Author: Jade
Pairing: 1x2
Warnings: yaoi, exhibitionism
Disclaimers: don't own them, sob...

Duo looked up from Deathscythe's control panel to see Heero climbing into
Wing Zero's cockpit. Duo watched Heero's spandex-clad, muscled ass wistfully.
Damn, he thought, what a body. Duo whistled under his breath as Heero bent
over to pick up a tool, stretching the spandex even tighter.

Though Duo thought he had whistled quietly, Heero's head snapped around to
stare at the braided pilot. Duo smiled innocently, then pretended to get back
to work. Soon, however, his violet eyes couldn't help straying back to the
Perfect Soldier's tight body. Duo soon lost himself in one of his favorite
fantasies: he was sleeping, and he woke up to see Heero bending over him,
naked and sweaty... With a start, Duo realized that the cobalt-eyed pilot was
indeed leaning over him, and did indeed appear to be unclothed... at least
from the waist up. Duo's eyes widened and he forgot how to speak as Heero
stared at him from a foot away. Heero had apparently snuck up on Duo when he
had been lost in Fantasyland. Duo couldn't ever remember seeing Heero without
a shirt on, except in his dreams, but here he was, topless. And sweaty, Duo
realized with a gulp. And staring at him, almost smirking.

"H-Heero?" managed Duo. "What's up?"

Heero leaned in closer, pinning Duo to his seat with his cobalt gaze. "Duo, I

Duo gulped, mouth suddenly dry, "What, Heero?"

"I need to borrow that wrench." Heero grabbed the tool and disappeared back
to his Gundam.

Duo was left panting and speechless, an uncommon occurrence. If he didn't
know better, he would have thought Heero was... teasing him? No, couldn't be.
Duo watched as Heero climbed back up to his Gundam, wearing only his spandex.
Shit. Now he was hard, and he really wasn't going to get anything done!

After a few more minutes of half-hearted tinkering, Duo decided he couldn't
stand it any more. Every time he looked over at Wing Zero, Heero seemed to be
in a more provocative pose. Duo looked once again, and felt himself harden
even more as he saw Heero's current position. This time, the Japanese pilot
was sitting in the chair, legs spread wide, and he was reaching up to adjust
a readout on the ceiling. His tight muscles bunched and strained as he
reached up over his head. Duo pounded his head against the wall. Why was
Heero doing this to him? Well, Duo thought, two can play this game.

Duo slithered quietly out of the cockpit and eased his way out of the hanger.
He retrieved two cold bottles of soda and managed to climb up to Wing Zero's
cockpit without making a noise. Resisting the urge to stop at eye level with
Heero's crotch, Duo climbed all the way in, then pressed one of the icy
bottles against Heero's wonderful abs.

Simultaneously, he called out in a lilting voice, "Heeeero! Wanna drink?"

Duo was rewarded by Heero jumping about two feet in the air and hitting his
head hard on the roof. Duo couldn't repress a snicker, though he knew it
would cost him dearly.

"DUO! OMAE O KOROSU!" Heero bellowed loud enough to wake the dead. "What the
fuck are you doing?"

Duo was amazed. He had never heard Heero curse before. He adopted his best
innocent look and said sweetly, "I just wondered if you were thirsty, Heero.
Even Perfect Soldiers need to... drink," Duo finished, looking up at Heero
and batting his eyelashes.

Without waiting for an answer, Duo twisted open one of the bottles, wrapped
his mouth around it, and drank deeply. When he finished, he ran his tongue
around the opening, then around his lips, and said, "Mmmmmmm."

Heero just stared. Duo continued, "Man, it's hot today, huh?" With that, Duo
unbuttoned the first few buttons of his shirt, then ran the bottle over his
neck and chest to transfer the condensation to his skin. Duo did all this
while maintaining direct eye contact with the cobalt-eyed boy.

Then Heero spoke up. "That just shows you, Duo," Heero began, "That you talk
too much. If you spent more time observing and less time talking, you would
have noticed," Heero reached behind him, "That I already have something that
will quench my thirst more efficiently. Water," Heero finished by dumping the
contents squarely on Duo's head, "Ice water."

Duo gasped and sputtered, as much in disbelief at what had just happened as
from shock at the icy water. "ASSHOLE!" Duo screamed, and launched himself at

Heero allowed himself a smirk before preparing himself for the braided baka's

Duo grabbed a handful of ice from the floor and attempted to assault Heero
with it. In the absence of a shirt, the only target was the ever-present
spandex. Duo got a firm grasp on the waistband with one hand, and shoved the
ice downwards with the other, a small portion of his mind noting with
interest that Heero didn't wear underwear.

Heero growled at the icy intrusion and Duo felt himself lifted and pinned to
the wall of the small cockpit. Heero pinned him effortlessly with one hand as
Duo struggled fruitlessly. Heero easily ripped away Duo's wet shirt, and as
his stunned mind registered that one of his favorite wet dreams started this
way, Heero reached into his pants, retrieved several large cubes, and
deposited them firmly down the waistband of Duo's loose pants. What Heero
unfortunately didn't count on was that Duo DID wear underwear, and these
provided at least a bit of insulation from the ice. For a moment, at least,
until his considerable body heat began to melt the ice. Duo started to
struggle to reach his pants, but Heero smirked and pinned both Duo's hands
with his free one. Duo made a mental note never to pick a real fight with
this pilot of steel.

After a few moments, Heero released the dripping Duo and let him slump onto
the floor. Duo immediately ripped open his pants, popping the buttons, and
tried to remove the ice. It was, however, too late, as all the ice had melted
into a considerable wet spot on the front of his pants. In consolation,
however, Duo noticed that Heero had a matching wet spot that was even more
noticeable on the spandex.

The two pilots eyed each other. Duo, gasping for breath, sat on the floor,
hair dripping, shirt gone and pants undone. Heero sat on the pilot's chair,
looking none the worse for wear, except for the wet spot.

Then, Duo spied a leftover piece of ice near his hand. Against his better
judgment, but not able to help himself at this point, he grabbed the ice and
smoothly launched himself at Heero again. This time he reached for the back
of Heero, aiming to put the ice down the back of Heero's spandex.
Unfortunately, Heero anticipated the assault and stopped Duo by pinning his
arms to his sides.

Simultaneously, both pilots realized the position their maneuvers had put
them in. Duo half-crouched between Heero's spread legs, the two boys pressed
tightly together from crotch to chest, their faces mere inches apart. Violet
eyes stared into cobalt, and time stood still.

Suddenly, Heero released Duo's arms and grabbed Duo by his hair, wrenching
the other boy the rest of the distance to his mouth. Heero crushed his lips
to Duo's, forcing his lips apart with a savage thrust of his tongue. Heero
kissed hard enough to bruise, and didn't stop until Duo was gasping for air.

Heero could read the question in the braided boy's eyes. "Because I've had
enough of your damn cockteasing," Heero growled and lifted Duo until he was
straddling his lap. Then he roughly claimed Duo's mouth again, exploring
mercilessly with his tongue. Heero transferred his hands to Duo's ass,
pulling him even closer and grinding his erection into Duo's.

Yes, there were definitely two erections there, Duo realized as he came to
his senses. The shock of being ravished by Heero had rendered him temporarily
catatonic, but it was wearing off quickly.

"Oh, I'm *not* a cockteaser, Heero," Duo purred. "I always follow through."
With that, he rocked his hips against Heero's and delivered a savage kiss of
his own. Duo ran his hands over every part of Heero he could reach as their
tongues sparred. When his fingers found Heero's nipples and started to play
with them, Heero was the one to gasp, breaking the kiss.

Heero growled again and reached down, taking hold of Duo's opened pants. He
tensed his muscles and pulled as hard as he could. Heero was rewarded by the
sound of fabric ripping, and Duo's pants and boxers fell away completely. Now
Duo was sitting completely naked in Heero's lap.

Heero smirked, taking in the vision straddling him. Duo looked even better
unadorned. The fact that Duo's large, rock hard erection was staring him in
the face didn't hurt either.

Duo gasped, turned on even more by Heero's show of strength. "Uh, Heero, if
you'd wanted me to take my clothes off, you just had to ask," he said. Duo's
voice wasn't as steady as his words, though, and he pressed his bare skin to
Heero's. "The door is open, you know. If anyone comes into the hanger,
they'll be able to see..."

Heero cut him off. "Fuck them. I don't care."

"I'd rather you fuck *me*, Heero," Duo whispered in his ear, turned on even
further by Heero's urgency.

"I intend to," Heero promised, sending a thrill of anticipation down Duo's

"Undo your hair," ordered Heero. Duo complied, as Heero lifted him and
removed his own spandex. Heero then kissed Duo again, every sensation
magnified by the fact that they were both naked now. Their aching arousals
rubbed together.

Duo gasped, "Oh god, Heero, do it! I want you inside me!"

Heero smirked and reached behind him. Duo gaped as he pulled out a small
tube. Why does Heero keep lube in his Gundam? Then all thought flew out the
window as Heero reached under Duo and inserted a lubricated finger.

"Oh, Heero, please just fuck me! I can't wait!" pleaded Duo.

"Are you sure?" Heero frowned. Duo nodded. "Ok then..."

Heero applied the gel to his arousal and lifted Duo, pausing when Duo was
poised over him. Then he lowered the longhaired boy slowly onto his hardness.
Duo started to moan when he first felt Heero enter him and he got louder with
every rock hard inch. Duo clutched Heero's shoulders as he felt himself
filled by Heero.

Finally, Heero was buried to the hilt. Duo nodded, beyond words. Heero held
Duo's hips and began pump slowly. Duo leaned forward so Heero could move more
freely. It also meant that Heero's length brushed against Duo's magic spot
with every thrust.

"Oh. God. Heero. More. Oh. Yes," Duo said, punctuated by Heero's deep

"Duo," breathed Heero, surrounded by Duo and his hair. He was in heaven,
fucking an angel. Knowing even he couldn't last much longer, he reached
between them, stroking Duo's arousal while he pumped.

Duo lost it. Screaming Heero's name, he climaxed all over the two of them.
Heero thrust once more into Duo's incredible tightness, before surrendering
and pumping Duo full of his seed.

Unable or unwilling to move, they lay there for a minute, collapsed on each
other. Then Duo raised his head, and looked around at the mess that Wing
Zero's cockpit had become.

Duo smiled ruefully and began, "Heero, I-- " but was effectively silenced by
Heero's mouth on his. Oh well, Duo decided not to tell Heero he had heard the
hangar door open and close earlier.


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