"Quatre's gonna have a baby, a baby, a baby!" chanted Duo as he pranced around the living room. "I'm gonna be an uncle, an uncle, an uncle! Yay!!"

"Maxwell!" shouted Wufei. "Will you cut it out with your "I'm gonna be an uncle" cheer?!"

"But I feel so excited!" said Duo, still prancing about. "Trowa and Quatre are going to have a baby! Aren't you happy about that, Wu-man?"

"It's Wu-FEI you braided baka!!" shouted Wufei. "Ack. My throat hurts. It's all your fault Maxwell. Because you're so noisy I have to shout at you everyday and now my throat hurts!"

"Yay!! So that means Wu-man won't be able to yell at me anymore!"

"Yuy, your mission today is to kill Duo," ordered Wufei and Heero gave a small salute.

"Ninmu ryoukai," he said and then proceeded to chase after Duo.

"Aaaahhh!! Leggo of me!!" screamed Duo after Heero had caught him and was trying to strangle him with his meter-long braid. "Heeeerrrrrooooo!!!"

"Muahahaha!! Die Maxwell! DIE!!!"

"What are you guys doing anyway?" came Trowa's amused voice as he walked into the living room with his arm encircled around Quatre's uh, now not-so-slim waist as the blonde yawned cutely and rubbed at his sleepy eyes with his knuckles.

Heero immediately released the braid he was using to strangle Duo. "Nothing important," he mumbled.

"Nothing important?" shrieked Duo. "You were trying to kill me!!"

"Yeah. Heero. Why'd you have to stop strangling him anyway?" muttered Wufei sourly. "If Duo was gone there'd be no more braided bakas to make my life a living hell."

"Oh, but if Duo were dead, there would be one less babysitter around here," Quatre chirped.

Three pairs of eyes turned to stare at him.

"What! There is absolutely no way I am going to babysit for any screaming, crying brat!" Wufei shouted. "Do you know how dishonourable that's going to make me look? Chang Wufei the greatest warrior - babysitting?! Do you know that babies' drool smell like barf? And I am not going to change DIAPERS!!!"

"Gee, Wufei's not ranting about justice for once," Duo said and Wufei glared at him. "Anyhow, Uncle Duo likes babies, kids and furry pets so babysitting would be a blast! Ne, Heero? Then I'll be able to watch Sesame Street and cartoons and eat cookies with milk all day long like a good babysitter should and I'll be able to wear that cute little black uniform with the little lace apron and the little white cap thingy! Oooh!!"

Everybody sweatdropped.

"Um, isn't that supposed to be a maid's uniform?" Quatre asked with a small frown.

"It is?" Duo said. "Oh well, never mind then. Maybe I can wear a cool clown suit and entertain the baby but then again maybe not cos Trowa's the clown man around here and not me even though he's only as cheerful as a log so maybe I could just wear a Barney costume but I hate purple and let's face it, Barney's not cool and he sounds like a total shit and evreybody hates him anyway but kids like him so I guess I'd hafta wear the dumb old dino costume if it's gonna please the baby but you know, there's that Baby Bop but she's a girl so - "

Heero promptly stuffed the end of Duo's braid into the latter's mouth and peace and were restored.

"Ninmu kanryou."


"You know, let's throw a baby shower for Tro and Quat's baby!" Duo annouced to Wufei and Heero when the other two pilots were out shopping that afternoon.

"Baby shower? The baby's not even born yet so how do we give the baby a shower?" Heero asked with a confused look.

"Huh? Don't you know what a baby shower is?" Duo asked incredulously. "You have a baby shower before the baby's born and you give presents and stuff to the mother for the baby when he or she is born!"

"Anyway, what's the use of having a baby shower especially when you're too broke to buy a present?" Wufei said pointedly to Duo with a smirk on his face. "By the way, you still owe me five bucks."

"Well, we're called Gundam pilots for nothing if we can't rob a bank, right?" Duo asked. "Heero can hack into the bank's accounts and then transfer the loot into our own accounts! I'm a genius, aren't I?"

"All right genius, but that would mean you would be stealing Quatre's money since he owns practically all the banks on Earth and the colonies."

"Damn. Maybe a baby shower's not necessary then cos Quatre's so filthy rich and he could get everything he wants to get for his baby."

"If you didn't spend all your money on all those fattening junk you buy, you wouldn't be broke you know," Wufei said with a sniff. "Anyway, it serves you right. And you still owe me five bucks!"

"Hee-chan? Am I fat?" Duo asked worriedly to the stoic pilot.

"You're ALWAYS fat," Heero said in his monotone. "But I think you must have gained at least another ten pounds."

"AAAAHHH!!! This can't be! I can't be fat!" Duo wailed and with that he ran away from his friends while screaming like a lunatic.

Heero and Wufei stared at each other and then...



"Ugh. It's getting harder and harder to walk these days and I look weird in this maternity dress!" Quatre complained to the tall pilot of HeavyArms beside him as they took a stroll through the local park.

"You don't look weird - you look cute in pink," commented Trowa with a smile.

A young mother and her son about the age of five were walking towards the couple's direction. When the boy saw Quatre, his eyes lit up and he ran towards the blonde.

"Wow! Your tummy's so big! Do you have a baby in there?" the boy asked excitedly.

"Uh, um I suppose so," Quatre stammered with a blush.

"My Aunt Sara has a huge belly like you, too, and she said it's because there's a baby in there," the boy continued. "My Aunt Sara said that her baby's a boy. What about your baby? My cat Mittens had a huge belly last month but she had more than one baby and they were all little kitties!"

Quatre blushed and Trowa looked amused as they listened to the little boy and his barrage of questions. Even the boy's mother looked embarrased.

"Tommy, stop pestering the young lady for heaven's sake!" she scolded her son then she turned towards the couple with a shy smile. "Oh, please excuse my son - you know how curious little kids are at this age."

"It's all right," Quatre replied with a smile.

"Well, so what's your baby gonna be? A girl or a boy?" Tommy asked again.

"We don't know yet - but we'll let you know when we find out," Trowa said as he grinned at Quatre who was looking a bit miffed because Tommy's mother was talking to her about breastfeeding being better than bottle-feeding as if Quatre were a woman with breasts. Then the pair of mother and son waved at the couple as they parted ways.

"How can I breastfeed when I don't have breasts?" Quatre was muttering to himself with a shake of his head.

"That lady must have thought you were a woman," mused Trowa with a little laugh. "But you know, maybe you should grow some breasts - then you'd look really sexy in afire engine red bikini."


Quatre started to pound a laughing Trowa on his chest with his fists. But suddenly his form sagged against the brunette's and a small gasp escaped his lips.

"Quatre?" Trowa cried out in alarm as he clutched at his lover. "What's the matter?"

"My stomache hurts - I think I'm going to have the baby any minute," Quatre choked out as. "N-need to get to the hospital."

Trowa was struck dumb for a second. How could Quatre be delivering the baby today? He wasn't due to give birth till another two weeks!

A pain-filled moan from Quatre brought him back to reality and Trowa realized that he'd better act fast. He wasn't going to let his blonde have their baby in the park when there was nobody around and especially when he didn't know a single thing about delivering a baby. But to which hospital should he take Quatre to? An ordinarydoctor wouldn't know what to do with a pregnant male that was about to give birth... then it hit him. Take Quatre to Sally Po.


"Trowa called," Heero announced as soon as he hung up the phone. "He and Quatre are at Sally's clinic and apparently, Quatre's - "

"What! You mean Quatre's having the baby now?" Duo screamed. "Come on, we gotta go there then! I'm not missing every single important moment."

With that Duo ran out of the house like a hurricane dragging Wufei and Heero along. Before they were even two seconds out of the house, the American stopped in his tracks and the two Asian boys raised their eyebrows at him questioningly.

"I thought you said you didn't want to miss a single moment, hmm?" Heero prodded.

"I just remembered that we'd have to bring the digicam and record this wonderfully happening event of the century!" Duo exclaimed. "You guys wait here while I go and get the digicam." Duo dashed into the house but his head suddenly popped out the doorway a second later. "Hey, stay here, you guys. Don't go away. Don't go away. DON'T. GO. AWAY. Got that? I don't want you leaving me here, OK? Understand? Good, now wait for me here and remember not to go away."

He dashed back into the house again, quick as a flash and Heero and Wufei sweatdropped.

"You shouldn't have announced that bit of news when Maxwell was around, Yuy," Wufei grumbled.

"..." "I am back!" Duo shouted as he flew out the doorway with the digicam in hand. "And look, I found the digicam under my sock drawer! Fancy finding it there! I thought that I had stashed it in my under my underwear drawer the last time after I used it."

"Good grief," muttered Wufei. "You must be the only baka in the whole world and the colonies combined to keep a digicam in your sock drawer."

"Quit grumbling Wu-man! We've got a little baby and their parents to visit! Hold on little baby, Uncle Duo and Uncle Hee-chan and Grandpa Wu-bear are coming!!"


"... and I'm not Uncle Hee-chan."



Twenty minutes later, the trio were at Sally's clinic where they met a very anxious Trowa Barton pacing back and forth in front of the operation theater.

"Where's Quatre? Where's the baby? Baaaabbyyyy where are you? Uncle Duo is here!" warbled Duo in an awful-sounding voice - more like a cat with it's tail being stepped on - and Heero promptly shoved the end of the American's braid into his gaping mouth.

"How is everything going?" Heero asked quietly to the unibanged boy.

"Quatre's now in labour and Sally's doing a Ceasarean section on him and we do not know for sure when the operation will be done," Trowa answered. He paused. "The operation won't be that long but I hope that everything will be OK."

"Wasn't Winner supposed to deliver the baby two weeks later?" Wufei asked.

"Oh no!! Quatre's having a premature baby!! Oh no!! What if something happens??" Duo screeched with the end of his braid still lodged firmly in his mouth. Heero and Wufei both bopped him on the head.

"Yes, but Sally reckons that everything will be fine," Trowa said. "No, the baby and Quatre will be fine."

"Why aren't you in the operation room with Quatre?" Heero asked as he scrutinized Trowa's face. The normally stony faced boy looked worried and nervous and that made the Perfect Soldier feel a bit nervous also. "I'm sure Sally would let you stay in there by Quatre's side."

"I know... but I didn't want to get in the way," Trowa said, then he gulped. "And I didn't think I could bear the thought of the doctors splitting Quatre's abdomen open and seeing all the blood..."

"Chicken," Wufei muttered. "Your own boyfriend is in there giving birth and you don't want to be in there with him because you're afraid of a little blood."

"I am NOT afraid," Trowa protested. "OK, I'll go in then. They've just started giving Quatre a general anaesthetic minutes before you guys arrived so maybe they're just starting with the operation."

"Yeah Trowa!! Get in there buddy!!" cheered Duo as he waved his arms about as if he were a cheerleader holding invisble pompoms. "Go Trowa! GO!!!!"

Trowa took a deep breath and then he squared up his shoulders. And he walked into the operation theater... and fainted when he saw the doctors cutting a small bit into Quatre's lower abdomen, the blood flowing out...


When Trowa came to, he realized that he was on his back and staring at a white ceiling. He felt confused for a moment. Why did the mattress feel different and wasn't the bedroom ceiling supposed to be light pink?

"You're finally awake," a familiar voice said teasingly.

Trowa turned to his side and his eyes widened. He suddenly sat up on the cot he was lying down on. "Quatre! The operation.. it's all ready over?"

"Yes, Daddy Trowa and here's your little baby!" Duo's cheerful voice rang through the room suddenly and Trowa's eyes widened even more when he saw the bundle in Duo's arms. Duo gently put the baby in Trowa's arms.

Trowa just stared at the sleeping baby. "Is this really my baby?"

"Yes, yours and mine. Ours," Quatre said with a smile. "It's a girl, Trowa. We have a daughter."

"How long was I out?" Trowa asked.

"You were out for about an hour," Heero informed him. "One minute you were stepping into the operation theater and the next second you were out cold on the floor. And you wake up to find that you're all ready a father. Funny isn't it?"

The others snickered and Trowa ducked his head sheepishly.

"Hey, so what are you gonna name the baby?" Duo asked excitedly. "I have this giant list of names for a girl, you know!"

"I think we don't want our daughter to have a name from some game's heroin," Trowa said drily. As Duo pouted, Trowa scooted to Quatre's place on the bed and put the baby in Quatre's arms. The baby had soft tufts of light brown hair and eyes as blue as the sky - even though they were closed at the moment. "She'll look to be as beautiful as you are. I love you Quatre."

"I love you, too, Trowa."

Da END! Erm... so what did you think about this fic? I just hope that it wasn't too disappointing and I hope that I haven't made anybody mad by making them wait so long for this part to get written. I should have done some research on childbirth and all that but I didn't so I hope what I have written didn't really sound so.. dumb. Anywayz, tell me what you think at blue_violet@gundamwing.org. Please?? With cute chibi Quatre and Trowa on top? *bats eyelashes*

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