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Duo felt the blood draining away from his face when Quatre entered the room.

'Shit!' he thought. 'Quatre's here and I don't know what to tell him!' Duo trained his eyes on Quatre nervously as he saw the blonde sit down at his usual place.

"Ohayo everyone!" chirped the blonde. "What's for breakfast?"

"This," said Heero as he pushed a box of Capn' Crunch towards Quatre along with a bowl, a spoon and a jug of fresh milk. "This is what happens when you and Trowa don't cook."

It was Quatre and Trowa who always cooked every meal they ate. It wasn't that the other three were too lazy to cook - it was just that it would be safer if Trowa and Quatre were the only ones to cook. It would only result in disaster whenever any of those three cooked.

The last time Duo cooked, he nearly burnt down the whole house while cooking some omlettes. Wufei had caused them all to have food poisoning because they had eaten clams which Wufei forced open because they were closed. And Heero... he was too impatient in the kitchen. One time he had gotten so mad because the roast chicken was raosting quite slow that he had shot the oven to pieces.

"Gomen. I had some problems of my own and I forgot that I had to make breakfast," said Quatre in an apologetic tone. "Where's Trowa?"

Duo felt beads of sweat running down his back. What was he supposed to answer?

"Trowa's in the hangar," said Heero. "He's doing some repairs on Heavy Arms."

"Oh," said Quatre. "Duo, did you have a talk with Trowa all ready?"

Duo gulped. "Ah, uh, I talked to Trowa just now," he stuttered. "I told him that everything was my fault and it was my drinking party that was the cause if the problem. And... he didn't believe a thing I said."

Quatre stared at him as if in a trance. He didn't even notice that the cornflakes he was pouring into his bowl were overflowing and were falling all over the table and onto his lap. Heero quickly grabbed the box of cornflakes from Quatre's hand before the place got any messier.

"I'm sorry man," said Duo softly. "I did explain everything to him but he's too stubborn to believe the truth."

"Trowa doesn't love me any more!" blurted out Quatre and sobbed as he buried his face in his arms. Duo patted Quatre's shoulder which was heaving violently with every sob. "Don't say that! Trowa does love you, " said Duo. "He needs some time to cool off, that's all."

"But he's never been mad at me before," wailed Quatre. "He's never gonna forgive me for what I did and he's gonna hate me forever and ever!"

"Could somebody please tell me what's going on around here?" asked Heero. "I think I'm the only person who doesn't understand anything."

Duo glared at Heero. Couldn't he see that Quatre was on the verge of being hysterical? "Later," he mouthed to the Japanese. He turned his attention back towards the blonde. His head was still buried in his arms and he was still sobbing loudly. And he was wailing to himself that Trowa didn't love him any more. Duo exchanged worried glances with Wufei. It seemed as if Quatre had all ready gotten hysterical over the whole situation.

"Trowa doesn't love me anymore. Trowa doesn't love me anymore," mumbled Quatre over and over again like some sort of zombie.

"Uh, Quatre? Are you all right?" Duo asked worriedly. "Hey, snap out of it will ya? You're scaring me!"

Quatre still went on with his mumbling. Finally Heero grabbed the blonde by the hair and slapped him hard. Duo and Wufei gaped at him.

Quatre immediately stopped ranting and clutched at his sore cheek. "Ow! What did you do that for?" yelped Quatre.

"I had to do it," said Heero. "Or else I would have to listen to you mumbling to yourself like and idiot."

"Gomen. I think I'd better go to my room," said Quatre and he ran to his room.

"What's the matter with him?" asked Heero. "Now can you please tell me what's going on?"

Duo quickly told him about the incidents that has taken place and of his conversation with Trowa. Heero listened gravely.

"I see," said Heero after Duo had finished his story. "So this mess was all your fault."

"I know that it was my fault," snapped Duo. "You don't have to rub it in!"

"So what are we going to do about Trowa and Quatre?" asked Wufei. "If we don't get those two back together again, we'll be having one very hysterical person in our hands."

"Yeah. It was scary watching Quatre acting like someone who's lost his marbles just now," agreed Duo. "We really must do something." Suddenly Duo felt an idea popping into his head. "I know! Heero, why don't you have a little talk with Trowa this time."

"Me? But I wasn't here when all of this happened!" protested Heero. "Besides, what can I possibly tell him? The same thing you said? That won't work."

"Well, at least he might listen to you," pointed out Duo. "Just tell him that he misunderstood the whole situation and that if he doesn't go back to Quatre, Quatre's gonna end up at the happy place where people draw cartoons on the walls."

"In other words, the loony bin," muttered Wufei dryly.

Heero sighed deeply. "But what if he won't listen to me also?" he asked.

"You gotta try first before you can say anything," said Duo. "And you'd better try your very best or else we'll be eating cornflakes everyday without those two to cook for us..."

Heero thought about it for a moment. He decided that he didn't want to eat cornflakes everday. "OK, I'll go and have a talk with him later," he said.

"Not later, now!" ordered Duo.

"Why now? Trowa will still be here later."

"But it will be lunch time in a few hours and I don't want to have cornflakes for lunch!"

Heero and Wufei sweatdropped.

Trowa was in the hangar where they kept their Gundams. The unibanged pilot was trying to make some repairs on Heavyarms but he couldn't concentrate on his work. His mind kept drifting to the image of a naked Quatre and a naked Wufei.

'Why did you have to sleep with Wufei?' he thought angrily. 'Aren't I good enough for you? Why did you have to betray me?'

Trowa knew that maybe he was being too hasty with his judgement. After all, he hadn't heard Quatre's side of the story. For all he knew, he might be wrong.

The boy shook his head hard as if trying to shake away all those thoughts that entered his mind and dared to make him go insane. 'I wish this were nothing but a bad dream,' he thought, heaving a deep sigh. 'But I saw what I saw - and that's the hard fact.'

The sound of footsteps appeared and Trowa saw that it was Heero walking towards him. He acknowledged the Japanese boy's presence with a slight nod of his head.

"So... how are the repairs going?" asked Heero.

"Quite OK. I'm nearly finished anyway."

There was a long silence before Heero spoke up again. "I heard about you and Quatre," said Heero. "And frankly, I think you should listen to his side of the story first before you can make your own judgements."

"You came here just to tell me that?" asked Trowa. "I bet either Duo or Quatre told you to come here to talk to me, right?"

"No, I came here on my own accord and I only said what I felt," lied Heero and Trowa believed him because you couldn't tell when Heero was lying because he put on a blank look 24 hours a day.

"So what you want to say is that I should just forgive Quatre and forget about everything that has happened, is it?" questioned Trowa. "Well, it's not as easy as you think. How would you feel if you saw your lover in bed with another person? And not with just any person you don't know - but with your own team mate."

"But you don't really know what happened!"

"You could obviously figure out what they had done if you had seen them this morning. It was obvious from the looks of things that they had been sleeping with each other!" countered Trowa.

"I know it looks bad but come on! You know that Quatre would never do such a thing like that!" Heero shot back.

Trowa didn't say anything.

"Why aren't you saying anything?" asked Heero in an unfeeling voice. "Finally realizing that you're wrong?"

Suddenly, Trowa's fist connected with the side of Heero's face before he even had a chance to back away. Heero reeled back in shock, his hand touching the sore spot.

"What the hell did you do that for," he spat angrily. His eyes flashed as he stared deep into Trowa's eyes.

"You should learn to stay out of people's business," said Trowa as he turned his back to Heero and walked away.

"Kisama! Damn you Trowa!" curse Heero to himself as he watched Trowa go.

"You're back!" cheered Duo as soon as Heero set foot in the house. The American came running to him to give him a big bear hug but he suddenly stopped dead in his tracks.

"Oh my god!!" gasped Duo. "What happened to your cheek? It's getting all purply."

"It's nothing," mumbled Heero as he pushed past Duo.

"Stop right there," ordered Duo and Heero just stood in one place. "You got into a fight with Trowa, didn't you?"

"I did not!" said Heero indignantly. "He punched me first!"

Suddenly they heard another gasp.

"Heero, what happened?" asked Quatre in a concerned voice as he came rushing towards the Japanese boy.

"I had a little accident, that's all," muttered Heero as he diverted his gaze to the other direction.

"It must hurt a lot," said Quatre gently as he touched Heero's sore cheek. Heero flinched a bit at the gentle touch. "You should put some ice on it."

"You shouldn't be so kind to him," grumbled Duo. "He's nothing but a baka who brought it on himself."

"Shut up! It wasn't my fault in the first place!"

"Why don't you stop bickering so we can take care of Heero's swollen cheeck," scolded Quatre.

"Well, well, well," came Trowa's voice in a sarcastic tone. "Seems to me that you have found yourself a new toy, ne Quatre?" Quatre's grief-stricken face glanced up to see Trowa looking at him coldly, as the taller boy took in the scene of Quatre holding Heero's cheeck.

"Stop being such a jerk," said Duo angrily. "Why are you doing this to Quatre - he doesn't deserve this kind of treatment from you!"

"And I didn't deserve to get the betrayal," said Trowa coolly as he sauntered off with one last look at Quatre.

"It's over," whispered Quatre as he felt his whole body getting numb. "Trowa really hates me."

"Damn that Trowa!" said Duo under his breath as his hands formed into fists. "I will not tolerate the fact that I would have to eat cornflakes everyday."

Heero raised an eyebrow over that remark.

"Cornflakes?" asked Quatre, sniffing a little. "What does cornflakes have to do with Trowa?"

"Ehehehe..." laughed Duo with a giant sweatdrop on his head. "Did I just say cornflakes?"

"Baka," muttered Heero as he shook his head.

To be continued.... what's gonna happen next?

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