I'll be adding more to this section like there stats and stuff but right now I'm just going to finish the main characters.

Tsuzuki Asato
Well, from what I've seen he's a really nice and fun loving guy. He's sooo nice to Hisoka at the start of the series because even though Hisoka's kinda cold towards him he doesn't really care. He treats him and everyone else like a friend (okay not everyone!). Everyone loves him and he really likes sweets! He's the strongest Shinigami out of all of them and can summon the most Shikigamis. Tsuzuki is about like 80 years old or something like that. I think that Tsuzuki likes Hisoka more than just his friend. They are both so kawaii together!

Hisoka Kurosai
Don't let his looks fool you boys he's a guy. So kawaii!!!! I loved him the first time I saw him. His hard childhood made him pretty distant from other people. When he was little, his parents found out about his "powers" and locked him into a cell. He rarely opens his heart to anyone. Hisoka has the power to feel other peoples emotions and he can't control it. At the age of thirteen he saw Muraki murder someone. That night it seems as though Muraki kinda sexually harrased him and then put a curse on the boy. Thus, slowly killing him over a course of three years because of an incurable disease as Hisoka says.

Watari Yutaka
Watari is so funny and cute! He has a cute little owl as a pet I think. His name is 003. He invents stuff that's kinda not needed but is interesting. He also wants to make a potion to turn himself into a woman but why would he want to?

Tatsumi Seiichirou
He used to be Tsuzukis partener but they broke up so now he's the secretary the secretary of Konoe, the chief.. I think he still cares for Tsuzuki though.

Gushoshin Brothers
The cute little birdies that are the librarians. The blue one is the younger brother of the two. They are both so cute! I'd love to have one as a pet!

Muraki Kazutaka
He's the psycho dude who loves Tsuzuki. I don't think that's a good thing but he's really not that bad looking...^^* He's a murderer and one day poor little Hisoka watched him murder someone. Thus, Muraki couldn't left him live so he decided to torture him for three years and then kill him. He's a doctor and works at a hospital too. When he kills someone he gets there power. That's why he wants Tsuzuki. His left eye is messed up too!

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