I don’t have any right’s or the permission to use the g-boys in this story (sorry ^_^;)

Warning!!!!!! This fic contains: Yaoi and lemon (and food foreplay(naughty Heero^_~) (This pt of my fic is where the lemon comes into play!)

Heero walked into his room and turned on the radio before sitting on his bed and munching on a strawberry with whipped cream.

Heero than heard someone walking down the hall, then Trowa entered his room and closed and locked the door behind him.

Heero looked at Trowa with a lifted eyebrow, with whipped cream sitting on the side of his mouth.

Trowa walked toward Heero, and sat on the bed next to him.

Heero looked at him and asked,

"Trowa, can I help you or something?"

Trowa put his finger on Heero’s lips and leaned toward him, noticing the whipped cream on Heero’s mouth.

Trowa slowly licked the whipped cream from Heero’s mouth and Heero’s eye’s widened.

Trowa then proceeded to press his lips against Heero’s, Heero hesitated for a moment, then pressed as well.

Trowa then slowly slipped his tongue into Heero’s mouth, Heero a bit surprised at first, but opened his mouth and began to wrap his tongue with Trowa’s.

Heero leaned on to Trowa, not breaking the kiss and Trowa wrapped his arms around Heero’s neck.

Trowa’s hand moved around Heero’s body, feeling every inch with care.

Trowa then ran his hands across Heero’s ass and Heero moaned slightly from this new sensation that he was feeling.

Their legs wrapped around one another’s while they felt each other’s hard on’s pressing against the other’s.

Heero broke the kiss, breathing heavy and looked deep into Trowa’s soft green eye’s.

Heero still a little dazed about the situation asked,

"When?….. Why?"

Trowa looked at Heero and said,

"From the very beginning, when I saw those beautiful eye’s of ours and that beautiful body, I just knew I had to have you." Trowa replied as he smiled and pulled Heero in for another passionate kiss.

They broke once again to remove each other’s shirts, which they did, quickly.

Trowa grabbed Heero and flipped him on to his back and began to kiss Heero’s neck.

Trowa worked his way to Heero’s chest and lightly kissed Heero’s nipples.

Heero moaned and arched his back in response to the soft touch of Trowa’s lips.

Trowa kissed downward on Heero’s tight stomach and made his way to Heero’s jeans.

Trowa removed Heero’s belt and undoing the button’s, rubbed Heero’s erection lightly with his hand, which made Heero moan for more. Trowa took the zipper between his teeth and held the top of Heero’s jeans with his hands as he slowly unzipped Heero’s jeans with his teeth.

Trowa than slowly removed Heero’s jeans and moved back up and kissed Heero.

Heero than worked on removing Trowa’s jeans, which he did so…. Quickly.

Heero’s eyes fell on the bowl of strawberries and whipped cream, dipping his fingers into the cream and held up his hand, offering to Trowa.

Trowa took Heero’s hand and lightly licked the cream from his fingers one by one.

Heero sat up placing some cream on Trowa’s neck and chest, he licked it from him which made Trowa moan in delight of the feel of Heero’s tongue pressing on his body.

Heero laid back and Trowa removed Heero’s underwear, uncovering Heero’s throbbing erection.

Trowa smiled and placed his lips on the tip of Heero’s penis.

Heero pleaded with Trowa to do his best, and with that Trowa did, taking Heero’s penis into his mouth.

Heero’s eyes widened and he gasped as Trowa slowly sucked, moving his head up and down. Heero arched his back and bit his lip to keep from yelling.

Trowa sucked faster as Heero came in his mouth. Trowa looked at Heero’s expression of pleasure and swallowed Heero’s come. Trowa moved up to kiss Heero and Heero met him halfway, throwing his arms around Trowa.

Heero removed Trowa’s underwear and touched Trowa’s erection with his hand.

Heero then proceeded to rub Trowa until he came, then Trowa rubbed his semean down his length and turned Heero so Heero’s back was facing him.

Trowa placed his hands on Heero’s hips and lifted Heero on to his wet throbbing erection.

Heero’s eyes widened and gasped as he felt Trowa enter him.

Trowa moved Heero slowly down his length, which made Heero breath heavy, feeling slowly every inch of Trowa, wet and throbbing enter him

Trowa thrusted once and Heero moaned and bit his bottom lip.

Trowa placed his hand on Heero’s throbbing erection and pumped Heero in time of his thrust’s.

Heero reached back and placed his hands on the back of Trowa’s head, pulling Trowa in.

Trowa’s thrusted faster and they moaned loudy, wanting to scream, but afraid the other’s will hear.

Trowa breathed beside Heero’s ear and nipped it as he neared climax.

The thrust’s and pumping became faster,

"Heero….. I’m close……" Trowa gasped into Heero’s ear.

"Trowa!….. Yes!……. Yes!!!" Heero muttered loudly as they both climaxed.

Trowa pressed his head against Heero’s shoulder as he came in Heero.

Heero threw back his head and yelled Trowa’s name as he came on to the sheets and Trowa’s hand.

Trowa slowly lifted Heero off his lap and licked the come from his hand as he watched Heero lay down on the bed.

Trowa then smiled at Heero, his hair and body dripping with sweat.

Trowa looking at his also sweaty lover, leaned down and kissed him.

They laid holding each other, when Quatre knocked on the door.

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