Contains: Yaoi, Lemon and food foreplay

(Naughty Heero)

I do not have any rightís to use the g-boys in this story, and I did not create the boys so Iím writing this without permission (sorry^_^;)

PT: 1 (OF 4 PTS)(The first pt is long and kinda senseless, but for the Yaoi fans, read on because it getís much better ^_~ (pts 2, 3, & 4 I mean ^_^;)

Duo opened his eyes, and listened to the birds outside his window,

"Fuck off! Iím trying to sleep!" Duo yelled (of course Duo was never a morning person.)

Duo rolled over and pulled the covers over his head, trying to block out the sounds of the birds.

"Ah! The hell with it!" Duo yelled as got up and headed for the bathroom in his bedroom.

Quatre who had (of course) woke up much earlier was in the kitchen working on breakfast for the rest of the G-boys.

The first to come down stairs was Heero. Who also woke early to check on Wing Zero and make sure there were no repairs to be made.

"Hello, Heero, as I suspected you would be awake so I already prepared a plate for you." Quatre said as he placed the plate in front of Heero.

Heero began to eat, when he heard singing coming from upstairs. It was Duo singing a long to the radio he had turned on before jumping into the shower.

Quatre let out a small giggle, and Heero rolled his eyes and continued to eat.

Moments later there was a thud and the sound of Wufeiís voice filled the house.

"Duo I swear to God, if you donít shut the hell upÖ." Wufeiís ranting was cut off by Duo as he proceeded to sing louder.

"Ah! Forget it! Telling him to do something, is like telling a brick wall to move!" Wufei said as he walked toward the kitchen.

The last to rise from bed was Trowa, after working late on Heavy Arms.

Trowa smiled to him self as he could smell the sweet smell of his favorite- strawberry pancakes.

When Trowa and Duo finally made their way to the kitchen, they found plates full of good food placed at their places at the table.

Heero had already finished his plate and was found in the living room, pounding away on the key board of his computer.

Trowa sat down and began to eat, and Duo darted for the table and plopped down in his chair as he reached for his fork and jammed a pancake into his mouth.

"Great, as usual! Quatre!" Duo said looking at Quatre and chewing on the pancake that was nearly gone.

Wufei sweatdropped and looked at Duo as Duo shoved some sausages into his mouth.

Wufei got up and placed his plate in the sink and headed up stairs.

Duo sat back in his seat, with his stomach pushed outwards while he moaned and applauded Quatre on his cooking,

"Quatre if you werenít cooking, I think we would all be fat from all the take out we would order!" Duo said as he smiled and grabbed his stomach.

"Thanks Duo, and Trowa, how are you enjoying your breakfast?" Quatre asked, crossing his fingers and placing his hands under his chin.

Trowa blinked at the small, sweet grin that Quatre gave him and answered,

"Itís great, thank you, Quatre." Trowa replied as he placed a piece of his favorite pancake into his mouth.

Quatre, happy, sat back sipping his tea and looked at the two G-boys, rubbing their stomachs in delight of the great breakfast they had.

The afternoon seem to come quickly and Heero and Wufei were in the warehouse training, and as usual Duo was sprawled out on the sofa watching tv, with a bag of chips lying on his chest and remote in hand.

Quatre sat opposite of Duo in a chair watching Duo carefully.

Even though Duo was not at his best Quatre still sat back and admired him,

("Do I tell Duo that Iím in love with him? Or is this just a phase that will pass?")

Quatre thought as he looked down at Duoís braid flowing down the arm of the sofa and resting on the floor,

("He is so handsome though, but I donít know if heís gay, or would even consider it?")

Suddenly he saw Duo looking up at him, with a confused look slapped on his face.

"Quatre?Ö. Why, may I ask are you looking at me like that?" Duo asked lifting an eyebrow.

Quatre paused for a moment and then realized Duo had asked him a question,

"Ö. Well, look at the floor, look at the sofa, Duo, if youíre going to eat in here, at least be clean about it." Quatre replied, close to blushing.

Duo finally sat up, after two hours of lying and watching tv, and looked around him.

He then looked back at Quatre and sweatdropped,

"IÖ. Guess youíre right, sorry, Iíll clean it up right away, besides Iím getting bored of just lying around and watching tv." Duo said, leaving the room to get the vacuum.

Quatre rolled his eyes and thought,

("God, Iím such an IDOIT!")

Duo came running back into the living room, vacuum in hand and started cleaning the mess.

Meanwhile in the warehouse, Trowa found Wufei working on his martial arts and Heero poking around in Wing Zero.

Trowa climbed up Wing Zero and peered into the cockpit where Heero was sitting.

"Hey, Heero. What ya working on?" Trowa asked looking down at Heero.

Heero looked up and saw Trowa,

"Nothin, itís just been so long since weíve been on a mission, I kinda miss being in here." Heero replied with a disappointed look on his face.

"Yeah, I know what ya mean. Itís been so quite lately, and I really donít think things are going to pick up any time soon." Trowa replied as he sighed.

"Yep." Heero said back.

"Hey, Heero, I think Quatre was starting lunch when I left the house, you want to grab a bite to eat?" Trowa asked.

"Yeah, you head for the house, and Iíll tell Wufei, lunch is ready and come in."

Trowa nodded and headed for the house.

When Trowa got in to the kitchen, of course, he found Duo sitting at the table stuffing a sandwich into his mouth, followed by a handful of chips.

Trowa sat down and began to eat, as he watched Duo finish up and practically lick the plate clean, before placing it in the sink.

Trowa sweatdropped as Duo walked out of the room.

Soon after Heero followed by Wufei came in and sat at the table as Quatre placed their plates in front of them and sat down himself to eat his lunch.

As they ate they could hear Duoís radio pumped to the max,

"Does that man ever take a break!" Wufei proclaimed as Quatre let out a small laugh and thought,

("Iím glad he doesnít take a break, because then he would just be no fun in bed!")

As a smirk crossed his mouth.

After lunch Quatre gathered the dishes and began to clean.

Heero decided to have a lunch desert and grabbed a bowl of strawberries topped with whipped cream and headed for his room.

End of pt 1. Well what do you think? I know it may seem boring (the first pt any way) But you havenít read the restÖ It gets better. ^_~ So tell me what you think and I hope you like it and Iíll get pt 2 ASAP.!!

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