disappeared from his head, at that point.  “Himself?” Omi could only laugh at that moment.

A light step sounded, and he quickly looked up. All the color promptly drained from his face. “Ken-kun?” He whispered.


“What happen?” Ken asked, inwardly wincing at the bluntness of the question. He looked at the boy in front of him, his face carefully neutral. He had followed Omi out of the shop without the others noticing, and he was determined to know what had happen to the guy.

Omi’s mouth opened, but no words came out. Ken could see that Omi was fighting for self-control. And was losing it. At last Omi put on a bright smile, “why…nothing happen…. is there anything wrong?” Ken kept his gaze steadily trained on Omi. “ Omi don’t lie to me.” Nothing happen? He expected him to believe that? He was observing the boy the whole morning, the moment he stepped in the shop with that awkward face. That face, completely falter, and his eyes were clouded when he saw him. “Lie?” Omi’s voice was unsteady now. “Ken-kun what are you talking about? I’m not lying.” Ken shook his head, Omi was a terrible liar, it always shows no matter how hard he tries. As he looked closely, he saw Omi’s delicate face was paler than normal. Anger had followed, anger that he had been hurt. And his source of pain was him. “Is it…..something that I did?” Ken’s steady tones had become quiet now. Omi gazed flew up to meet his then. Shocked almost frightened, he froze like a deer caught in the glare of a car’s headlights. “n…no o-of course it isn’t…” his voice was shook now.



Before Omi could think, Ken had pulled him up to his feet and was gripping his shoulders tightly.

“Ken…Ken-kun!” He stammered.

He wanted to pull his eyes away from his, but flying would have been more possible then. The twin orbs of molten amber almost hold him in place, controlling his movements.

“Omi! Stop hiding from it! I can see your upset, and I’m more likely the cause of it!”

“Y-You didn’t… do anything! It’s ME!” Omi yelled, wishing he could have said it better without hesitating.

“What?” Ken’s eyes widen, he had never thought the answer came out like that.  Omi laughed fakely, breaking Ken’s thought. “I was foolish to think you helped me forget Persia…..not as a friend…but much more than that…”

“What?”  Ken was completely shocked yet confused on what the boy had said.

“I thought you liked me….but when I heard you talking to Youji….I hated myself for believing it….it was foolish of me. Ken-kun…let go of me now…please..”

Let him go? He was not completely finished yet…

“Omi…look at me….” He softly said. Omi made no move to comply, so Ken cupped his chin in one hand and turned his head to face him. In one swift move, he kissed Omi.


Omi froze in place. He had never imagined Ken’s lips would be so warm or soft, like the rain falling upon them at that moment. The Kiss was like fire, coursing through his mind, filling him with senses, until there wasn’t any room for anything left. Finally, Ken broke the kiss, opening his eyes slowly as if from sleep.

“You’re wrong..” he softly spoke. “I do love you..I wanted you more than anything, but I didn’t want to admit it to Youji….because he would have teased me. And ended up telling you…I was scared…” Tears came running down Omi’s check at that moment. Burying his head on Ken’s chest, he wept, not because of sadness, but relief. Ken hold him tightly in response. Far them, it was more than enough….it was everything.


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