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"Heero? Is there someone in there with you? I thought I heard someone scream?" Quatre asked with a confused look on his face as he pressed his ear against the door.

"NO! I’m fine, I’m going to take a nap Quatre, so if you wouldn’t mind checking in, in about an hour. OK?" Heero said, trying to make his voice sound normal, as Trowa kissed and nipped at Heero’s neck, while his hands slowly felt each curve of Heero’s body.

"Alrighty, Heero!" Quatre called back a little ways down the hall.

Heero rolled over looking at Trowa, with a bright red face and smiled at him.

Meanwhile Quatre walked a few more feet and saw that Wufei’s door was open, which he never keep open, so Quatre knocked lightly on the door, and when he heard that no one answered, slowly opened the door.

When Quatre looked in, he found Wufei lying on his face on the floor and blood covered the floor around his head.

Quatre ran towards Wufei and rolled him over.

Wufei slowly opened his eyes and looked at Quatre who was kneeling over him wipping the blood from Wufei’s face.

Wufei quickly stood up and covered his face,

"Wufei, what exactly happened here?" Quatre asked with a confused look.

"Oh…..ah…..well…..I kinda……heard……Trowa……well……I believe it was them…….and…….Heero…….well……kinda……moaning…….and I be……believe they were…….having……having…….having…….SEX!"

Wufei managed to spit out as he sweatdropped.

"ARE YOU SERIOUS!" Quatre screamed out,

"But what does that have to do with your nose bleeding?" Quatre asked lifting an eyebrow.

Wufei shot a deadly look at him and said,

"It’s along story."

Quatre left Wufei, tending to his nose, and walked back to Heero’s room next to Wufei’s.

Quatre silently pressed his ear to the door.

It was quite, but he could hear two quite voices, but couldn’t make out what they were saying.

Just then suddenly he heard Duo’s voice,

"Hey, Quatre….. What ya doing?" Duo asked lifting an eyebrow.

Quatre spun around and grabbed Duo’s mouth, pushing him into his room,


"OK, Ok." Duo said, holding up his hands,

"But what where you doing?" Duo asked looking at Quatre.

"Well, Wufei just told me that he thought he heard, Trowa, and Heero, having, SEX!" Quatre explained.

Duo’s mouth hung open as he looked out the door at Heero’s door,

"NO WAY! HEERO! TROWA! You have got to be pulling my leg!" Duo said loudly as his eyes widened.

Quatre looked at Duo, as Duo looked out Quatre’s door. Then it finally clicked that they were in Quatre’s room!

Suddenly Heero’s door opened and Trowa walked out.

Quatre ran to his door and closed it, also almost closing Duo’s nose in the door,

"WOW!….. watch it Quatre." Duo said as he grabbed his nose.

Quatre stared at Duo, then something just clicked in his body.

He quickly walked up to Duo and threw him on to the bed, jumped on him and kissed him.

As Quatre backed away, Duo looked at him and said,

"Quatre…. Do you have any idea how long I’ve been waiting for you to do that!" Duo explained as Quatre’s eyes widened in surprise and happiness.

Duo then wrapped his legs around Quatre and grabbed his neck for another kiss.

They parted their kiss once again and Quatre took Duo’s braid and unbraided it, letting Duo’s beautiful long hair flow.

Quatre played with Duo’s hair as Duo stripped off Quatre’s clothed. Quatre also stripped Duo of his clothes.

Duo grabbed Quatre’s shoulders and laid the little blonde on his back.

Duo then kissed and nipped at almost every bare space he could find on Quatre.

Heero and Trowa, hearing some slight moaning, went to Quatre’s room and peeked in.

Duo was just about to take Quatre’s erection into his mouth when he heard Trowa call out,


Duo’s and Quatre’s head’s quickly spun to the door, finding Heero and Trowa, holding each other,

"Well, now that we know you two are together, we can tell you that Heero and I are together. And make as much noise as you want, we don’t mind, because we know how hard it is to keep it quite." Trowa said bobbing his eyebrows and closing the door.

Then the door flung open once more,

"Hey, Duo…… NICE ASS!" Trowa called out as he closed the door once again.

Duo sweatdropped as Quatre giggled.

Duo then glanced back down at Quatres erection and licked it from the base to the tip, making the little blonde moan, and arch his back.

Duo then took Quatre’s full erection into his mouth and sucked as Quatre slowly thrusted into Duo’s mouth.

As Duo sucked Quatre’s erection his right hand rubbed Quatre’s sack and his left hand rubbed Quatre’s inner left thigh.

Quatre widened his legs as he came in Duo’s mouth. Duo then took some of Quatre’s liquid that slid down his erection and placed it on his finger’s of his right hand.

Duo than placed one finger into Quatre’ small opening, pumping it slowly, as Quatre’s eyes widened.

Duo then placed two more fingers in and pumped slowly, until he was ready. He spread them slightly then pulled them out, bringing a small disappointed moan out of the small blonde.

Duo took some more of Quatre’s sweet liquid and rubbed it up and down his erection.

He then grabbed Quatre, who was still lying on his back, and positioned him so he could easily enter Quatre.

Duo slowly entered Quatre as Quatre bit down on his bottom lip.

When Duo was totally inside Quatre, Quatre flung his legs around Duo’s waist.

Duo thrusted slowly at first, making sure his wasn’t hurting the small blonde beneath him.

When he was sure, he went a little faster.

Quatre put his arms around Duo’s neck and threw his head back as he let out a loud scream.

Duo’s hair, surrounded the blonde and rested on the bed.

Duo thrusted faster and harder as sweat formed on the two boy’s bodies.

Quatre grabbed Duo’s ass and pushed as Duo thrusted inward, causing Duo to scream as he neared climax.

The thrusting became even faster as Quatre pushed on Duo’s ass and came on Duo’s tight stomach.

Duo held his breath as he tensed up and came in his little blonde lover.

Duo caught his breath as he slowed his thrusting.

Duo slowly pulled out of Quatre and looked at his little sweaty lover,

"I love you Quatre, you know that, right?"

Quatre smiled back at his American lover and nodded as he tried to catch his breath.

Duo laid on his back next to Quatre, and Quatre rolled over and wrapped his leg with Duo’s and looked up at him,

"I love you too, Duo." Quatre said as he pulled Duo’s bangs from his sweaty forehead.

Duo looked down at Quatre and smiled as he ran his finger’s through Quatre’s soft blonde hair.

Duo then wrapped his arms around Quatre and pulled him to his chest and smiled.

Quatre felt so safe in the american’s arms, he never wanted to move.

Tears of happiness fell from Quatre’s eyes.

Duo felt the tears fall on his chest and lifted Quatre’s face so he could see,

"What’s wrong my sweet?" Duo asked with a concered look.

"Nothing….. it’s just I loved and wanted you for so long I couldn’t help it." Quatre said looking up at Duo with tear’s still rolling down his face.

Duo wiped Quatre’s tears and kissed him lightly on the lips and said,

"You will never ever cry again, because I love you and I will never let you go, no matter what." Duo explained as he smiled at Quatre.

End of pt 3


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