This is a different kind of fic for me. Oh, it's still a very lemony PWP, but
I tried a little something different with the style. Please let me know what
you think!

Title: Desires Fulfilled part 1
Author: Jade
Pairing: 1x2
Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: Don't own the G-boys!

Duo was awakened by the sound of his own voice, crying out in the dark room.
Sweat drenched sheets hopelessly tangled around his body as Duo tried to
remember where he was. His only vivid thoughts were of the dream he had so
recently exited. Duo tried to calm his heart rate and breathing as the
details of the dream came flooding back in a rush. The dream had been so real
that Duo could almost smell the sex he'd been dreaming of. His body flushed
and his erection nearly painful, Duo chanced a look over at the subject of
this, and nearly all, of his dreams. Heero Yuy, perfect soldier that he was,
slept quietly, not bothered by such frivolous matters as dreams of making
love to his longtime roommate.

Duo peered disgustedly at the luminous clock. 3AM. Shit. He had to be up in
two hours for a mission. Why in hell did this happen every night? He couldn't
take it much longer. Though, he had to admit, the dream had been especially
intense this time. He remembered nearly all of it, from the moment he, in the
dream, had awakened to see Heero looming above him, overwhelming lust in his
cobalt eyes. The dream Heero had ripped the sheets off Duo's lithe body and
devoured him with those eyes. His hands quickly followed, claiming Duo's
eager body as their own. Duo arched involuntarily off the bed to meet those
rough hands, responding immediately. Heero's hands roamed all over Duo,
freeing his chestnut hair from its braid and pooling the hair around him...

Wait a minute, Duo surfaced from contemplation of the dream, didn't I leave
my hair braided last night? The dreams had been so intense lately that he
would wake up surrounded by a hopelessly tangled mass of hair, and it just
took so long to get it sorted out. Last night, Duo remembered making a
conscious decision to leave his hair braided to avoid such problems. Yet,
here he sat, surrounded by a very definitely loose mass of golden brown
tangled locks. Guess my dream Heero likes my hair down, he mused. No sense
trying to get back to sleep now. Duo jumped up and went to take a very cold

Heero was awakened by the sound of running water. His position was such that
he could see directly into the bathroom through the doorway that Duo had, in
his usual careless manner, left ajar. His breath caught as he glimpsed the
longhaired pilot leaving a trail of clothes as he stripped. Heero couldn't
help himself; he sat up silently so he could track Duo's progress across the
bathroom through the opening. Just like he couldn't help himself when he had
entered their room last night and saw Duo already sound asleep. Heero had
stood, transfixed, by the sight of the braided boy flung across his bed, the
sheets already twisted around his slim hips, moonlight streaming across his
body. The light had made him appear to glow like the angel he truly was,
Heero mused.

Irresistibly drawn toward Duo, Heero had found himself mere inches away from
his bed, gazing at him helplessly. Heero couldn't decide when Duo was more
breathtaking; when he was awake bounding all over with his cheerful energy,
or asleep like this, so Heero could drink him in like fine wine. Heero leaned
over the bed, studying Duo in the silver moonlight. When Duo was near, Heero
found that he couldn't think properly, and he was forced to recede into his
training as the Perfect Soldier, knowing how much his brusqueness hurt his
best friend. Better the hurt, thought Heero, than Duo knowing what his very
presence did to him; it filled him with longing. Longing to touch Duo's face,
run his hands through that amazing hair, feel his sleek body against his...
Heero had run his fingers along Duo's cheek before he could stop himself, and
the boy had squirmed and moaned in response, pulling his sheets nearly
completely off. Heero had jumped back in shock; shock at what he had been
about to do. Heero stared guiltily at Duo's body, licking his dry lips and
secretly wishing the sheets had come off all the way.  Heero had forced
himself to get ready for bed, all the while casting glances at his partner
from across the room. He lay in his bed for what seemed an eternity before he
found sleep, all the while aching to be curled up next to Duo. So close and
yet so far.

Now Heero sat in the dark, entire being focused on catching another delicious
glimpse of Duo's naked form through the door. Heero growled in frustration as
Duo moved beyond his view, allowing him only a brief glimpse of the
tantalizing line of his body. The ache started again, radiating out from his
lower body. Rock hard and fully awake, Heero thought about what would happen
if he just went into the bathroom, threw aside the shower curtain and grabbed
Duo. He would grab him around his slim waist, step into the shower with him,
and kiss Duo as they both got drenched by the warm water. I bet even Duo
would be speechless, Heero snickered to himself.

But it was only a fantasy. Heero could no more do such a thing as... as Duo
could stop talking. It would mean revealing his feelings for Duo, and Heero
knew he couldn't risk losing his best friend if that friend didn't return
those feelings. So he watched Duo whenever he got a chance. Heero was trained
in the art of observing without being noticed. He put those skills to good
use, drinking in the sight of Duo whenever he could. Mostly the chance came
when Duo was asleep, so Heero had begun to deliberately stay up later than
him so he could gaze uninterrupted at the object of his... lust? Love? He
wasn't sure, but Heero knew it was real.  He also knew it might be affecting
his performance in missions, but he couldn't help it.

In the shower, Duo shivered under the cold onslaught. Not only was a cold
shower miserable, it wasn't even lessening his frustration. Sighing, Duo
turned up the temperature to a reasonable level. There was only one thing
that could relieve this tension, he thought, and he was sleeping, oblivious,
in the next room. Unaware of his beauty, unaware of Duo's passion for him.
How could Heero be so unaware of his own sexual aura? When Heero would emerge
from his Gundam after a battle, eyes blazing, adrenaline pumping, Duo was
sure that one day he would succumb to all that crackling tension and jump
Heero.  Picturing the way Heero stripped off his flightsuit after a mission,
on his way to the shower... Duo felt his hand move, as if by its own
volition, down to stroke his aching arousal. Duo bit his lip to keep from
crying out as he imagined Heero's hand on him, Heero's mouth... Did Heero do
this in the shower, too? Slumped against the wall of the shower, Duo gasped
as he pictured that scene, arousal painful in his hand. Oh god, the image of
Heero Yuy stroking himself nearly made him climax all by itself. What would
the Perfect Soldier think of while he pleasured himself? Would he bite his
lip like this... Duo stroked himself faster, and let out an unintentionally
loud moan as he thought of Heero, close to climax.

Heero was startled by the sound coming from the shower. Was Duo hurt? It
sounded like a gasp of pain coming from the shower. He listened harder,
attuning his hearing to filter out the sound of running water, and
concentrated on the sounds that Duo was making. There, that sounded like a
moan of pain, or... Heero sat stunned in the darkened bedroom as realization
hit him. Duo was... the thought of what Duo was doing made him moan
involuntarily and made his arousal stiffen and pulse. He was out of the bed
and halfway to the bathroom before he caught himself... Heero wanted
desperately to see, to watch Duo touch what he himself longed to caress.
Heero knew he was taking a terrible chance, but he was too far gone now to
stop himself. He just needed one glimpse of the violet-eyed beauty: a glimpse
like that could fuel his fantasies for weeks. One glimpse of Duo's sensual
body, writhing like it would if it were beneath him...

Soundlessly, Heero eased open the bathroom door just enough to slide his slim
body through. He was driven forward by Duo's erotic moans, by the need to see
Duo. The bathroom was filled with steam, making the situation even more
surreal. Heero crept forward, knowing he was playing with fire, but so turned
on by Duo he couldn't help himself. He could just see the outline of Duo's
body through the thin shower curtain. Heero strained to make out details in
the mist-filled room.

Duo was lost in his fantasy. In his mind, Heero's strong hands were all over
him, roughly claiming his flesh. He stroked faster, close to the edge, losing
control of his body, when the name of his desire spilled accidentally from
his lips. Then something, a slight sound, brought him out of his reverie.

Heero stood stunned outside the shower. He might have actually gasped when he
heard Duo moan his name. Duo, saying his name, in a way that Heero had wanted
him to say it, ever since they had met. Heero's mind, numbed with desire,
struggled to understand, to accept that Duo moaned for him. A small part of
his mind, and a large part of his body, dared to hope.

Fearing the worst, Duo peeked his head around the curtain. Duo began to doubt
his own eyes, for what stood before him seemed to be a scene from his own wet
dreams. Heero, his obsession, his fixation, stood in the small bathroom.
Heero was very naked, and very aroused, and staring at Duo. Had Heero heard

Violet eyes gone wide with shock stared at him from behind the white curtain.
Heero stared back, unable to speak as Duo took in the cobalt-eyed boy's
state. Duo whispered what had to be his name, but Heero couldn't hear over
the rushing water and his own pounding heart. The longhaired boy repeated the
word, more loudly this time. Heero couldn't take his eyes off the sensuous
lips that haunted his dreams. Heero realized Duo was indeed saying his name.

In his surprise, Duo had let the shower curtain drop, and Heero ached at the
sight of Duo's naked, wet body, as aroused as he was, surrounded by a curtain
of wet hair. Heero took a step forward, arm reaching out toward Duo. Heero
could hear himself saying Duo's name, but he wasn't fully in control of his

Duo stood, stunned, as Heero reached out to him. This wasn't happening, it
couldn't be. It must be a dream, though it felt all too real. The hot rushing
water, the throbbing pressure between his legs, the feel of Heero's fingers
touching his hair... Duo closed his eyes in supplication, then opened them
again, convinced that Heero would be gone. But he wasn't, he was still there,
with a look on his face Duo had never seen there before. The look was
uncertain. Duo was sure he had never seen Heero uncertain about anything.
Heero began to draw his hand away, certain he'd been rejected in spite of the
evidence before him. Duo stopped him, though, with a gentle hand on his that
kept Heero's hand where it was. They looked at each other in wonder, as if
they didn't know each other at all.

Duo broke the moment by squeezing Heero's hand and pulling him closer. Duo
had decided that, real or not, he was seizing this moment for all it was
worth. Maybe he would wake up in the morning with wet sheets again, but it
would have been worth it for one hell of a dream. He slowly pulled Heero
toward him, forcing the cobalt-eyed boy to step into the shower with him.
Heero let himself be pulled, unresisting, toward Duo.

Unlike Duo, Heero was absolutely sure this wasn't a dream, but he was afraid
to even speak lest he break the spell that had somehow been cast upon this
longhaired angel before him. The spell might break, and Duo might realize
that he didn't want Heero after all. Then Heero would have to die, because if
he didn't touch this beauty now, after seeing and hearing him like this, his
heart would surely explode like a Gundam on self-destruct.

Finally, they faced each other, scant inches apart in the small shower.
Heero's hand was still entwined in Duo's hair, and Duo's hand still held it
there. Inches apart, still neither of them could take the final step. Time
stood still as they regarded each other, and dared to hope.

Duo could stand it no longer, and broke the spell by stepping forward and
pressing his lips to Heero's. That one touch was cathartic; suddenly they
were all over each other. Heero tightened his grip in Duo's hair, pulling him
closer. Duo's hands came up around Heero's back and ran down over his muscled
ass, pulling him tight against Duo. Heero's free hand ran up and down Duo's
side, marveling at the fact of what he was doing.

The kiss deepened, tongues warring and exploring. They broke for air, but
their hands never paused. Two rock hard erections found each other and ground
together desperately. Months of pent-up desire exploded and took control of
their hands and mouths.

Despite the water's lubrication, the friction between the two and the months
of frustration were threatening to drive Heero over the edge. From Duo's
moans, he could tell the longhaired boy was close as well. Desperate with
need, their eyes met. Understanding without words, Duo pulled Heero out of
the shower. Pausing only to grab a small bottle of lotion, Duo pulled Heero
back out into the bedroom, mouths connected all the way.

Breaking the kiss, Duo let go of Heero and indicated he should stay where he
was. Crawling onto the bed, Duo then turned around, spread his hair around
him and lay back, looking enticingly at Heero. When Heero paused to admire
the boy before him, Duo lay back and spread his legs in an obvious
invitation. Heero watched breathlessly as Duo played with his hair, trailing
it all over his incredible body. When Duo began to lightly stroke himself,
Heero could take it no longer. With a growl, he all but jumped on the bed,
moving between Duo's legs. Heero moved up until his thighs touched Duo's,
forcing his legs further apart. Duo moaned at the feeling of vulnerability
this created; he loved to see Heero above him. Heero planted a hand on either
side of Duo and leaned down to claim his mouth again. Duo's hands came up and
caressed Heero's back and strong arms. Duo thrilled at the obvious strength
in Heero's compact frame, knowing full well that body could just as easily
kill him as fuck him. Though Duo had no doubt which of those would happen

Riding a wave of passion he had never before felt, Heero ravaged Duo's sweet
mouth as he moved one hand to stroke Duo's hardness. After retrieving the
lotion, Heero turned his attention to preparing his soon-to-be lover. Duo's
moans of encouragement were music to his ears as he carefully stretched him.
Duo soon indicated that Heero was moving too slowly for his tastes, and Heero
happily complied. When Heero was satisfied that Duo was ready, he handed the
lotion to Duo; he wanted the violet-eyed boy to finish the preparation. Duo
understood immediately and covered Heero's aching erection with lubrication,
stroking him eagerly. He needed Heero inside him right now; needed to be
filled with that hot hardness he'd craved for so long. Moaning for Heero to
hurry, Duo lay back, spread wide and ready, opening himself for Heero.

As much as he enjoyed Duo's ministrations, Heero was more than happy to
comply with Duo's obvious wishes. Positioning himself, Heero teased Duo's
opening with his glistening tip. Duo responded impatiently, squirming and
moaning. Heero pushed forward, his hardness slowly and deliciously enveloped
by Duo's hot body. Lost in nirvana, Heero impaled Duo, not stopping until he
was buried inside him to the hilt.

Gasping with the delicious combination of pleasure and pain given to him by
Heero's thick arousal, Duo savored every inch of the penetration. As Heero's
length brushed against his magic spot, Duo arched up off the bed to meet
Heero's invasion. When Heero stopped, deep inside him, Duo clutched at the
sheets, willing Heero to keep going.

Sheathed deep inside his lover, Heero wanted nothing more than to pound Duo
into the headboard. But he held himself in check, and began to slowly pull
out in preparation to fill him again. Biting his lip with the effort of
controlling his passion, Heero began to plunge once more into Duo, faster
this time. Months of fantasizing about Duo couldn't come close to the
actuality of making love to the beautiful boy. The sensation of being deep
inside Duo was more intense than anything he had ever experienced. Pulsing
with desire, Heero's arousal filled Duo again and again.

With every thrust of Heero's amazing body, Duo was driven to greater heights
of ecstasy. Never had he felt such sensations, never. Never had being filled
felt so perfect, so right, so good. Duo's heated dreams paled in comparison
to the reality that was pounding him to the bed. Looking up at his captor,
Duo screamed Heero's name again and again as the pace of their coupling

Driven nearly mad with pleasure, Heero looked down at the angel beneath him.
Knowing he could not hold back much longer, Heero reached between their
straining bodies and began to stroke Duo's glistening arousal in time with
his thrusts.

Now being stroked both inside and out, Duo thought he might lose
consciousness from the intensity of sensation. Screaming continuously, Duo
was oblivious to anything but Heero's body and what it was doing to his. With
every thrust, Heero drove Duo higher on the ladder of climax; until finally
he stood on the brink and fell gratefully in. In one breath, Duo screamed
Heero's name and a proclamation of undying love as he pumped his seed through
Heero's fingers and all over them.

Through a haze of ecstasy, Heero heard Duo's assertion and felt his climax
all at once. Then Duo's spasming muscles robbed him of the last vestiges of
his control; all at once the universe exploded and he pumped his passion into
Duo's body with a savage growl of possession.

All too soon the waves of passion subsided, and the two spent boys slumped
bonelessly to the ruined bed. Stroking his sweat-soaked hair, Heero pulled
Duo into his arms.

Afraid of what he might see on Heero's face after his confession, Duo was
reluctant to look at the cobalt-eyed boy. His fears were allayed, however,
when Heero raised Duo's chin, looked into violet depths, and said:

"I love you, too, Duo."


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