I do not have any right’s or the permission to use the Gundam boys in this fic, I also did not create the G-boys * pout *

Quatre and Duo got up after about an hour of laying together, enjoying each other’s company.

Duo stepped out of the room first, to find Wufei, laying in the middle of the hall, the floor covered with blood.

Duo picked up Wufei, who slowly came around and looked up at Duo and stumbled out of Duo’s grasp,

"Hey, Hey, I was just helping you up Wufei!" Duo said as he raised his hand’s.

Wufei simply looked at Duo and walked back into his room.

Quatre came out of his room and Duo looked at Duo,

"What was that about, Duo?"

Duo shrugged his shoulders and replied,

"I dunno? When I came out, I saw Wufei lying on the floor with blood all over, and all he did when he came around was run into his room."

"Don’t bother, I all ready asked him once about that and all he said was, "It’s a long story." So why bother." Quatre said as he grabbed Duo’s hand.


They walked into the living room, where they found Heero sitting on top of Trowa kissing him,

"Hey, guy’s." Trowa said breaking the kiss,

"Hey." Duo said back as he grabbed Quatre around the waist.

Duo sat down on the chair and placed Quatre on his lap, Quatre blushed as Trowa and Heero looked over at them,

"So are you guy’s an item or what?" Trowa asked as Heero moved down and laid on Trowa’s chest,

"Of course!" Duo said as he pulled Quatre to his chest,

"What about you two?" Quatre asked as he played with the end of Duo’s braid,

"Yep." Heero answered not leaving Trowa’s chest.

Duo grabbed the remote and turned on the T.V as he played with Quatre’s hair.

Wufei then walked into the living room to find Heero once again on top of Trowa kissing him, and Quatre on Duo’s lap watching T.V as Duo and Quatre played with each other’s hair.

Duo looked up at Wufei,

"Hey, Wu!"

Wufei’s eyes widened as he grabbed his nose and ran back up stairs.


I know I know, this fic SUCK’S THE BIG ONE! But it is my very first fic that I have ever wrote so please bare with me ok?????

I’m getting better (or so I think ^_^;) but if you don’t think it suck’s email me, and if you thing it totally sinks then email me too, praise’s and flame’s are accepted 0.o

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