Warnings and Disclaimers: Gundamn Wing isnít mine! How many times do I have to say it! The song ainít mine neither. It belongs to the Bloodhound Gang (be afraid, be very afraid). DON"T SUE. I AM MAKING ZERO DOLLARS OFF A THIS!

Also, as most of my other stories, this is a PWP Yaoi Lemon (Sex on paper, with men). I have been writing a few of those lately. Though, I most likely ainít going to post most of them. *shrugs* Oh well, I donít care. This story is a 13X6 story. My first yatta! Iím so proud.

Note: When Treize sings itís in Dark Blue. When Zechs sings its in Dark Red. When the words are in Ö.youíll see. *snickers* Enjoy!

Odd Lemon

A frosty induced story


Zechs Marquise stops in front of Treizeís office door. He looks at the brown oak door before knocking. There is a sort pause then he is beckoned in to the office. Zechs opens the door and steps in, there he sees Treize Khusrenada sitting on his desk with an elegant smile on his refined features. Zechs nods a hello to the General and walks over to the desk.

"You wanted to see me?" Zechs asked. Treize nods and gestures for the Lightning Count to have seat.

Treize stands up and walks over to the platinum haired man. He takes a few strands of hair and plays with them. Zechs cocks his head slightly, giving the Oz general a strange look. Treize smiles and continues to play with Zechsí hair in a most refined way, of course.

"Treize, may I ask what your doing?" Zechs asks just before Treize leans into kiss him. A small sound comes from the back of Zechsí throat as Treize caresses his chest through his clothes. "Treize? What?"

Treize sits down on the desk, eyeing Zechs hungrily. Zechs blushes slightly as Treize chuckles.

Ha, ha well now! We call this the act of mating. But there are several other very important

differences between human beings and animals that you should know about


Zechs looks at Treize and gives him an odd look. He wasnít expecting this now. He shrugs and decides to go along with this little gameÖwell sort of.

Iíd appreciate your input

Treizeís smile broadens and he stands up, circling the Tallgeese pilot. He stops behind Zechs and leans down, wrapping his arms around the taller man. He presses his lips to Zechsí ear and begins to sing in a whisper.

Sweat, baby, sweat, baby sex is a Texas drought me

and you do the kind of stuff that only Prince would sing about

Treizeís lips take hold of Zechsí earlobe and he sucks gently on it. Zechs closes his eyes and smiles. Treizeís fingers run through Zechsí hair as he lays a trail of kiss down his neck.

So put your hands down my pants

Treize walks in front of Zechs and takes hold of his hand, kissing each finger before continuing.

and Iíll bet youíll feel nuts

Zechs chuckles softly as Treize moans softly to his touch. The shorthaired manís member becoming more aroused by every stroke.

Yes, Iím Siskel, and yes Iím Ebert and youíre getting to thumbs up

Zechs continues to stroke, until Treize removes his hand and walks behind his desk. He opens a drawer and begins to rummage through it. Zechs watches curiously from his seat wondering what heís looking for.

Youíve had enough of two-hand touch

Treize looks up at him for a moment and smiles elegantly before going back to rummaging.

How can he looks so elegant and be so horny at the same time? Zechs thought as Treize finds what he is looking for.

you want it rough, youíre out of bounds

Treize throws a whip, handcuffs, and other various "toys" at the Lightning Count. Zechs looks at a long spiky object, that looks like it would be strapped on a penis, and wonders if it would hurt. Zechs decides not to take any chances and throws it to the other end of the room as Treize continues to launch sex toys at him.

How many things does he have? Zechs thought as he dodged another painful looking object. He clutched his crotch protectively. I didnít know he was an S&M freak. Iím kinda scared now.

Treize looked up at Zechs and closed the drawer, he gracefully jumped over the desk and closed in on Zechs, who was surround in sex toys.

I want to you smothered, want you covered, like my Waffle House hash browns

He kisses Zechs and pulls out a hash brown, he rubs it against Zechsí chest, which had magically become bare (and Iím not kidding when I say magically).

Treize sticks his hand in Zechs pants and begins to stroke Zechsí member. Zechs begins to moan in Treizeís mouth, jerking his hips. Treize smiles, sucking gently on Zechsí tongue, still stroking him. Zechs moans thrusting his hips upward. Treize continues to smile.

Come quicker than Fed Ex

Zechs finally comes, turning Treize on even more. He raises his hand and looks at Zechs who is still recovering as he licks the cum off his hands. Zechs chuckles at this through his pants.

never reaching apex like Coca-Cola stock you are

inclined to make rise an hour early just like Daylights Savings Time

Zechs finally recovers and stands up. He pulls Treize close to him and kisses the man deeply as he begins to undress him. He runs his hand up and down his body, leaving a trail of saliva down the shorter manís chest.

Do it now

You and me baby ainít nothiní but mammals

So letís do it like they do it on the Discovery Channel

Dancing on the desk, the shelves and the floor, are five-inch aliens in panther suits. They continue to sing after Zechs.

Do it again now

You an me baby ainít nothiní but mammals

So letís do it like they do it on the Discovery channel

The aliens continue to dance and sing. They do twirls and jumps around the two men.


Gettingí horny now

Treize raises an elegant brow and looks at the dancing aliens. He wonders where they had came from, then remembers that he bought them on his last trip to the L13 colony. He shook his head concentrating on Zechsí wondering mouth.


Love, the kind you clean up with a mop and bucket

Like the catacombs of Egypt, only God knows where we stuck it


"Not just God." Zechs reminds the Oz general, kissing his inner thigh as he plays with his testicles. Treize chuckles.

"So da."

Treize sits up and takes Zechs into a rough kiss. He runs hands up and down the manís body as their manhoods rub against each other. The two men gasp and moan at the sensation


Zechs broke the kiss and pulled out block with Egyptian writing and looked at it. He then turned his head and looked at Treize puzzled.

"What does this have to do with anything?" he asked looking at the block again. "How are we suppose to use this?" Treize sighed.

Let me be Pacific, I wanna be down in your South Seas

Zechs smiled as Treize began to suck on his shoulder, nibbling softly on soft, white flesh.

"I still donít see what that has to do with Egyptian writing." Zechs said between pants. Treize was touching place too sensitive, he was losing control.

"Donít worry about it, love." Treize tells the young pilot.

Zechs catches a small alien in his hand and looks at it. He still didnít understand Treizeís fascination with the little creatures. He personally found them horrific.

But I got this notion that the motion of your ocean, means "small craft advisory"

Zechs chuckles.

"What else would it mean?"

So if I capsize in your thighs, high tide, B-5, you stuck my battle ship


Zechs pouts

"I did not"


Please turn me on,

"I donít think I have to." Zechs replies looking down at Treizeís mega erection. Treize chuckles. (Theyíve done that a lot, havenít they?)


Iím Mr. Coffee with an automatic drip

"Sure are." Zechs agrees licking the pre cum off of Treizeís bulging head.


So show me yours Iíll show you mine

"Ano Treize, Iíve already seen yours and vica verse." Zechs says. He bits down on his lips as Treize begins to stretch him.


"Tool Time", youíll Lovett just like Lyle

"Whoís Lyle?"

He turns his head and looks at two aliens that seem to be mimicking them. Zechs gets slightly nauseous and throws one of the various sex toys at them. They scatter screeching stridently.

And then weíll do it doggie style

"But that makes my knees hurt, Treize." Zechs whinnied. Treize smiled and kissed the manís brow.


So we can both watch X-Files

"Oh, X-Flies! Goodie!" Zechs says leaning over and turning on the TV. " I love Mulder. Heís so hot. OW!!!"

Zechs pouts and turns to look at Treize who had rammed into him, extremely hard.

"Not so hard." He says glaring. Then a single tear rolls down his cheek. "Iím sensitive you know."

"Sorry love, you know how jealous I get when you talk about other men."

Zechs grips the carpeting as Treize begins to thrust into him. He looks around to see the aliens beginning to dance again and sing the words to the chorus.

After it was over Treize lays down the plush carpet, pulling his lover into a deep embrace. He kisses the back of the manís neck and hears him giggle softly. Treize smiles. This was prefect, the way he wants life to stay.

"Treize." Zechs said voice trembling.

"Yes love?" Treize asks rubbing his nose against Zechsí nape.

"Why are the little green things staring at us that way?" Treize lifts his head slightly and looks at the little creatures with the large, bulging eyes and sharp fangs.

"Oh, donít worry, love, theyíre just hungry."





Okay, so the endingís a bit boring. Cut me some slack. Itís late at night and itís an idiotic story. If you want meaningful endings, read The Great Gatsby and leave me the Hell alone. Any way, this in a PWP Lemon. All I have to do is describe sex, I donít need to make it all special.

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