Songfic: #1 Crush by Garbage} By: Dark Angel Shinigami

WARINING: This fic contains Yaoi and LEMON! {ooc sorta}

Pairing: 2X1

Disclaimer: I’m not part of the band "Garbage" and never was, nor did I write this song {I did write the fic though}, I do not have any permission nor the right’s to use this song in this fic! * sorry *

I also do not have any relations with the record label, or the band!

I do not have the permission or the rights to use the Gundam boys in this fic, nor did I create the G-boys……… But If I Did……………

:: I would die for you

I would die for you

I’ve been dying just to feel you

By my side, to know that your mine,::

Heero rolled over and turned the radio low before falling asleep, he laid in bed for at least ten minutes dreaming about Duo,

‘Duo, I want you so bad.’ Was Heero’s last thought before drifting off.


Heero woke early, the sun shone through the half open blinds in his room,

‘What time is it?’ Heero thought, gazing over at the clock,

"Ah…….. 8am……… to early." Heero said as he rolled over.

:: I will cry for you,

I will cry for you,

I will wash away all your pain

With all my tears,

And drown you fears. ::


Heero rolled over to see Duo, standing by the door,


"Don’t you think it’s time you got "up" ?"

Duo strolled over to Heero’s bed, hair loose, in a towel, still wet from the shower,


"I said, isn’t it time you got "UP!""

Duo replied, gripping the inside of Heero’s thigh,

"Duo!.. What!…."

"Shhh…… you’ll wake the other’s….." Duo said softly as his hand inched it’s way up Heero’s thigh.

Heero closed his eyes and let out a small moan.

:: I will pray for you,

I will pray for you,

I will sell my soul for something

Pure and true…. ::

Duo smirked and rubbed Heero’s growing erection,


:: Someone like you. ::

Heero’s breath became heavy as Duo’s touches, became rougher, more demanding,

"Uh!…….. Duo……"

Duo stopped to slowly remove Heero’s clothes, as he did he kissed each space that became bare.

Duo threw the clothes to the side and kissed the tip of Heero’s cock,

"Yesssssssss………; Heero whined, breathing heavy, feeling consumed.

:: See your face every place that I’m

walking, hear your voice every time

that I’m talking, You’ll believe in

me, and I will never be ignored ::

Duo smiled and moved to sit above Heero’s head, Duo sat on the pillow and removed his towel,

"Duo…… please……"


Duo leaned over top of Heero and slowly took Heero’s cock into his mouth.

Heero gasped then saw Duo’s hard erection right in front of him. Heero licked Duo’s erection as Duo sucked his.

:: I will burn for you, feel

pain for you, I will twist the

knife and bleed my aching heart

…. And tear it apart ::

Duo widened his legs, lowering himself and allowing his cock to slid into Heero’s mouth. {* Grin * 69}

Heero widened his legs and worked faster on Duo’s cock as Duo roughly sucked on Heero’s.

The sounds were only of muffled moan’s as they deeply pleasured each other.

:: I will lie for you, beg and

steal for you, I will crawl on

hands and knee’s until you see….. ::

Heero tensed up and arched his back as he came into Duo’s mouth.

Duo smiled and let the liquid run from his mouth.

Duo pulled himself from Heero’s mouth, haven’t, having the chance to come himself, and slowly sat back on the pillow, Duo leaned down and whispered into Heero’s ear,

"How, bad do you want me….. Heero?"

:: Your, just like me. ::

Duo moved from the pillow and sat at the end of Heero’s bed, facing him,

"Heero…… you didn’t answer my question….."

Duo said as he ran his finger’s over his own erection, for Heero’s hungry eyes.

Heero found this sight to be erotic and spoke slowly,


:: Violate all of the love

that I’m missin’, throw away

all the pain that I’m livin’ ::

Heero sat up as he watched Duo slowly crawl on his hands and knees toward him.

Duo reached Heero and climbed into his lap,

"How bad do you want me, Heero?"

Duo asked as he put the head of Heero’s penis into his opening,


As Heero answered he roughly thrusted into Duo.

Duo gasped and gripped Heero’s shoulders,


:: You will believe in me,

and I can never be ignored. ::

Duo arched his back and placed his hands on Heero’s bent knee’s,

"Oh, God, HEERO!….. Take me!….. Fuck me! Claim me!" Duo cried as he lifted himself up and down on Heero.

::I would die for you…

I would kill for you…

I’d do time for you… ::

Heero tightly gripped Duo’s waist and lifted him up and down.

Duo threw his head back and cried with pleasure.

:: I will wait for you…

I’d make room for you…

I’d steal ships for you… ::

Sweat dripped from their bodies as their hot sex became deeper, longer, erotic,

"God! Yes, Heero!…… Fuck me! Hard!"

Duo screamed as he neared climax.

:: To be close to you…

To be part of you…

Cause I believe in you… ::

Heero covered in sweat, looked up at Duo’s expression of pleasure, and bit his lip as he neared his climax,

"HEERO!" Duo cried as he came on Heero.

Heero’s grip on Duo became tighter,

"Heero……. Please, come for me….. please….."

Duo asked as Heero still thrusted into him deeper and deeper.

Heero tensed as he felt himself reach the breaking point……

:: I believe in you, ::

Heero woke up in a sweat, he sat up in his bed and breathed heavy.

Then his eyes widened, he lifted the blankets and looked.

He found wet stains on his pants and bed, he felt his face go red,


Heero looked over at the door and saw Duo leaned against the door with his hair loose in nothing but…….. a towel.

:: I would die for you. ::


Well what did you think? This is my first time writhing a song fic, so please tell me what you thought of it ok?

Ja ne!

Dark Angel Shinigami ^_~


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