2001-11-15 Ack...I haven't updated in such a long time. I've been so busy...failing tests, screwing up projects. ^^* More fanfics are being put up!

2001-09-20 The Weiss Page is up, I'll be working mainly on finishing the characters...I'll have to do the fanfics later. ;_; I keep on procrastinating...HELP!

2001-09-19 I've been updating...Gallery Section is up...not quite done with putting up those pics though...

2001-09-17 Updating here and there.

2001-09-12 It's sad to hear about what happened in the US. My heart goes out the all the rescuers, the victims, and their families. You may think I've been slacking off but I've been studying!!! Really! Well, I finished the adoptions section and I'll be working on the fics.

Omi: My nickname is quite confusing isn't it...well I go by Omiluver01 too! I'm the webMISTRESS of this site.
Omi: Nani? You're making minna run away! I would be confused too...
Omiluver01: Okay, okay...I'll use this name then.
Heero: Hn. Both of you are incredibly stupid.
Chichiri: Be nice no da!
Omiluver01: Now you're just confusing everyone! This is my site!!! MINE!!! You just happen to be bishies featured on this site.
Everyone: O.O
Omiluver01: Eh, well anyways, I need a new nickname. I love Omi but I like everyone else too...
Omi: So...does this mean I'm not your favorite?
Heero: What did you think? What a baby...
Chichiri: *Bops Heero on his head* I said be nice no da!!!
Omiluver01: Right. I should get a new nickname...Well enjoy the site!!! Please sign the guestbook! ^__^

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